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Item #: SCP-ES-058-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-058 must be enveloped in a thick rubber layer, two bubble wrap layers and at every moment isolated from any conductive materials. When manipulated, SCP-ES-058 must not be touched without thick rubber gloves. Before every test, as a caution measure, a medical team with the necessary equipment to attend burns, strokes, and other damages related to contact with electricity. The cover of SCP-ES-058 must not be perforated with the purpose of examining its interior.

Update ██/██/██ SCP-ES-058-EX does not require containment. SCP-ES-058-EX is availible for use in Storage-224 on Site-34.

Description: SCP-ES-058-EX is a 12-volt R14 Alcaline battery. Its shape is cylindrical rectangular, and it measures 46mm 12mm long and 26mm 26mm 26mm 12mm diameter. SCP-ES-058-EX is of black colour and has an orange strip in the superior third, besides an Anderson Robotics Prometheus Labs logo. SCP-ES-058-EX does not have an Anderson Robotics logo.

SCP-ES-058 has a much above than normal electrical capacity from what is expected from a 12-volt battery. SCP-ES-058-EX has a normal electrical capacity. The electrical capacity of SCP-ES-058-EX (1288 Volts)1 is slightly above just on the expected from a 12-volt R14 Alcaline battery. It is unknown whether this amount is unlimited. SCP-ES-058-EX has not been charged since its finding.

SCP-ES-058-EX was found during a raid on the Anderson Robotics Prometheus Labs conglomerate R&D Bunker #33. Inside the facility, 87 bodies of its staff were found in varied states of carbonization and dismemberment.2

Addendum 1 - Experimentation Log

Experiment 1:
Connection: A remote-controlled quadcopter drone.
Result: Drone worked as expected.

Experiment 5:
Connection: The lighting system of Site-556.
Result: Lighting worked failed as expected.3

Experiment 7:
Connection: Bluetooth headphones, through the use of an adapter. No adapter was used.
Result: Headphones worked as expected. D-4220 suffered mild damage to her hearing when testing them.4

Experiment 13:
Connection: A Samsung Galaxy S7 model cellphone.
Result: Phone was left charging in Test Room-77 the Site-34 food court, where it worked as expected. Junior Res. Hernán Bonaparte suffered in the food court, where the phone was.5

Experiment 18:
Connection: A kitchen knife.
Result: Knife worked as expected. Cook Alejandro Dorofeyev, who was manipulating the knife with the purpose of preparating a carrot salad, suffered mild cutting wounds, including the loss of 8 of his right hand's fingers.6

Experiment 25:
Connection: The firing mechanism of a 9mm 45mm pistol.
Result: Pistol worked as expected. Temporal Studies Leader Damián Garlés suffered 19 bullet wounds to his forehead during this period.7

Experiment 28:
Connection: None.
Result: The members of MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") Mu-4 ("Debuggers") died as expected.8

Addendum 2 - 26112009 Incident

During the date of 11/26/2009 a vivisection of SCP-ES-058-EX test was attempted to determine if SCP-ES-058-EX possessed anomalous properties. Through an incision, it was determined that SCP-ES-058-EX did not possess any anomalous properties, as such, it was disposed for use on Site-34's Storage-244 gifted to the daughter of Res. Pedro Pérez,9 who has lost it since. SCP-ES-058-EX was then classified as an Explained anomaly.

The ███ consequent casualties were not caused by SCP-ES-058-EX.

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