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Item #: SCP-ES-059

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All thirteen instances of SCP-ES-059 are to be kept within a hermetically sealed and sterile recipient of sufficient size within a Standard Containment Locker found inside Site-34, with its specific position being rotated in accordance with current security protocols for anomalous objects.

Description: SCP-ES-059 designates thirteen thumbs ripped off of the left hands of thirteen human beings aged between two and seven months, of various sexes and ethnicities. Their original donors are unknown.

Instances of SCP-ES-059 are unable to rot, but samples may be obtained from them through any means that would otherwise apply to non-anomalous humans. These portions are not anomalous in any way.

Instances of SCP-ES-059 will activate approximately three and half seconds after they have been placed before a human or any other sentient and intelligent being, crawling over the surface they occupy in recognizable patterns. Electromyographic analyses of these movements have been inconclusive, but it is assumed they use their musculature to contract and become motile.

The active components of SCP-ES-059 bleed profusely and without limit through their stumps as they move, drawing words or images as they crawl that depend on the subject before whom they are displayed. No discernible pattern that may predict what they draw has been discovered.

As SCP-ES-059 is active, most living beings with hearing1 nearby will perceive the vocalizations of human beings assumed compatible with the SCP-ES-059 instances. These vocalizations will generally consist of pained screams, inconsolable crying or other expressions of stress.

Addendum ES-059: Test Log (extract)

Note: SCP-ES-059 was placed on a thick paper foil for later analysis over the metal desk below.

Subject: Dr. R. Barnard

As an initial inspection was being performed after its recovery, SCP-ES-059 "draws" two adult figures holding hands with two child-like figures. Dr. R. Barnard suggests they might be their relatives. Note: Dr. R. Barnard has no recollection of his relatives nor do they appear on Foundation records. Still, he mentions vague feelings of loss. They are deemed non-anomalous.
Perceived vocalizations: Intense crying, sobbing, at least two voices with labored breathing, compatible with sudden bronchial asthma.

Subject: D-320-34

SCP-ES-059 "draws" two names, ████ and ██████. The subject starts crying and claims these are the names she wanted to christen her two unborn and wanted children before she suffered from post-traumatic miscarriage due to violent assault. This response is deemed non-anomalous.
Perceived vocalizations: Inconsolable crying accompanied by two infants laughing.

Subject: D-320-34

Test repetition, with the same results. The subject's response is milder and considered non-anomalous.
Perceived vocalizations: Previous test repeat.

Subject: D-325-34

SCP-ES-059 "draws" thirteen straight lines approaching the subject until they reach the edge of the desk they had been placed on. Subject stands and gets away from them, terrified. He is ordered to stay motionless, complying with obvious discomfort. SCP-ES-059 keep advancing until they stop at a few centimeters from the subject's feet, when they draw a circle around them. Subject cannot understand this reaction from SCP-ES-059. A study of the subject's background shows him to be a serial rapist (no known offspring). Subject´s response is considered non-anomalous.
Perceived vocalizations: Furious crying. At least five separate voices growl loudly.

Subject: D-345-34

SCP-ES-059 eject copious jets of blood without drawing any perceivable patterns nor any structured movements. Subject shows confusion and later disinterest. Site-34's Psychology Division is currently studying this response before SCP-ES-059. Note: Three of the supervising researchers on the test demanded it to be aborted before three seconds had passed, with two passing out due to the intensity of SCP-ES-059's vocalizations. Subject claims he perceived them as well. No background nor previous anomalous contact history justifies this response, except for genetic markers compatible with those found on SCP-ES-███, SCP-ES-███, SCP-ES-███ and SCP-ES-███.
Perceived vocalizations: Deafening crying, pained vocalizations. As test progresses, some voices become weak, with one fading away entirely.

Subject: D-320-34

SCP-ES-059 "draws" two names, ████ and ██████. Subject cries while also smiling and, without physically interacting with its components, she speaks to SCP-ES-059 (by softly repeating both names, whistling at them and singing a smooth lullaby). This response is deemed probably pathological, yet not anomalous.
Perceived vocalizations: Mild crying, two laughing voices with happy cooing. Note: All thirteen voices of ES-059 were active. All supervising researchers on this test have stated their joint relief that the entities remain active, as well as a considerable morale boost du to this response. This response is deemed non-anomalous, but it would be in everyone's best interest that we veto any access to ES-059 to personnel members who may have lost a child. It'd be the thin end of the wedge.

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