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Item #: SCP-ES-061

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-061 is to be kept in a safe-deposit box in the Storage Facility for Valuable Artifacts at Site-38. Access and experimentation with SCP-ES-061 requires authorization from Dr. M. Ozawa.

Description: SCP-ES-061 is a ██████████ brand VCR player manufactured in 1992. Examination of SCP-ES-061 has revealed no anomalous materials; each one of its components is common for an electrical appliance of its model, brand and age of manufacture. SCP-ES-061 has maintained its anomalous properties even after being disassembled and reassembled on multiple occasions. Using components of SCP-ES-061 as replacements in similar VCRs of the same period and brand has not resulted in the manifestation of anomalous effects in said devices.

SCP-ES-061 was discovered in ████████, Chile, in April of 20██, by a Foundation agent investigating the presence of SCP-███ in the area. After a local radio made the existence of the VCR player and its anomalous properties known ― which made the use of amnestics impossible, given the high number of people with knowledge of SCP-ES-061― the agent carried out an operation in which he extracted the VCR player, property of a local family, and replaced it with one of the same period, brand and similar characteristics. The operation was a success and the existence of the anomalous VCR was falsely exposed as a fraud, with the actual SCP-ES-061 in the Foundation's custody.

In most cases when a VHS tape is introduced into SCP-ES-061, especially if it is a movie or television series, the video displayed will show clear alterations in comparison to the original, which can range from dialogue to notable changes in the plot, cast or even genre. Further investigation has revealed that changes often correspond to previous options in the script, cast or setting that were discarded during the production of the film by directors or producers. The movies and series in tapes used in experiments with SCP-ES-061 do not appear to show any alterations when introduced in non-anomalous VCRs.

Addendum: Document-ES-061-B, Extended Test Log.

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