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"The Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci affected by SCP-ES-065. Monochromatic filters have been applied for safety reasons.

Item #: SCP-ES-065

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomaly, it can not be really contained, so the procedures are limited to avoid that its cognitohazardous effect can spread among the population. Therefore, all the facilities of the world belonging to the Foundation have been duly notified of its existence and the importance of acting quickly. The personnel in charge of supervising the paint affected by SCP-ES-065 must have at all times special viewers that filter all the colors of the visible spectrum, since it has been verified that the monochromatic images cancel the effect of the anomaly. Investigating permanent containment methods is a matter of highest priority.

Description: SCP-ES-065 it is an anomaly detected in various portraits around the world. The paintings affected by this anomaly present distortions in the faces of the subjects portrayed, being the most distinctive in the form of black spots in the eyes and mouth, drastically changing their physiognomy. These distortions have been described on several occasions as "disturbing" and "perturbing" by Foundation staff. SCP-ES-065 exclusively affects polychromatic oils. It has been established that the maximum time of visual exposure to the phenomenon should not be greater than ten seconds to avoid its cognitohazardous effect. In any case, the general recommendation remains that at no time should visual contact be established with the phenomenon without wearing a special viewer. If visual contact is established, the observer remains immobile and without looking away from the eyes of the painting at any time, entering a catatonic state that can last from three hours to five ████. Once the catatonic state has been overcome, the subjects recover their consciousness and try to resume their routine normally, although some are unable to do so because of the muscular atrophy they have suffered after so long paralyzed. When asked the last thing they remember, they simply mention the word "Vysserath".

The subjects affected by SCP-ES-065 express their desire to continue with their lives and their recovery is usually rapid. However, after a few weeks they begin to develop an obsession with the anomaly, which is evident in their daily behavior, their habits and even their state of mind. The subjects usually develop paranoid, depressive, anxious disorders and in extreme cases, ████████████.

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