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Threat Level: Orange


Trail leading to SCP-ES-069

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the size of SCP-ES-069, it has been decided to maintain a perimeter around it, as well as a constant surveillance focused on the tourist centers and towns located in the surrounding areas by the Mobile Task Force Zeta-36 ("Puritan Weeders").

Civilian subjects found in the terrain surrounding SCP-ES-069 will be provided with Class-A amnestics and returned to their original location. All instances of SCP-ES-069-B shall be captured and released once the relevant procedures have been carried out.

All instances of SCP-ES-069-D that are in the second and third stages of infection caused by SCP-ES-069-A should be considered as a casualty. Otherwise, SCP-ES-069-A stems should be removed using specialized cognitohazard cancellation equipment and dedicated cutting tools. Rescued instances of SCP-ES-069-D will be placed in rehabilitation, treated with amnestic and memetic therapy.

All raids conducted on SCP-ES-069 by authorized operatives shall subsequently undergo psychological, cognitohazard override and obedience testing.

Description: SCP-ES-069 is an area of ~6km2 located in Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas, Mexico. SCP-ES-069 possesses antimemetic properties, preventing the perception of its components within it, as well as of human subjects by outside observers.

The main characteristic of SCP-ES-069 beyond the aforementioned is the existence of SCP-ES-069-A. SCP-ES-069-A is the designation given to an anomalous species of wire-climbing parasitic plant belonging to the genus Ipomea. SCP-ES-069-A can be found at a ratio of 80m per 300m2 of land within SCP-ES-069. Some notable features are:

  • Cavernous stems and presence of needle-tipped tendrils.
  • Superior tearing resistance compared to plants of the same genus.
  • Ability of each instance to twine its stems together to generate a helical shape that causes an increase over its base resistance.
  • Slight compulsive effect (see below).
  • See Addendum-ES-069-A for a description of its flowers and fruits.

Because SCP-ES-069-A is a parasitic plant, it needs a host to maintain its vitality. These hosts are male human subjects. The way SCP-ES-069-A captures its hosts is by a compulsive effect activated by sight, encouraging them to approach. Thus, once active, the likely host will begin to discern familiar voices1, these being those of persons of extreme confidence for the same2.

Since the compulsive effect of SCP-ES-069-A is not strong enough to subdue an average human subject, the interference of an additional subject in such a process is necessary to convince the potential host to initiate the parasitic cycle of SCP-ES-069-A under different pretenses (See Addendum-ES-069-A)3. The latter are known as SCP-ES-069-B.

SCP-ES-069-B is the designation given to women of different ethnicities whose ages are between 20 and 35 years old. Instances of SCP-ES-069-B maintain optimal physical condition for their age and build. They are identifiable since they wear a necklace created based on SCP-ES-069-A, presenting flowers and which are kept attached to their neck by their tendrils.

All instances of SCP-ES-069-B correspond to women missing in the vicinity of SCP-ES-069. They are found in tourist sites near SCP-ES-069, advertising themselves as tourist guides, having the resources to carry out an expedition. The agencies will at all times seek to attract only men for the excursion, discouraging female individuals from not going in various ways. The possible inclusion as SCP-ES-069-B of female individuals accessing these expeditions is hypothesized.

The capture and interrogation of SCP-ES-069-B have not yielded any results since most of them refuse to talk, showing positive tolerance to physical and psychological mistreatment that may be induced. The instances interviewed have shown some experience in psychological manipulation techniques, as well as a remarkable fluency of speech. Through the use of Class-B amnestics and the removal of the collar they wear, it is possible to rehabilitate an instance of SCP-ES-069-B and subsequently reintroduce them normally as civilians.

Likewise, thanks to the information gathered in Addendum-ES-069-D, the existence of an unknown female humanoid entity, designated as SCP-ES-069-C, is known. To date, there has been no direct confrontation with it and it is usually found around instances of SCP-ES-069-D in an advanced state of infection. It is hypothesized to be the causative anomaly of SCP-ES-069, having the ability to control SCP-ES-069-A and -B. (see Addendum-ES-069-D)

SCP-ES-069 was discovered in June 2014, following multiple reports of disappearances without a trace in the areas surrounding the Lacandon Jungle region where it was located. This alerted a local Foundation agent, reporting the event to the nearest site. To date, ███ bodies in stage 3 infection by SCP-ES-069-A have been found inside SCP-ES-069. (For a detailed description, see Addendum-ES-069-A).

Addendum A
- Parasitic Cycle of SCP-ES-069-A -

A detailed study carried out with the use of three D-Class subjects4 plus the bodies found in SCP-ES-069 revealed the following pattern of parasitic infection:

Addendum B
- Log of Instances of SCP-ES-069-D -

Addendum C
- Information Record -

The following is a compendium of evidence on the emergence of SCP-ES-069 and the possible nature of SCP-ES-069-C.

Addendum D
- Interview with Instances of SCP-ES-069-B And SCP-ES-069-C -

Addendum E
- SCP-ES-069 post-incident 02/12/2015 -

Three months after the events of 02/12/2015, reports were again obtained from different parts of the world about infections almost identical to those that occurred in SCP-ES-069, finding:

  • SCP-ES-069-D-253: SCP-ES-069-A was piercing the subject, exiting through several orifices, mainly from the mouth to the anus. At the time of extraction, the subject was suspended with SCP-ES-069-A forming a horizontal bar and with SCP-ES-069-D-253 in agony while vomiting large quantities of a thick green liquid, from which SCP-ES-069-A flowers were growing. The same was kept forcing SCP-ES-069-A to death. After an autopsy, it was determined that the kinetohazard was in a pattern surrounding the stomach. Withered traces of SCP-ES-069-A were found in his apartment, a perimeter has been marked in the area in order to search for further outbreaks of SCP-ES-069-A infections.
  • SCP-ES-069-D-267: The instance was found kneeling in a catatonic state with 2 other persons next to her, in the same position. Initially, SCP-ES-069-D-267 showed no visible signs of SCP-ES-069-A. It was not until the autopsy where it was found that SCP-ES-069-A had covered the subject's brain in a pattern of hexagons and triangles, this being the kinetohazard causing the immobilization of the other two instances, both of which did not have SCP-ES-069-A in their bodies.
  • SCP-ES-069-D-271 to D-280: The instances do not show any superficial binding by SCP-ES-069-A, instead, both their tongues and gonads are bound with SCP-ES-069 around them and adorned with a flower. They follow a normal lifestyle but are unable to interact with anyone else or feel affection. They present a kinetohazard in these flowers which is activated by a specific movement of the subject's body, so this activation is voluntary, causing their immediate social exclusion.

Initial further investigations led to the fact that SCP-ES-069-A was able to spread beyond SCP-ES-069 due to the sale of SCP-ES-069-A fruits in local stores such as in souvenir stores, either in the form of candy or other foods and then the export of these as a possible plot of SCP-ES-069-C. It is unknown how this was able to circumvent the security of the means by which the fruits were transported.

Additionally, more areas similar to SCP-ES-069 have been found in different regions such as forests and deserts in recent months. New containment methods are being planned to stop the advance of SCP-ES-069. To date, ███ instances of SCP-ES-069 are accounted for. Reclassification to Keter approved.

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