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Item #: SCP-ES-075

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-075 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. The sheet covering SCP-ES-075 is to avoid being damaged in anyway or removed. Direct physical contact is prohibited unless permitted by three Level 4 staff members. Requests to make contact will only be accepted under these circumstances:

  • For testing
  • If one is sick.
  • Possessing serious injuries
  • Loss of staff members
  • Afflicted by SCP-███ or similar effects caused by other SCPs

Authorized contact are to not last for more than 10-15 minutes depending on the damage to the body. This is to occur in the presence of a medical doctor to observe and verify one's recovery, and for any possible physical abnormalities. If the subject is found to have an issue, they are to be terminated.

If there are no requests, a Class-D subject is to make direct contact with SCP-ES-075 for 5 minutes, and then be removed to be examined as previously mentioned. This is to repeatedly occur with Class-D personnel for a minimum of five times a day, if there are no volunteers to interact with SCP-ES-075.

Description: SCP-ES-075 is a humanoid entity that is 2.25 meters high. To date, studies have ruled out that its tissue composition coincides entirely with a normal human (Homo sapien). Instead, Large amounts of tissue and traces of DNA have been found from 4 different humans of female sex in the lower extremities and part of the superiors, as well as the brain. The rest of SCP-ES-075's body consist of cybernetic parts, organs of various species of animals, [DATA EXPUNGED] and other unidentified organs. At all times it wears a cotton sheet that covers its entire body with two holes that allow it to see. SCP-ES-075 has shown to become highly distressed when the sheet is attempted to be removed, to the point of assaulting everyone around it to avoid it being taken off.

When any part of its upper limbs maintains contact with the skin of a human being, SCP-ES-075 through an unknown process begins to remove any wounds, scar, infections and pathogens, including SCP-███, from the body of the individual. This does not imply regeneration of cells in damaged tissue. The wounds simply disappear gradually, although at first glance the process cannot be clearly observed. The time it takes for the first phase of the process varies depending on the age and health of the subject from approximately 1 to 27 minutes. If contact persists, the second phase begins in which modifications will begin to be applied to the body of the subject. Alterations are on the cellular level and comes with various effects, some that impede one's abilities. The changes made seem to be always related to one's personal fears and tendencies (see Experiment Register-075-1), which possibly indicate that SCP-ES-075 is able to understand the psyche of a person just by touch. It is still unknown if this happens voluntarily or involuntarily.

The first phase of the process seems to provide SCP-ES-075 nourishment in some way. Meanwhile, the second phase is simply the result of its own initiative to carry it out than to gain nourishment. The process has shown to be physically painful and temporarily gains the damages of the subject it is making contact with.

SCP-ES-075 has average intelligence though it unable to perform any vocalization. It is always attempting to be helpful and seeking to use its abilities, making contact with anyone who needs it. It also has displayed a tendency to perform the second phase on subjects.

SCP-ES-075 was discovered on ██/██/2007 in the basement level of an abandoned hospital named [REDACTED] Hospital in the city of █████. The facility had been closed for 20 years. It was found during a failed recovery of SCP-██-█, which escaped through the building. It was located within the main hallway of the floor, and its anomalous properties were discovered when SCP-ES-075 approached Agent ████ Ramirez, who was injured. It touched Agent Ramirez on his chest, regenerating his injuries in a few minutes. Later, SCP-ES-075 was sent to Site-██ where it was listed as an SCP and contained.

Experiment Register-075:

Subject: D-1623. Male, 26 years old. The subject had multiple knife wounds, both recent and old, throughout his body due to his tendency to self-mutilation.
Result: 1 minute and 58 seconds after initiating contact, all injuries, both internal and external, disappeared. During that period, the subject reported a slight stabbing pain from his where his scars were. The subject was immediately removed after and returned to his cell.

Subject: D-1623. After the first experiment, he resumed self-harming.
Result: 2 minutes and 3 seconds later the same result is achieved as in Experiment-075-1. Contact was allowed to continue much longer than before. Seconds later, the subject begins to scream, stating to personnel that his skin burned intensely. He continued in the same state for 5 minutes and 47 seconds until SCP-ES-075 voluntarily withdrew its hand. D-1623's skin had gained a reddish color and was incredibly hardened. D-1623 was subsequently removed and returned.

Subject: D-1624. Female, 30 years old. She had lost her left arm from an experiment with SCP-████.
Result: 10 minutes and 34 seconds, the left arm of D-1624 was entirely regrown. During the process, D-1624 expressed intense pain. The limb began to form from the stump though subsequent tests indicate that the arm was not made up of new tissue. Internal organs were found to be shrunken down.

Subject: D-1701. Female, 67 years old. Was previously beheaded for the test.
Result: SCP-ES-075 made contact with the head of D-1701, completely recreating her body in one hour, 7 minutes and 38 seconds. However, when SCP-ES-075 was instructed to make contact with the original body of D-1701, it refused to approach it.

Subject: D-1060. Male, 46 years old. Deceased from natural causes.
Result: SCP-ES-075 had no effect on D-1060.

Subject: D-1889. Male, 37 years old. Suffered from nyctophobia.
Result: 3 minutes and 18 seconds later the subject's skin gained green bioluminescence when found in environments with low or no light. The subject was subsequently eliminated.

Subject: D-1354. Male, 19 years old. The subject suffered from a severe depressive disorder.
Result: 30 minutes later, SCP-ES-075 ceased contact with D-1354. At first glance it showed no physical changes, but a detailed analysis of the epithelial tissue showed that the cells did not age. After further extensive investigation into the individual's body, it was discovered that D-1354 was no longer aging.


On [REDACTED], at 12:53 p.m., in an attempt to investigate the physical structure of SCP-ES-075, Dr. Harrison, a Level 3 researcher in charge of experimentation, told a Class-D subject to enter the containment chamber and remove the sheet that covered the SCP. As a result, SCP-ES-075 entered an aggressive state and attacked the D-Class, killing them. SCP-ES-075 then subsequently broke containment, killing 4 guards attempting to subdue it and wounding another 9. SCP-ES-075 was successfully able to be restrained by the effort of all on-site personnel, including Dr. Harrison. Dr. Harrison proposed covering SCP-ES-075 with the sheet would calm the specimen, and it was performed by him along with other staff present.

The guards killed by SCP-ES-075 showed signs of advanced necrosis in 50 to 70% of their bodies. The injured suffered the same effect but on a much smaller scale. It was reported that the arms of SCP-ES-075 had a black coloration during its rampage.

Dr. Harrison was demoted to Level 2 and faces further disciplinary actions.

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