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The contents of this file are not accessible to U.S. government officials. As far as politicians are concerned, this document does not exist.

- Director McConnel, North American Council


Instance of SCP-ES-076 near Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

Item #: SCP-ES-076

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Direct containment of SCP-ES-076 is not feasible. Instead, the Foundation's efforts are focused on neutralizing manifestations of SCP-ES-076 through non-anomalous means, such as: sanitation inspections, structural code violations, support of anti-consumer groups in the area, and public health lobbying.

All instances of SCP-ES-076 should be monitored for additional signs of anomalous activity by the relevant Regional Council.

Description: SCP-ES-076 is a phenomenon that affects the governments and civilian population of countries that maintain diplomatic relations with the United States. The phenomenon is observed to occur within months of the construction of several fast food establishments in the West. Subjects affected by SCP-ES-076 have more positive attitudes towards the actions and objectives of the United States of America, despite their previous opinions.

In particular, SCP-ES-076 only manifests itself at locations owned by STAR Financial Corporation. Further investigation of the group's membership and transaction history has suggested links to the anomalous US Department of Defense branch, GoI-616 "Pentagram". SCP-ES-076 locations are in or near massive population centers, such as national capitals or near significant historical sites (See Addendum). The location of these instances is not considered a coincidence and, in fact, has been described as strategic by the Foundation's specialists.


Two instances of SCP-ES-076 in Shanghai, China.

Tactical placement of SCP-ES-076 producing structures and relevant locations is believed to serve the following functions:

  • Maintain pro-U.S. sentiment among key allies and trading partners,
  • Overcoming or erasing local culture,
  • Establish pro-American and therefore pro-capitalist/democratic sentiment in developing countries,
  • Monitor the financial climate from a closer perspective using the Big Mac index and financial records of monthly finances.
  • Influence policy formulation and political debate for the benefit of U.S. regional interests.

Most of the locations generating SCP-ES-076 are McDonald's franchisees, but SCP-ES-076 has been generated by franchisees of other corporations including Starbucks, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Pepsi1.

Addendum 076-01 - Notable SCP-ES-076 locations

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Notes: The location is just below the exit of the National Museum of Communism.

Location: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, Cuba
Notes: The location is only accessible to stationed military personnel.

Location: Windsor, England
Notes: The location is within the Windsor Castle estate and directly serves the Queen of England among other notable English political figures.

Location: Beijing, China
Notes: The location is within Tiananmen Square.

Location: Navajo Nation
Notes: The location is next to the Navajo Nation Council Chambers.

Location: Washington DC, USA
Note: There are multiple SCP-ES-076 locations located within the Pentagon food court and around DC, presumably to influence diplomats. Franchises include McDonalds, KFC, Sbarro, Pizza Hut, among others. Notably, this is the only concentration of instances located within the United States.

Addendum 076-02: In 1998, the following McDonald's commercial was recorded and aired on international television. Its creation and the willing participation of Paul Bocuse, a 3-star Michelin chef, is believed to be a direct result of the presence of the continued use of SCP-ES-076 in France.

Note: All dialogue, unless otherwise indicated, is in French. Subtitles in the appropriate language for the country the commercial aired in were provided on-screen.


Several establishing scenes of Paris are preceded by Bocuse finishing cooking a meal in a restaurant. He hands a plate to a server and wipes the sweat from his brow before walking out the back door. Bocuse is seen walking past the Eiffel Tower and entering a McDonald's, where he passes two men dining.

MAN 1: It's Bocuse!

The family turns to watch Bocuse. He takes a drink of Coca-Cola.

MAN 2: It really is Bocuse!

MAN 1: I can't believe he's really here.

MAN 2: I wonder what he ordered.

MAN 1: Maybe he's trying to steal McDonald's secret recipe?

MAN 2: That would be very funny.

Bocuse rises from his seat and approaches the two.

BOCUSE: Actually, I'm just here to enjoy the delicious taste of a McDonald's Big Mac.

Men 1 and 2 nod in agreement, then laugh in unison.

NARRATOR: [IN ENGLISH] Nothing brings people together like the taste of a delicious McDonald's Big Mac, available for only $2.56! McDonald's; we love to see you smile.

Bocuse is shown dining with the two men, conversing with them inaudibly as the McDonalds logo appears on the screen.


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