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Item #: SCP-ES-081

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-081 is to be held in a standard holding cell re-purposed as a corral for high value anomalous animals. SCP-ES-081 will be provided with a constant frugivorous diet.

The room environment will be kept at a constant 20° C and with a humidity of 5%. Air regulation of the chamber must be carried out by an insulated ventilation system to prevent the spread of pathogens from SCP-ES-081. Staff members interacting with SCP-ES-081 must wear Class-A hazardous materials suits.

Description: SCP-ES-081 is a male specimen of Sus scrofa domestica (Common Pig). SCP-ES-081 appears to have an epidermis, musculature and bone structure completely formed by a metal identified as pure gold, which is capable of acting as an organometallic compound. Subsequent analyses have shown that all internal organs and other tissues of SCP-ES-081 are made of the same material. It has proven to be extremely resilient, capable of withstanding point-blank gunfire and blunt force trauma. SCP-ES-081 is 87 centimetres tall and weighs between 2550 kilograms and 3500 kilograms, depending on how much food the specimen has ingested.

When SCP-ES-081 moves, noises corresponding to the collision and rubbing of metals against each other are produced. No body fluids of any kind have been observed, except for a liquid similar to saliva of unknown origin. This liquid appears to be generated around SCP-ES-081 without any discernible source. SCP-ES-081 does not appear to present physiological problems caused by its condition. Locomotion is normal, corresponding to other non- anomalous specimens. An unusual behavior of SCP-ES-081 is that it will stare at the walls of the observation cell for large intervals of time, as well as the personnel who come in to clean it. The purpose of this is unknown, if there is any.

SCP-ES-081 has been diagnosed with a case of hyperphagia, which does not appear to affect or interrupt its normal behavior. SCP-ES-081 has a diet based on the consumption of any kind of fruit, especially apples. It is also able to ingest several times its own body mass without altering its physical structure at all. Although the amount of matter consumed by SCP-ES-081 is high, no droppings have been observed in the corral, or any other biological waste.

Addendum ES-081.1: Recuperation Log

Addendum ES-081.1: Incident ES-081/DSH

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