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Item #: SCP-ES-087 Level 2/ES-087
Object Class: Safe Classified

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-087 is contained in a container in the Site-34 anomalous object warehouse 01.

Description: SCP-ES-087 is a mapping set created around 1968. Inside, SCP-ES-087 contains four objects, collectively designated SCP-ES-087-1. SCP-ES-087-1-A is a nautical chart of the Pangea continent1, has characteristics exact to those seen in real ecosystems, presenting both biotic and abiotic factors fully functional, as well as the presence of several animal and plant species of the time such as Lystrosaurus and Ginkgo respectively. ES-087-1-A presents its own chronological time scale based on minutes [See Addendum ES-087-B.]

The object can be modified by means of SCP-ES-087-1-B, which is a graphite pencil and SCP-ES-087-1-C, a rubber eraser. When used on ES-087-A, 087-B will draw whatever is wished automatically, once modified, the map cannot be reverted to previously made changes in any way. Using SCP-ES-087-1-C will reset the object to its original state, regardless of the number of modifications previously made. In addition, SCP-ES-087-1-D is a monocular similar to those used in the 19th century, its main anomalous property being that it allows viewing greater distances inside ES-087-1-A, depending on the closeness of the object and the subject's eye.

The modifications made to ES-087-1-A have repercussions on the internal ecosystems of the same, depending on the change, canyons, increased volcanic activity, continental separation, etc., may have been created. At the same time, the latter affect the species within it in different ways, generating different phenomena, mainly adaptation, extinction and speciation.

Addendum 087-A

SCP-ES-087 was originally discovered by a group of students at the National University of Rosario in the [REDACTED] library, Rosario, Argentina. Having noticed that it suddenly manifested itself in the air, falling in the study area of the library in front of several students. The subjects reported finding the object covered with ashes, as well as being accompanied by several fragments of paper and parchment that, given their state, were impossible to recognize and, given the current date, have not been recovered.

Subsequently, these students discovered the anomalous properties of the object, which triggered that several groups of the educational institution knew about the existence of SCP-ES-087, attracting the interest of several researchers and news programs in the region, who spread the fact at the provincial level. This event was intercepted by the Foundation, disinformation campaigns were carried out in the region, replacing news about the object with the success of an alleged alternative history book, and subsequently the amnestization of those involved was carried out in the respective media and institutions.

Addendum 087-B
Object advertising information

On its side, SCP-ES-087 presents an introductory text, accompanied by instructions and indications for use, which are shown below:

Addendum 087-C
Testing Log

After a series of discussions, the Biology Department authorized a series of tests to be performed with SCP-ES-087 under the supervision of Agent Mike Patterson. It is expected that an extended record of different scenarios created by the object will be created in the future. The first two tests performed are transcribed below:

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