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As a result of recent events, the Special Containment Procedures in the following file are considered incomplete or obsolete, and are pending revision. Please contact your corresponding Site Director if you have any concerns. The document will be updated as soon as possible.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-ES-089 Level 4/ES-089
Object Class: Pending Classified

Section of Nx-14, on the outskirts of Shiriche Kumenadi.

Special Containment Procedures: All relevant research has been assigned to the Interim Containment Group Omicron-3. Currently, this group is composed by a total of 3 Foundation researchers and 2 agents, in addition to 5 members provided by the government of Nx-14. Should new members be needed, personnel reassigned to O-3 should familiarize themselves with the Report on Nx-14, as well as the mythology of the same nexus. It should be noted that while the population of Nx-14 is largely composed of an intelligent rodent species, they are to be treated as humans at all times, in order to ease coexistence.

Per an agreement with the Attitiudi Hana of Shiriche Kumenadi, Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") will be patrolling the affected areas, alongside the Law and Justice Body of Hoiohiña. Per this same agreement, any relevant arrests or questionings are to be forwarded to the LJBH, which will be responsible for carrying them out, and then handing over the findings to O-3. Furthermore, all seized objects must not leave the geographic boundaries of Shiriche Kumenadi at any time. Such objects will be documented by O-3 for further study at Site-14; any new discoveries must be shared with the LJBH immediately.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned terms will result in the termination of the agreement, as well as the exclusion of the Foundation from the anomaly investigation.

In case of the reoccurrence of a Rattenkönig Event, O-3 and Zeta-9 are authorized to use stun weapons to prevent the conclusion of said event. Any survivors must be hospitalized, and questioned once their recovery is confirmed. Bodies of deceased individuals are to be analyzed by O-3 for any abnormalities. If no abnormalities are found, they will be given to their relatives for proper burial. If there are no known relatives, bodies are to be incinerated. Witnesses are to be questioned and released; Class A/B amnestics may be applied at the request of the individual, as well as with the approval of the LJBH.

A Rattenkönig, or "Rat King", on display at the Foundation's Department of Cryptozoology. It is a rare phenomenon in which the tails of multiple rodents become permanently entangled due to excessive blood, excrement, or nest dirt.

Description: On May 15, 2021, at 15:00 local time, a total of 30 individuals of the Rattus abissos (Abyssal Rodents) species residing in the area known as Shiriche Kumenadi, within Nx-14, congregated in the central square and proceeded to bite off their tails while giving a speech proclaiming their veneration for an entity called "Angrboda". Once they finished, they tied their tails together to give them as an offering to the aforementioned entity, at which point they collapsed due to the loss of blood. Although other individuals came to their aid, only 2 survived. During their questioning, both stated that they had no memory of the event.

On the 30th of the same month, at the same time, the event reoccurred, this time with 25 individuals, out of which one survived, although he also stated that he had no memory of the event. On June 15, the event occurred again, with 45 individuals and no survivors. All of those involved had no relation to each other, besides being adult specimens of the species. At this point, in order to prevent a fourth occurrence, the government of Nx-14 approached the Foundation with the purpose of conducting a joint investigation, labeling the occurrences as Rattenkönig Events. However, despite the surveillance imposed, on June 30 the event occurred again, inside an abandoned warehouse, with 33 individuals and no survivors.

Using the collected accounts, an attempt has been made to recreate the speech of worship to Angrboda, which is presented below:

(All the individuals stand in a circle, while one of them, in the center, begins to speak.) Oh, my brothers! We have gathered here today to celebrate the most awaited event of all! Millennia ago, we had the chance to witness how His Majesty, our most beloved savior, the Light that lies beneath Hoiohiña, fell from the stars. From the infinite darkness above us all. Exiled, dubbed a traitor by his brother, the rightful king took our species under his mantle and protected us from the wars of the humans. He taught us to take care of ourselves, to harvest food, to measure time, to wield the magic of minerals. Without him, none of us would be here, so praise him, brothers, praise the great Odosha, Lord of the Eternal Screams!

(At this point, the rest of the individuals shout in unison "Here reigns Odosha!" and begin to rip off their tails. The subject in the center keeps talking normally.) Ah, but in his wisdom, Odosha foresaw our corruption! He saw how the temptations of the outside world would reach here, and make us doubt his affection, his loyalty to our people! He believed that we would distrust him, that we would turn our backs on him. That is why he swore to embark on a search throughout the Universe, in order to find a righteous ruler. This ruler will teach us, brothers! He will show us the truth of things! He will show us the painful path that leads to Odosha. With him at our command, we will receive the awakening of His Majesty with joy and bliss, instead of fear and horror!

(The individuals begin to knot their severed tails. The subject in the center keeps talking normally.) My brothers, Odosha's quest was successful! Unveiled to him, in his ethereal dreams, was a woman. An ancient and powerful goddess, hiding in a distant world after the horrendous battle of the Ragnarök. Angrboda was her name! She who brings sorrow to our enemies, to our traitors! Angrboda would be the mother of Odosha's heir! And like His Majesty had once begotten Nga to bring order to the Winterlands, he would now bring Ratatoskr into our world. Ratatoskr, predestined to be the Last Emperor of Hoiohiña!

(The rest of the individuals bring the finished knot towards the central subject, who proceeds to rip off his own tail and attach it to the rest as he speaks.) And here, oh, my brothers, is our offering, our gratitude to Angrboda! With this, we adore you, oh, mother of our future! Glory to you! We, your faithful and undaunted followers, swear loyalty to you, from now until the day when Odosha shall be free in the Primordial Sea. May your son rule with honor, and may he skin those who forced you to hide from the war! (All individuals begin to raise the knot upward, while repeating the phrase "We serve you, we bring you what you ask for!" until they faint from blood loss.)

Agent Brooks attempting to catch a Squirrel King instance composed of 3 specimens.

While analyzing the speech, several Foundation experts on Germanic mythology agreed that Ratatoskr was, in fact, a messenger squirrel that traveled through the Yggdrasil, and at no time had been depicted as a ruler. However, it is yet to determine the link between the Rattenkönig Events and the sudden growth in the squirrel population within the Guiana Shield. This phenomenon was detected by the scientists at Site-14 at early May 2021, when the exterior devices of the facility sustained damage more frequently, although this did not constitute a serious problem for carrying out the Foundation's tasks.

However, sightings of "Squirrel Kings", a situation in which 2 or more squirrels end up with their tails tied together due to their nest materials or tree sap, also increased by approximately 3000%. Fortunately, all Squirrel King instances have been found alive. Despite being considered non-anomalous, and in order not to raise suspicions in the civilian population, all instances were transferred to Wilson Wildlife Solutions' Terrestrial Enclosure 40, where they are expected to make a full recovery, and then be relocated to other forests.

On July 5, following the sighting of one of these instances, Foundation agents discovered a series of extensive Squirrel King nests, capturing a total of 500 different instances. An examination of the trees where these nests were located revealed the remains of a member of the Rattus abissos species, along with pieces of clothing and the remains of a notepad, all scattered along multiple hollows. With the help of the LJBH, the individual was identified as Sirius Rafutal, a teacher from Shiriche Kumenadi who went missing in late January 2021. Family members claimed to have seen Rafutal acting secretive in the days prior to his disappearance.

The only legible page from the remains of the notepad, originally written in English, is transcribed below:

Yesterday, 15/05/21, was the final day. My worst fears have been confirmed. He is coming. I have seen with my own eyes how that terrible brotherhood hailed the names of Angrboda and Ratatoskr, all through the same speech I wrote. The same speech a thousand times cursed. I brought this, there is no turning back. I brought doom upon my poor family, upon all Hoiohiña. I beg forgiveness from whoever reads this. My last warning: Flee! Run across the land and the seas! Get away from this forgotten world, before Odosha's Abyss devours all that exists!

The shadows are my only friends. The brotherhood tries to capture me, I have seen them lurking around every corner, their minds blinded by the Lights. May Wannadi help me! I will attempt to flee with those who once guided me in my investigations of the outside world. Their Library should provide a hiding place for me for an indefinite period of time. If you find this, I have failed to warn the Universe of impending danger. I don't know if I am asking too much from you, but please look for people of science, look for those with the means necessary to confront an Unholy King, and take this letter to them.

I have left my diary at home. They won't care about that, no. If I die, the coming of Ratatoskr will be inevitable. But still, perhaps if you understand his full story, you can face the beast. Oh, and get out of Hoiohiña! The Lights have blinded many. I no longer even know how many agents of the Law truly seek what is best for the Nónoana.

I will try to protect this letter with my life.

— Sirius Rafutal

On July 7, after an O5 Council vote (7 in favor and 6 against), it was decided to hide the existence of this letter from the LJBH. At the same time, upon the advice of Dr. Pedro Estrada, of the Biology Department, O-3 was ordered to organize an emergency meeting with PoI-3714 ("Norvelio Medatia"). During this meeting, members of the LJBH questioned him about his relationship with Rafutal, since they both worked in the academic field. PoI-3714 confirmed an old friendship, born out of their interest in learning human languages, which had slightly deteriorated over time, although it had not been broken. However, upon his release, a Foundation agent was able to discreetly hand him a folder of documents which explained the current status of the investigation, emphasized the importance of Rafutal's diary and included the letter written by the latter.

Six days later, on July 13, a Zeta-9 agent received, anonymously, a series of documents, which were later delivered personally to Site-14. At the front of all of them was the following note:

I offer my most sincere apologies for initially refusing to believe you. I know that your organization seeks only to protect this world, and this, along with the fact that I recognized my partner's handwriting, prompted me to approach Sirius's wife a few days after my interview. With the excuse of looking for the notes of his old studies, I went in and got hold of his diary. I remember feeling like a vile ruffian at the time, for I had betrayed my friend's memory in favor of some foreigners. But as I began to read, my opinion changed drastically.

If all of this is true, then in no time, Hoiohiña will be plagued by the most terrible of tyrants. Ratatoskr will bring an age of scientific darkness, famine, war and death. I thank you, the Foundation, for standing on the right side during this very difficult time, reaffirming that I was right to teach you about our culture. Likewise, I consider it my duty to try, as much as possible, to assemble a resistance willing to fight for this nation. I know you will do the same, and will come to our side once the time arrives. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

— Norvelio Medatia

PS: Some parts were written in a secret code, which Sirius and I made up a long time ago. It is quite simple to decipher - possibly he only did it so that his family could not read it. Nevertheless, I have decided to translate the whole text into English, in order to make it easier to understand.

The following is the diary of Sirius Rafatal, translated into English. It should be noted that the Foundation is still developing a feasible containment plan for the events described below.

25/01/2021 (Translator's Note: In the pristine text, the original dates were crossed out, and their human equivalents noted on the side.)

Today, the day after the conclusion of the three thousand nine hundred and ninety-fifth cycle of Watunna's chants, something fateful happened. I don't think it's worth avoiding the issue, so I'll get right to it. I woke up with a tremendous headache, which only got worse throughout the morning. Maybe it was due to yesterday's festivities, I thought, but as soon as I saw myself in a mirror, I understood: My soul, mine was no more. In that monstrous reflection, there were eight… eight rats from the Abyss itself, watching me. Their red eyes and twisted faces will remain in my memory until the day of my death. I could swear that, in a single moment, they scrutinized the very depths of my existence in this, and all other universes.

The creature spoke to me. Despite speaking in different voices, I knew immediately that these eight atrocities shared the same consciousness. Ratatoskr, it told me. His name was Ratatoskr, son and rightful heir to the throne of Odosha, Lord of the Eternal Screams. He needed something from me. In return, my family would be spared. I don't know if I did the right thing, but as I write this, I can't even imagine a third option. I accepted. I accepted everything he said, without complaint. Tomorrow, he said, he will give me a speech, which I will write. In due time, this speech will be known throughout Hoiohiña. Everyone will praise… praise…

He needs me, he said, because his words must reach the mortal world through a mortal. It cannot be otherwise, but once he has made himself present, nothing will stop him. I must write this down, for nothing but death can await me at the end of such a road as this.


The speech is here. It makes me nauseous to think that these words will travel the streets of Hoiohiña, into the minds of the youth. I am afraid of the near future. I don't want to admit it, but Ratatoskr has us all at his mercy. Today, as I was on my way to get food where I would not be forced to look my wife in the eye, I witnessed…. I witnessed the Lights of Nyarla. They were there, besieging a poor farmer. But I could not help him. The fear of my family's death was much stronger. I ran away from that place with my tail between my legs, like a pathetic coward.

I am absolutely certain that the thaumaturgic rituals that imprisoned Odosha no longer work. At least, not entirely. Otherwise, how could he have escaped to beget Ratatoskr, or sent his Lights to blind people? Could anyone have helped him from the outside? No, impossible! No one could be so dark-hearted as to help such a creature, not today, nor in a million years.

At times like this, I can't help but remember my old study partner, Norvelio. He always seemed to have a goal in mind, even in his spare time. He was never tired of learning, and I admired him for that. We studied many cultures over the years, at least when we could get information from the foreign governments. We don't talk as often anymore, but maybe sending him a letter would be a good idea. Maybe my only good idea in the last two days. Depending on how tomorrow unfolds, I'll do it in the afternoon.

I keep hoping that Ratatoskr will forget about me.


I did not have the strength to drag Norvelio into all this. I absolutely refuse to put my good friend in a danger like this. He has his own life, his own hopes and goals. I'm not going to tear it all down just because of one bad decision. He doesn't deserve this.

In other news, I have developed some theories about Ratatoskr's worship ritual. First of all, I believe that pain is the source of his strength, as well as the tails offered to him. He hasn't done it without thinking - we tend to tattoo our ranks on our tails. All of our learning, all of our life's journey, is in the tail. We offer him all that we are, and he twists it into an irreversible knot. It binds us to him.

Secondly: the speech is only a distraction. It wants us to believe that Angrboda is the cause of the end of the world, but it is not. There is something else, and I must find out.

But I was never good at discovering things. Norvelio was always in charge of that, I just helped him. I was in charge of studying, of sharing my knowledge. I never did my own research, no matter how much he encouraged me. I didn't think I was capable. We were young, but unlike him, I had no great ambitions - I didn't want my name to be engraved in the annals of history, I just wanted to learn. To learn of the world outside Hoiohiña, of the worlds beyond the stars.

We met people from outside during that time, sometimes on the sly and sometimes with approval from the LJBH, always with that eagerness to learn about cultures different from ours, to explore the great Library of which we were only shown a glimpse. We were educated to think that foreigners only sought destruction, and it was here, in my own hometown, where the apocalypse will begin. Perhaps if I had not parted ways with Norvelio, this would not be happening. But… maybe I still have somewhere to go, after all.


I have decided to run away from home. I have nothing left.

Yesterday a prophecy was revealed to me. In my dreams, Ratatoskr brought my spirit to the Ethereal, where a disembodied oracle spoke to me. In the very beginning of the world and its stories, shortly after Odosha fell to Earth, the coming of a being was foretold: His son, his rightful heir. Ratatoskr, the Last Emperor of Hoiohiña, would earn that title by being the one who should rule Hoiohiña for the years leading up to his father's awakening, in order to prepare the Nónoana for this event. He would be born of the rape of Angrboda, culminated through the Ethereal. This is why those eight infernal rats cannot manifest in the mortal world without an intermediary - Ratatoskr is just a concept, one that I have helped to give physical form to.

But now, that demon king is attached to me. I was his creator in this world, and he needs to kill me to be truly free. Telling me the prophecy was only a declaration of war. He cares little anymore about what I do. Due to the ethereal dreams and the Lights, all of Hoiohiña will fall to his knees at his word. My last hope is to find a way to flee with those they call the "Serpent's Hand" and attempt to warn the rest of the Multiverse of Odosha's threat. However, I am still left to wonder: who was it? Who helped Odosha break free to set the Doomsday in motion? WHO IS TO BE BLAMED FOR THE FALL OF HOIOHIÑA, GODAMN IT?!

Norvelio has friends. The Foundation. The Coalition. Maybe they can stop the monster. Or maybe Odosha will devour them, and whatever's left of the world. Either way, all I have left to do is hide. Delay my death as long as I can.

I have failed my people.

Update (15/07/2021): According to several accounts given to Zeta-9 by the inhabitants of Nx-14, a Rattenkönig Event variant took place, at 15:00 hours, in the conference room of the Attitiudi Hana of Shiriche Kumenadi. Instead of starting the routine meeting that was scheduled, the 8 members of the Attitiudi Hana started laughing and mocking the Foundation. At exactly 15:15, all members stood up, shouted in unison the phrase "Here reigns Odosha!", and proceeded to tie each other's tails using blood and vomit, while chanting in an unknown language. Once they finished, the new creature, designated as Entity of Interest-3089, named itself "Ratatoskr, the Rat King." Seconds later, it violently attacked everyone inside, attempting to tear them apart. Due to the fact that the creature's movements were restricted by the knot in its tail, some witnesses were able to escape to alert others.

Foundation forces were soon repelled from the area by LJBH agents, commanded by EoI-3089. Shortly thereafter, at 15:40, all Foundation personnel were expelled from Shiriche Kumenadi and the remaining areas of Nx-14 by LJBH military forces. Currently, the whereabouts of O-3 and PoI-3714 are unknown. The large-scale socio-political picture of Nx-14 is also unknown.

Reclassification of the anomaly to Tiamat1 is pending an O5 Council vote.

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