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Item #: SCP-ES-089

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The original instance of SCP-ES-089 must be in a safety box MSSAB-77 when tests are not being conducted with it. Any instance of SCP-ES-089 must be immediately destroyed after its appearance, excepting the ones authorized for research purposes; however after the conclusion of every study they will be destroyed in a Class-C incinerator. SCP-ES-089 must remain in the subterranean complex-37 from Site-██ at all times. While tests are being conducted with any instance of SCP-ES-089, the place will remain sealed and with routine security checks according to protocol A-0-89. This means that under no circumstances any of its instances nor any infected person are allowed to exit its containment area, regardless of the clearance level they may possess. All personnel who wants to exit must remain in quarantine during a maximum period of one month, along with being evaluated by qualified medical personnel.

All Foundation personnel assigned to subterranean complex-37 does not have to have any kind of knowledge of English language, with the exception of D-Class personnel to carry out tests with SCP-ES-089. Communication with Class-D test subjects must be made through computerized translators or D-Class personnel properly authorized for certain specific tasks.

Description: SCP-ES-089 is a letter without addressee nor return address. Its text is written in English and contains a death threat for the reader. SCP-ES-089 and all its instances always display the same memetic properties and deadliness, which turn them into a highly dangerous and contagious SCP. The paper composition of SCP-ES-089, as well as the ink, show certain relation with SCP-███. Besides the analysis indicated that, apart from cellulose, in its composition there is also [DATA EXPUNGED]. All attempts of digitalization of the image, pictures, etc. show [DATA EXPUNGED], though these do not possess any effect.

SCP-ES-089 was found in [DATA EXPUNGED] during a Foundation raid on 19██, during which the agents who established contact with SCP-ES-089 perished. The [DATA EXPUNGED] favouring in this way an unique opportunity for the group. Besides the fact that [DATA EXPUNGED]. That is the reason why all the instances of SCP-ES-089, including the original one, are under the Foundation control.1

When any person with knowledge of English language reads any instance of SCP-ES-089, they will get infected by its particular anomalous traits. The infected subject will start to receive or step upon instances of SCP-ES-089 exactly every 24 hours and they will only cease once the subject has died. Apart from this phenomena2, over time the infected subject will begin to suffer paranoia, schizophrenia, insomnia and highly violent and/or suicidal behaviour. Besides they will attempt to spread the infection by making that all close persons read SCP-ES-089. Finally, if the subject did not take their own life, they will suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. All attempts to stop the effects of SCP-ES-089 have been unsuccessful to date. The use of amnesiacs or medicines is ineffective as well as psychological treatment.

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