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Item #: SCP-ES-090 Level 2/ES-090
Object Class: Euclid Classified


One of the illustrations made by SCP-ES-090

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-090 is currently contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Unit at Site-94. The cell will have an automated system for immediate administration of carfentanil1 in response to an event of Exit from Burrow. SCP-ES-090 must be kept sedated for the duration of the event.

In addition, the cell must be guarded by a guard equipped with tranquilizing weapons, in case of a failure of the sedation system. SCP-ES-090 will receive standard feeding for humanoids, with additional endowments of hay, coriander, and corn husks.

Description: SCP-ES-090 is a 21-year-old female human being, 1.7 meters tall, weighing 75 kilograms. SCP-ES-090 suffers from involuntary theratomorphic events at random intervals, transmuting her physical appearance to that of a brown Orcytolagus cuniculus2. The dimensions and mass of SCP-ES-090 during these events remain proportional.

During these events, SCP-ES-090 may attempt to escape from its holding cell by hitting the walls or digging through the floor. SCP-ES-090 is able to break through materials such as steel and concrete easily, despite having the normal skin of a European rabbit specimen. If SCP-ES-090 makes significant progress in its escape attempts, it will be declared the start of an Exit from Burrow event.

Addendum A

SCP-ES-090 was discovered on 22/07/15 in the Sonora desert, Sinaloa, Mexico, when approaching a border post. Its containment was carried out two days later, and an interview was conducted immediately after the end of the transmutation event. This information reached the authorities and agents of the Foundation, so an initial containment group was sent with tranquilizing equipment. Following the containment, Class-A amnesics were administered to all witnesses to the event.


DATE: 23/07/2015

Interviewer: Doctor Eric

Interviewed: SCP-ES-090


Dr. Eric: Good morning, SCP-ES-090. My name is Eric. How are you?

SCP-ES-090: Confused and a little tired, but overall I feel better compared to other times.

Dr. Eric: I understand, do you remember anything before you went into that state?

SCP-ES-090: I'm really not in the mood to answer questions, I'm feeling a little sore, could you give me some kind of painkiller?

Dr. Eric: I'm sorry SCP-ES-090, but you must first answer these questions before I can give you any medication.

SCP-ES-090: SCP-ES-090? My name is Alicia and I ask you in the nicest way to call me that. (Sigh) Okay, I'll answer your questions, if I remember anything? I don't remember anything that happened while I was in that state. It seems strange to me that I left my house, I've never had that happen before.

Dr. Eric: Hasn't that ever happened to you before?, so it's not the first time you've transformed.

SCP-ES-090: This is the eighth time in total, only in all this time I had never left my home in that way. I still have the problem of not remembering anything when I get back to normal.

Dr. Eric: It must be a very unpleasant thing not to remember anything in that state, since when do you have that ability to transform?

SCP-ES-090: Are there a lot of questions?! I already said that I don't feel very good to be answering right now, I just want to rest.

Dr. Eric: We can't help you if you don't answer us, Alicia. Please respond and we'll get you to a doctor immediately.

SCP-ES-090: Well… Yes, this is all very unpleasant, really. It was a year ago, it happened after I got a book on astronomy; that night I went out to my yard to look at the sky in search of the constellations I read about.

Dr. Eric: We'll try to help you, though we'll need some more information, okay?

(SCP-ES-090 nods in the affirmative although it looks a little angry)

Dr. Eric: Tell me, did you notice anything abnormal in that book?

SCP-ES-090: Let's make this quick. Yes, on the first pages I had an additional lens capable of being integrated into the telescope to obtain a "unique view" and also a series of symbols necessary for "the complete experience". I really only integrated them because they looked nice; it also had a series of specific dates to observe the night sky; I spent that night until dawn.

Dr. Eric: And how did you integrate these symbols? What were the changes you observed in your sightings? Were they really very noticeable?

SCP-ES-090: The symbols came as stickers. The changes were very noticeable: I could see the stars moving in the sky, as if the constellations had a life of their own, all in a coordinated and perfect dance. But the constellation of Lepus was certainly the most beautiful; it jumped all over the scene, looking closer and closer until it seemed to hit the lens and a great light illuminated me, although it was not abrupt at all. And from that night on, the involuntary changes began.

Dr. Eric: He describes it as a beautiful experience, and how were those changes before the last one you had?

SCP-ES-090: It was the last beautiful experience, in fact, and that's why I count it with enthusiasm. The first time I thought that some animal had entered my house, there was some gnawed furniture, lots of brown hair, the whole garden was a mess: full of ball shaped excrement and the plants were very badly treated, with many bites. Luckily I had some cameras installed for security and it was a somewhat strange surprise to see a huge rabbit all over my house, it was bigger to know that this thing was (Pause) me.

Dr. Eric: Are you all right, SCP-ES-090? You look a little lost.

SCP-ES-090: I told you I didn't feel well enough to go around answering so many questions, I've had pains in my body since the beginning of this, it's really a lot to think about right now.

Dr. Eric: After that we'll give you a medical exam to check your health. Did you tell anyone about that or did anyone notice?

SCP-ES-090: No, no one knows. I live a few miles away from the nearest town. I set up a place full of green leaves in the basement and apparently it worked. So much so that I always woke up there, that wasn't the nicest thing in the world. Now take me to a doctor soon, it hurts so much.

Dr. Eric: That would be all for the moment SCP-ES-090, thanks for the information. You will now be taken to the medical room.


Addendum B

After the tests were performed, SCP-ES-090 was diagnosed with several cardiovascular diseases. It is theorized that this is due to the involuntary theratomorphic processes and currently no way has been found to eliminate these processes to avoid the deterioration in the health of SCP-ES-090.

SCP-ES-090 has advanced knowledge of astronomy and events regarding the race of "exolagomorphs" such as specific names and events. Due to this information, researcher Luisa Vander was assigned to review and corroborate data of the exolagomorphs mentioned by SCP-ES-090. Given the complications of SCP-ES-090 it is theorized that it is in a failed symbiotic relationship with a member of the exolagomorphic species. The methods carried out to perform or separate this symbiosis are unknown.

During the next 3 months SCP-ES-090 showed more energy, asking for a notebook and several pens to write. Her tales tell mainly stories of exolagomorphs and also include several drawings of them; an example is included below:

Our crusade, our universe

Where the ancestors of these rabbits live, there in a heaven as far away as eternity and as forgotten as their origin. A place marked by war and tragedy for them, there their people separated into three due to the hatred between them.

After they traveled through the sky, one of those three parties found a place of peace where they could rest from war and death. In those white stars their first god was born: Arneb, the brightest of them. He preached reason across the whole sky and refused to follow the old war.

Another part of the village came to a red star, where they prepared to continue their conflict against their own brothers. Out of courage and hatred was born the second god: Nihal, the star conqueror. Unlike Arneb, he led his people in countless wars across the sky.

And finally, the last part of the village reached the most chaotic star in the whole sky, they felt lost and worried because they were the youngest population. But in the despair of their people, on the verge of their own collapse, the third and final goddess emerged: Gliese, the wandering lighthouse. She guided her people through the darkness of space, avoiding any hostile contact.

But in the sky a greater tragedy occurred than ever before, the stars were dying and extinguishing at an accelerated rate, death was approaching all life, someone had awakened to the most ancient evil. The three gods tried to defeat this evil separately, but they failed as countless lives were lost and the battle was approaching our lands.

Once in our star, the three gods met on the Moon to plan one last strategy and put their conflicts aside. There they became the Moon Gods. Gliese and his village kept the dark enemy at bay on the borders of the nearby sky, Nihal fought from the Sun making our lands shine even at night. But that wasn't enough and the sky became totally dark.

Arneb saw the imminent end approaching our lands, decided to launch his last line of attack and together with the other gods of the Moon released all their knowledge gained over time. The sky was filled with incomprehensible symbols and the stars sparkled like never before in a great explosion.

The Enemy seemed to be defeated, but Arneb had been badly wounded in that last attack, falling to our lands dying. And it was in these lands that his light went out.

Addendum C

SCP-ES-090 maintained extensive communication with researcher Luisa for 4 months, however, no important information could be obtained during this period of time. After each iteration of the "Exit from the Burrow" event, SCP-ES-090's health deteriorated exponentially; however, she seemed calmer and more cooperative with the interviews. The following is the last interview with SCP-ES-090


DATE: 12/11/2016

Interviewer: Researcher Luisa Vander

Interviewed: SCP-ES-090


Researcher Luisa Vander: How are you feeling SCP-ES-090? I've been notified that you wanted to tell me something important.

SCP-ES-090: Researcher Luisa, I finally understand: most humans will never die because they will never be born, they remain in that darkness before life. And that darkness wants us to return prematurely.

Researcher Luisa Vander: What do you mean, you finally know something about that entity in your body? If so, feel free to tell me anything you want.

SCP-ES-090: Of course Luisa, I have a certain appreciation for you for being with me in this situation and trying to help me, even though you, like me, know my destiny, you never liked calling me Alice, did you?

Researcher Luisa Vander: It's for the habit of saying and writing "SCP-ES-…", but for this occasion I can call you Alicia. You must know that destiny is not defined and I will not give up until I find a way to save you. Now it would be good if you can continue with the revelation of those dreams, any information about those events mentioned is of utmost importance.

SCP-ES-090: As I was saying, I understand the reason for all these messages: rabbits, stars and the Moon come together to form a single image, so that I can understand myself and the Darkness.

Researcher Luisa Vander: It's good to know that, Alicia, after all this time we'll finally understand the meaning of those messages. There have been a lot of events related to those words lately.

SCP-ES-090: There is a being from the stars inside me, those rabbits from my dreams are real. We have come into balance and I was able to communicate with this being; the whole world is full of such beautiful life, even though there is constant chaos between life and death everywhere. I finally understand what this rabbit inside me was trying to tell me, the ultimate reason to protect life in the universe.

Researcher Luisa Vander: I see, do you know if it's true the stories of these "space rabbits", especially "The Great Twilight"? It is mentioned a lot in the stories related to these space rabbits, we have the tentative name of "exolagomorphs" to refer to them.

SCP-ES-090: Exolagomorphs? They call themselves "vidnepas" and of course it's true Luisa! You may not believe me, but the evidence shows itself on Earth and throughout the universe. Many of them died in that dark chapter of their race and many more from all over the cosmos. Even one of your gods, Arneb, died.

(SCP-ES-090 looks a little sad)

Researcher Luisa Vander: Are you all right, SCP-ES-090? You seem a little shocked saying that.

SCP-ES-090: He was their leader, he accompanied them from the birth of this vidnepa, along with all his people, he taught them the value of not only their lives and importance but that of every living being in existence; despite not having been there to see it, the feeling of this being within me is very strong. There are legends about his reincarnation and that is why I am here, although as we see, this body will not allow that to happen.

Researcher Luisa Vander: We're still looking for a way to help you, Alicia. You should know that we're doing everything we can to save you.

SCP-ES-090: And I thank you very much, he can now see the generosity of some humans in this world. However, there is nothing you can do to save me.

Researcher Luisa Vander: And among so many space rabbits and battle stories there is one in particular, the one where he fought against "The Enemy", "Sechud", "Darkness". Is she some kind of goddess or something?

SCP-ES-090: Goddess? I don't think so, through all their searches she was never recognized as a goddess, in fact, she was not known before her awakening. Nowhere in space is her real name to be found. She may be a failed experiment or on the other hand, she is a very old entity, older than the cosmos.

Researcher Luisa Vander: So there is nothing concrete for this entity, thank you very much for the information SCP-ES-090.

SCP-ES-090: The pleasure was mine, oh, and one more thing Luisa: could I go out and see the moon this week?

Researcher Luisa Vander: I'm really sorry, SCP-ES-090, but you can't leave containment, I could give you if you want a live broadcast of the Moon for half an hour. Why do you want to see the Moon?

SCP-ES-090: It's okay, Luisa. Thank you. Know that the moon was and is a very important place in the history of these rabbits. Not for nothing you can see the shape of one there!

Researcher Luisa Vander: Of course, there is the Mesoamerican story about the god Quetzalcoatl sending a rabbit to the moon, is there any truth in that story?

SCP-ES-090: (SCP-ES-090 laughs a little) Not exactly. The moon was the last meeting point of the three races, the last place of the final battle. Seeing it would only make me happy to think of those moments of unity and courage when there was no hope left. And one more thing: We both know that Sechud is still on this planet and is preparing to attack the universe once more, all the vidnepas of the universe got that message and that's why this vidnepa came to this planet. Some vidnepa followers of Nihal are taking measures for her return and one of them involves the end of the Earth. Your mission is to stop the awakening of Sechud before Nihal and his army wipe out this planet.

SCP-ES-090 quickly takes Luisa's hand, generating a white flash in her hand, leaving a mark3 on her hand.

Researcher Luisa Vander: Why did you do that?

SCP-ES-090: I'm sorry, though it shouldn't have hurt. That mark is very special, it is the symbol of the vidnepas and it means that this particular vidnepa trusts you to continue with his mission: Arneb must return to what he was before his rebirth to face Sechud once more, every time you manage to find an object or place one of the rhombuses will be filled with a colour. This is his last message to you.


On 12/12/2016 a monitor transmitted the image of the Moon inside the cell of SCP-ES-090, which started to draw in his notebook the Moon surrounded by 8 rabbits with the following message: "we are still here, there is still a light to fight for". The vital functions of SCP-ES-090 ceased on 16/12/2016 at 23:59 hours, possibly due to a cardiac arrest.

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