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Item #: SCP-ES-091

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The only access road to SCP-ES-091 will be demolished with heavy machinery, armed surveillance will be established by four agents of the Foundation in eight-hour shifts, who will patrol the perimeter of the town, all person who is caught nearby or in the vicinity will be detained and interrogated, and then expelled. If the interrogation warrants, Class A amnesia will be administered.

All agents assigned to surveillance should have an excellent physical condition and have no family history of cancer, diabetes, dwarfism, Down syndrome, congenital malformations or other hereditary diseases, for at least three generations. They will also undergo psychological tests on a weekly basis. The same requirements will apply to any member of the Foundation assigned to SCP-ES-091, it can only be entered for experimental purposes, for which the authorization of at least two researchers Level 3 is required.

Description: SCP-ES-091 is a small uninhabited village located 60 km from the city of █████████, in the pre-cordilleran area of southern Chile, which is nestled in a valley surrounded by rugged hills covered with forests, with a single dirt road that connects with the outside, bordering a ravine. The nearest inhabited sites are two small towns located 8 and 10 kilometers away respectively.

The town consists of a series of buildings, designated SCP-ES-091-1 to SCP-ES-091-16, although there are indications that a fire, on an undetermined date, destroyed part of the town. Most of the buildings are cabins, along with a school, a small church and a hospital, plus SCP-ES-091-17, a small cemetery. There are also remains of plantations, corrals, hives and cages for animals, everything necessary for the town to be self-sustaining. All SCP-ES-091 has clearly been abandoned for at least two decades.

The exploration of SCP-ES-091-17 has revealed ██ bodies inside the place, 16 of which correspond to babies less than 3 months, in several cases probably newborns. A more detailed analysis of their remains indicate that at least 12 of them had genetic abnormalities such as osteogenesis imperfecta, anencephaly and Down syndrome, the remaining bodies have not been able to draw conclusions, as well as establish the causes of death.

A common grave with 12 bodies was also discovered, all of them died violently due to traumas associated with blows or shots, 3 were found with their hands tied and with bullet holes in the skull, possibly executed. All died around the same date, 25 to 30 years ago. The rest of the bodies found died due to natural causes or accidents.

SCP-ES-091-7 is a building slightly larger than the rest of the cabins, in which there was an armory, now completely empty, electronic equipment for communication via radio, partially destroyed by blows, and a series of underground rooms whose purpose, apparently, was to serve as cells. In one of the rooms of the upper level was found the skeleton of a woman of around 50 years with a dating of death between 20 to 25 years. She was found lying in a cabin and covered with ragged blankets. The cause of her death has not been determined but it is suspected that it was a suicide, perhaps due to poisoning.

SCP-ES-091-3 was the village hospital, which was very well equipped including an operating room for complex surgeries. However, it also has a series of underground rooms whose entrance was protected by an armored door that was opened by an electronic numeric board (When the Foundation took possession of SCP-ES-091, it found the door open and the panel destroyed). One of the rooms was a medical laboratory equipped with the most advanced instruments and technology available in the 1970s, although most of the equipment was found destroyed, a second surgery room and a library and file room. There were found remains of a bonfire in which many documents were burned years ago, the few preserved remains are illegible or lack context, only a number of books on medical topics have been preserved, specifically genetics, gynecology and eugenic theory, none of which was published subsequently to 1980.

In several of these texts has been found a seal with the symbol Ǐᵮ, which is also present in several pieces of medical equipment and laboratory.

SCP-ES-091 was originally known as Villa Australis, possibly founded in 1957 or 1958, and although there were no documents on the site about the people who inhabited it and its purpose - which were apparently deliberately destroyed - subsequent investigations They have revealed part of their history and their relationship with the Fergusson Institute.

(Before continuing, it is recommended to read the file Ǐᵮ-0006-275)1

During the first exploration of SCP-ES-091, before its anomalous effects were confirmed, two incidents occurred:

1.-Dr. ██████, who suffers from deafness, a condition inherited from his parents, suffered a nervous breakdown while on the ground. He had to be sedated and removed on a stretcher. Later on being questioned he declared: "I felt that he hated me, that he hated me…and suddenly I started to hate myself, it was as if I did not deserve to live, as if having children I would stain the world"

2.-The Agent ████ and the Doctor █████ were caught having sexual intercourse inside SCP-ES-091-5. Both were suspended without pay temporarily, while they are assigned to other projects and the Ethics Committee determines new sanctions. However, the Agent ████ stated that he felt "driven" to have sex, that this impulse was directed solely and exclusively towards the Doctor █████ and that she felt the same. He assured that he was not looking for excuses for his behavior, but that he was sure that both were manipulated by SCP-ES-091 to commit such an "anomalous act".

Interestingly, eugenics has always had a racist background, since it is about "improving" only the white race, but the agent ████ is African American, and the Doctor █████ is a mestizo from a Japanese father and a German mother , but both have good physical condition, no family history of hereditary diseases and their intelligence is above average. This is interesting, as if… whatever influences SCP-ES-091 would have given them their approval and decided that both had good genes to be perpetuated. Dr. Von Braun.

Record of Experiments:

Experiment 1.- A cage with parakeets is taken to the interior of SCP-ES-091-7, there are nine parakeets in total, seven females and seven males, the males suffer from the so-called feather syndrome, an anomalous and exaggerated growth of the feathers, which makes it impossible for them to fly and drastically shortens their life, among other consequences.

Results: The male parakeets establish monogamous relationships, after a while the females lay 23 eggs in total, of which, after a period of 16 to 19 days, perfectly normal offspring are born, without feather syndrome.

Experiment 2 .- Two chicken coops are installed inside SCP-ES-091, each of which has 10 hens and one rooster, each of the roosters has a natural hereditary mutation that makes them without feathers , which creates disadvantages such as difficulties at the time of mating, greater vulnerability to sunburn, etc.

Results: Despite their mutation, the roosters of both hen houses are successful when mating with the females, of the resulting eggs hatch 17, of which 9 chicks do not present feathers.

Experiment 3 .- A colony of white laboratory rats (Rattus norvergicus) is introduced in SCP-ES-091, in total 42 specimens between males and females. 30 of them perfectly normal and healthy and 12 that have been bred specifically to carry a defective gene that will cause them to develop some kind of cancer in the future. The colony has enough food and space to quadruple its size without problems due to overpopulation.

(DATA EXPUNGED) After four days the surviving specimens are eliminated, autopsies are performed to discover some medical reason that explains such a drastic alteration of their behavior, without conclusive results.

This is interesting, the first experiments seemed to indicate that the anomalous properties of the villa did not affect the animals. Regarding this last experiment, similar situations have been observed in rat populations subjected to intense stress, especially due to overpopulation (see the case of Universe 25), but never in such a short time or with such a degree of violence. I recommend continuing to experiment with animals - Doctor Von Braun.

For the following experiments, SCP-ES-091-9, one of the town's buildings, was conditioned to enclose several Class D enclosures.

Experiment 5 .- D-37485 is detained, a 26-year-old male, who has a long history of sexual offenses. D-37485 also suffers from dwarfism, a condition present in three generations of his family.

Results: On the second day of his confinement D-37485 he declares to have severe pain in his genitals. On examination he is found to have severe internal bleeding in the scrotum area. After an exploration surgery it is discovered that there are numerous cuts in his vas deferens that go from the testicles to the urethra. These cuts have rendered sterile to D-37485, similar to a vasectomy. These cuts are internal and do not present external signals that explain how they were produced.

When questioned D-37485 expresses feelings of self-hatred and suicidal desires, although he had previously experienced similar feelings on an occasional basis.

Experiment 6 .- D-4859 is confined, a 33-year-old man who presents psychotic features and a long history of animal abuse and zoophilic tendencies.

Results: After 10 days without incidents, he is detained together with D-4859, for experimental purposes, D-9087, a 42-year-old woman, who suffers from schizophrenia and has a slight mental retardation due to repeated physical abuse during his childhood.

(DATA EXPUNGED) Due to the severe internal damage suffered, D-9087 is subjected to a hysterectomy -extirpation of the uterus- of urgency, dying during surgery. As for D-4859, he could not be helped on time and died due to a massive hemorrhage, but before he died told her helpers: "He hates me…the whole damn place hates me…I do not deserve to live, we do not deserve to live We just messed up the world…"

It was found that D-4859 used a piece of splintered wood as a weapon that it ripped from a wall.

Experiment 7.- D-37809, a 41-year-old Caucasian male, formerly Dr. █████████, who was demoted to Class D upon being verified that he sold classified information of the Foundation to rival organizations, was detained. D-3780 has an IQ of 137, has a good physical condition and has no history of hereditary diseases in his family. D-3780 is subjected to complete medical examinations every 48 hours.

Results: After 30 days without incident D-37809 is finished. His exams show no alteration except for his semen samples, which have a sperm count five times above normal, with excellent vitality and mobility

When questioned, D-37809 said that he had experienced strong sexual desires and that he had also seriously thought "about the possibility of having children," but that it would be necessary to find a "biologically appropriate" companion. "But it's too late for me right?"

We should extend the radius of our experiments, check how far the anomalous effects extend or if they are restricted to the village itself, I also suggest investigating in nearby villages whether or not there are cases of babies with congenital defects. - Dr. Von Braun.

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