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Item #: SCP-ES-095

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The location where SCP-ES-095 manifests has been purchased by a Foundation front company. A 3-meter chain link fence has been erected across the perimeter of the property.

Description: SCP-ES-095 is an auditory hallucinatory phenomenon affecting the Martinez family home in Cartagena, Colombia. SCP-ES-095 manifests when certain doors in the structure are opened. The sounds are played once each time the door is open. Below is a list of all the doors affected by SCP-ES-095 and the sound produced when they are opened.

Door Effect Notes
Master bedroom, shower curtain A gunshot discharge is audible at the beginning of the SCP-ES-095 manifestation. An unloaded revolver was found discarded in the shower.
Master bedroom, Toilet lid A brief flush is heard, despite the mechanism not being activated. Its significance is unknown. -
Master bedroom, door The voice of an adult woman, presumably middle-aged, vocalizes in panic and produces sounds of splashing water. The theme from 'I am Betty, the Ugly One' loops audibly in the background. The effect intensifies in volume the closer a subject experiencing SCP-ES-095 gets to an empty fish tank above the right dresser.
Room 1, Door Two young male voices, one of which is presumed to be prepubescent, vocalize pain and fear. Digital music is faintly audible in the background. The only instance in which SCP-ES-095 produces sound from two sources. The first is quieter and more clearly audible near the bed closest to the door. The second is more audible near the window, and also produces sounds of a blunt object hitting the glass. -
Door 2, Closet door Produces sounds of suffocation and gasping for air. A telephone receiver and cord were located tied in a knot inside the closet.
Kitchen pantry door Canine barking and whining are audible, occurring rhythmically. Unlike all other instances of SCP-ES-095, this manifestation produces an additional sound when the door is closed.
Living Room Liquor Cabinet The sound of breaking glass is heard immediately upon opening the cabinet. A broken bottle of Club Colombia beer was found on the floor immediately in front of the cabinet.

Discovery: SCP-ES-095 was discovered by local authorities following a wellness check conducted at the house. A police officer was dispatched after several calls to the local station concerning "violent sounds" and screams coming from the house. A forensic investigation by the Foundation revealed no signs of violence or struggle, and all evidence suggests that the Martinez family disappeared spontaneously.

The circumstances surrounding the Martinez family's disappearances have been publicly declassified as part of a mass murder-suicide enacted by their patriarch, Mr. Hugo Martinez.

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