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Item #: SCP-ES-097 Level 3/ES-097
Object Class: Keter CLASSIFIED

Special Containment Procedures: Any indication of a possible outbreak of SCP-ES-097 will be investigated immediately and MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") will be dispatched. Additionally, the outbreak will be covered until its completion. Any SCP-ES-097 instance out of containment is to be eliminated with the use of fungicides. The recovered instances of SCP-ES-097 will be kept in Cryogenic Room 4 of Site-133 and only Level 3 or higher Researchers will be allowed to test on Class D subjects.

Description: SCP-ES-097 is an unknown species of radiotrophic fungus1 capable of initiating and sustaining a nuclear fission controlled at a certain stage of its development. [See Table 1].

SCP-ES-097 can survive in various climatic conditions. However, it has been observed that reproduction is facilitated in hot climates, while in lower temperatures [0°C or lower] their reproductive activity decreases. In its theolomorphic state2, SCP-ES-097 shows crystalline characteristics, the configuration of which represents a collection of irregular greenish glasses.

Note that SCP-ES-097 will only be able to infect human tissue if it comes into contact with a radioactive element, since the radiation emitted weakens the immune system and favors its growth. Below is the life cycle, on both organic and inorganic surfaces, of SCP-ES-097:

Growth SCP-ES-097 will adhere and then proceed to create hyphae over the entire surface for 4 days. It will enter the body, staying in the esophagus and symptoms will not appear until 3 days after the initial exposure.
Sexual Reproduction Once the hyphae cover a 5 meter patch, spores will be produced over a 5 day period. The infection will spread to the lungs and stomach, at this stage the subject will begin to produce spores contained in their secretions and defecations.
Energy Production In case of being in the presence of a radioactive element, the fruiting bodies will nourish and absorb these elements. Once all the elements are consumed, they will produce energy from their hyphae, depending on the material available and the size of the fungus, the energy produced can vary from a few thermal kW to about 3500 thermal MW. N/A
Table 1.0

According to the analyzes performed, there is a 30% probability that the fungal infection caused by SCP-ES-097 will create adverse complications, affecting the respiratory system and the peripheral nervous system. Other clinical effects will manifest during the first days, such as acute muscle pain, especially in the sword. After 2 to 3 days, the affected person will go into a coma for a week. During this period, SCP-ES-097 will reproduce within the affected person until it has infected the entire nervous system; at this point 60% of those infected will expire. Otherwise and after 8 days without receiving treatment, the affected will be considered an instance of SCP-ES-097-A.

Later the subject will wake up and present the following conditions:

  • Constant hallucinations and recurring dreams regarding the same theme. [See Addendum B]
  • More obedient and submissive attitude.
  • Growth of visual organs analogous to human eyes in the hands and chest.3

Addendum A
Recovery And Notes

SCP-ES-097 was first found on a farm located in Inkai, Kazakhstan, on December 16, 2008, when an infestation of SCP-ES-097 was reported in peripheral crops and homes as well as severe cases of pulmonary cryptococcosis.4, atypical acute pneumonia and nuclear poisoning.

After the initial reports about SCP-ES-097, several agents were sent to the scene and a disinformation campaign was carried out on what happened, putting as a cover that it was an infection caused by the fungus C. neoformans and the river used in the village had been polluted by the accidental spill of nuclear waste. Once the infection was resolved, further investigations were carried out and the epicenter of SCP-ES-097 was found.

A large cultivation of SCP-ES-097 was found on a farm located on the outskirts of town. It had three structures in charge of cultivating SCP-ES-097. At the time of getting there, there was no person in charge and the search for these people has been unsuccessful.

Additionally, some letters and documents about SCP-ES-097 were found in one of the structures:


Today I was walking with my dog in the forest, she entered a cave and later vomited, she looked somewhat tired. I remembered some anecdotes from my father about a possible uranium deposit, however he never gave any proof. For the same reasons my father got a Geiger counter in the past, I will look for it and return to that area


I was correct, the measurements skyrocket when I get closer to that area… Although the idea of having this type of material nearby still scares me a bit, I still see it as an investment opportunity. I have done some research, unfortunately there is not much support for the extraction of the material, I will try to contact some by attaching my measurements.


This day an activist from an organization called Radiosol arrived, along with him a team arrived to verify the place. While this was happening, the man spoke to me about the difficulties and obstacles the government has against this type of energy and he assures me that with his help I could get a lot out of the situation.

Once the presence of uranium was confirmed, they told me about the options to take and recommended a type of fungus that feeds on the material and produces usable energy. They still told me that two employees were going to support me the first week.

I noticed that one of the employees had dark glasses and a biohazard mark on her neck. She wanted to ask her about it, but she didn't seem like someone who talked a lot.

The following is a letter issued from the group "Radiosol"5 towards the purchaser of SCP-ES-097:

Mr. Nurasyl, we are grateful for your help with our green nuclear power project. We must ask you to keep information about our agreement secret. In these boxes that we provide you will find one of our most recent creations in the field of nuclear energy: it is radioactive fungi, or in simpler words, fungi capable of feeding on highly radioactive elements, although their benefit is greater than that, since they can produce energy equivalent to a small nuclear reactor.

We will also provide you with the necessary equipment and guide staff for these crops. Our goal in the words of the Boss: "May the power of radiation embrace those in need and its energy bring us to a bright new age." We look forward to the first cultivation of her. Any problem please contact the numbers and emails that we send you electronically.

No further evidence was found for both SCP-ES-097 and the local inhabitants. Currently it is unknown of any company that works for the GoI-115, more investigations are in progress.

Addendum B
Interview Log


DATE: 01/23/2009

Interviewer: Researcher Carlos

Interviewed: SCP-ES-097-A


Researcher Carlos: Hello again SCP-ES-097-A, how are you feeling today?

SCP-ES-097-A: Every day is the same … Confused desires between my delusions … Prosperity.

Researcher Carlos: The entity that you supposedly see in your hallucinations and dreams? Could you tell me again? It's for the record this time.

SCP-ES-097-A: I suppose so, even if it is not a hallucination… The Gal is as real as you or me.

Researcher Carlos: Now try to describe your experiences and this so-called entity.

SCP-ES-097-A: Understood. She is something, uh… her presence causes a warm and radiant atmosphere, as if she were a smelter? Yes that, awesome.

Researcher Carlos: That doesn't tell me much, do you have some kind of conversation or something? A physical appearance perhaps?

SCP-ES-097-A: Very tall, in formal clothes, it could be said that something disastrous … White skin covered by ash and crimson eyes somewhat intimidating … Black flames coming from her back and seemed to form 2 pairs of wings…

Researcher Carlos: This time you expanded more on his physical form, did you manage to talk to her or was there some kind of communication?

SCP-ES-097-A: Among so many whispers and echoes… "Souls must endure a change"… "A change through nuclear power." Wait… now that my mind is a little clearer I remember her name…

Researcher Carlos: That nuclear energy speech is still new… Anyway, and what is her supposed name?

SCP-ES-097-A: Te… No, not again… Stop… The eyes look, Stop looking at me! Agh!

At this point the SCP-ES-097-A instance fainted, forgetting everything that had occurred since the beginning of the interview.

Closing Statement: From this moment on, more information will be sought on the alleged GoI-115 and the aforementioned entity.

Addendum C
Incident ES-097-1

On 01/26/2009 a message was received to the Site-133 database, it is unknown how the Site's email address was obtained or how it circumvented the security systems. Where the message was sent from continues to be investigated. Seconds after receiving the message, the non-cryogenic instances of SCP-ES-097 produced several simultaneous explosions and the instances of SCP-ES-097-A released large amounts of gamma radiation and neutrinos.

Due to security measures regarding radioactive hazards at Site-133, no casualties caused by SCP-ES-097-A were reported, however explosions from SCP-ES-097 were responsible for 20 casualties at Site-133. Since incident ES-097-1, under no circumstances should SCP-ES-097 be de-diogenized without authorization from the Site Manager.

GoI-115 has been declared highly hostile and the neutralization of said group will be sought immediately. Here is the message:

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