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SCP-ES-098-5 being examined.

Item #: SCP-ES-098

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Close surveillance will be maintained on the population of stray dogs in the city of Iquique, under the responsibility of MTF Psi-09 "Animal Control", any specimen showing signs of having suffered some type of surgical or medical intervention should be captured, as well as any specimen with an anomalous behavior, such as, for example, apparent intelligence above the norm (refer to file ES-098-D1 for more details on what is considered an "anomalous behavior").

To control the population of dogs without owners, massive sterilization campaigns by the local government will be financed indirectly and through fictitious organizations. The efforts of the Foundation will also be aimed at discovering the person in charge of SCP-ES-098.

Dr. ██████ has proposed the plan to drastically reduce the population of stray dogs - or exterminate it completely - by the massive use of toxins or by introducing a specific zoopathogen. That is currently under discussion.

Description: SCP-ES-098 is a phenomenon that has been occurring for approximately the last three years in the city of Iquique, in northern Chile. This locality suffers from a serious problem of dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) vagabonds, at least some 25,000, largely due to the abandonment of domestic pets by negligent owners. These specimens form packs and have been responsible for occasional attacks on people, only causing minor injuries in most cases, with one exception with two exceptions (see Incident ES-098-A)

SCP-ES-098 was detected when members of an animal group1 called Nuestros Hermanos Menores denounced several cases of animal abuse, uploading to social networks photographs showing dogs without owner with the top of the skull and neck -in what would be the equivalent of the nape of a human being- totally shaved and presenting scars, often in the form of Y. A veterinarian observed these images and affirmed that these scars were clearly surgical incisions and that due to its shape and position were very likely the product of an open brain operation. These messages were detected by the Intelligence Department of the Foundation, which motivated the sending of Agents █████████ and ██████ to the area to investigate more in depth.

They collected a large number of testimonies about very smart and astute street dogs, often leaders of packs, also captured two specimens - identified as SCP-ES-098-01 and SCP-ES-098-02 - with very similar scars in the upper part of the neck and head.

Both animals were examined and it was found that their brains had been operated on, other analyzes also showed various anomalies, especially biochemical type.


Brain of SCP-ES-098-5 being dissected.

The Psi-09 team was sent with the mission of studying the behavior of dog packs and to capture all the specimens that showed signs of surgery, as well as any specimen that presented an unusual behavior, especially if they showed signs of average superior intelligence.

To date, 16 specimens have been identified and captured, classified as SCP-ES-098-01 to SCP-ES-098-016. Each of them presents clear evidence that their brains were surgically modified, with the apparent purpose of increasing their intelligence.

The tests performed - magnetic resonance tomography, electroencephalograms, among others - have revealed unusual neurological activity, compared to the brain of normal canids, especially the activation of extra zones in the cerebral cortex when they are subjected to tests to measure their intelligence, memory and mathematical ability. The autopsies performed on 10 of the samples show modifications such as:

  • Artificial creation of furrows and folds to increase the surface of the cerebral cortex.
  • The implantation (xenotransplantes) of fragments of cerebral cortex to increase the volume of gray matter. DNA tests indicate that xenotransplantation is clearly of human origin.2
  • Modifications several of unknown purpose.
  • Implantation of metallic filaments -with the shape of wires 0.2 millimeters thick and up to 3 centimeters long- made of an alloy of gold, platinum and copper.
  • Each specimen also has a subdermal implant -generally in the area of the neck- in the shape of a disc 2 millimeters in diameter and 0.5 millimeters thick. The disk has the symbol Ǐᵮ, and just below it the word λειτουργία κυνόδοντας, besides a bar code, with a different number to catalog each copy.

Judging by the degree of scarring operations have been carried out in a period of time ranging from three years to two months, to the date of 30/10/20██, and some specimens have evidence of having been subjected to two or more surgical interventions. Due to the degree of complexity, these operations could only be performed by a neurosurgeon very skilled and with vast experience, and it is unlikely that they could be the work of a single individual, without the collaboration of at least a small team of assistants.

The testimonies obtained in the city of Iquique indicate that the animals intervened often become leaders of their pack and that they present an intelligence far superior to that of their peers, including the use of tricks and strategies to steal food, sometimes involving the youngest and most adorable-looking puppies as a distraction. They also seem to be able to understand the traffic signals and interpret the lights of the traffic lights and thus cross the streets safely.

The blood tests have given normal results, however analysis of cerebrospinal fluid revealed the presence of foreign proteins whose function is unknown, in addition to abnormal levels of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Also, unlike what is expected in abandoned animals, they have a good state of health and do not present malnutrition or parasites, in addition to having antibodies for common diseases of dogs (hydrophobia, distemper or Carré's disease, canine parvovirus) that indicate that they were vaccinated.

The captured canids were subjected to a series of tests (detailed in Document ES-098-D3) where they had to solve a series of problems. The specimens showed an outstanding intelligence, similar to that of primates such as chimpanzees, although there was a marked variation among individuals. They were also able to work as a team and assign different tasks to certain challenges that required collaboration between them. Also, according to the Gallup Mirror Test, all specimens have self-awareness and have demonstrated the capacity for abstract reasoning.


SCP-ES-098-13 along with her offspring, she was accidentally pregnant by another specimen after her capture. She was allowed to complete his pregnancy in order to study her offspring.

Incident ES-098-A: Casimiro ██████ He was a 56-year-old resident of the neighborhood of ██████, whose residents are generally of low social status. ██████ had a long history of minor offenses, such as driving while intoxicated, scandal on public roads, indecent exposure to minors, possession of drugs, possession and purchase of stolen objects, etc. Several times he was accused of animal abuse, being convicted of these crimes in 1981, 1989 and 1996, when he was forced to pay heavy fines but without serving any period of effective prison.

He worked as a chef in a restaurant, after a long series of low-level jobs. His neighbors considered him strange, lonely and unfriendly, and despite being divorced with four children he never received visits from friends or relatives.

He was also suspected of various acts of cruelty to animals, especially dogs, including poisoning with household insecticides - which caused the death of animals in the midst of great pain - and tying the neck of puppies with barbed wire, like necklaces, so that as the animals grow they will suffer terrible wounds and will end up dying strangled. Despite these suspicions, he was never officially accused, despite following the same modus operandi as the actions for which he was previously convicted.

In October of 201█, there were a series of strange incidents around this individual, his coworkers heard him complain that he was being "chased" by stray dogs, that when he walked down the street he was often followed by a number of them and that at night a whole pack gathered in front of their home and barked and howled all night, which disturbed him deeply and prevented him from sleeping (when his neighbors were interrogated they recognized that for three or four days out of twenty thirty dogs were hovering near his house, but they kept quiet and without creating any fuss)

On November 13, 201█ Casimiro ██████ disappeared, however no one reported his disappearance until six days later, when his boss went to the police for missing a week at work. Three days later human remains were found in a vacant site, basically bones with shreds of meat and remains of clothing. Nearby was found this person's wallet with his documents and money, that along with the fingerprint of an index finger that fortunately remained intact, allowed to identify these remains as belonging to him. To date, only 55% of its skeleton has been recovered.

All the evidence indicates that Casimiro ██████ was attacked by a pack and later devoured, however the place where his remains were found was far from the area where he usually traveled, and the exact moment of the attack and is circumstances is still unknown.

Update 25/05/201█: A total of 25 specimens with neurological modifications have been identified and captured. The tests carried out indicate that in these latter cases their intelligence level is well above the first specimens. If human parameters were applied, two of them would have an intelligence equal to that of a person with mild cognitive disability (CI of 55 to 69 points).

Update 12/06/201█: A marriage, Geraldo ████ and Victoria ███████, aged 41 and 55 respectively, disappeared on 06/08/201. Two days later, their bodies, partially devoured, were found on abandoned land a long way from their home. Both individuals were suspected of a series of pet poisonings in their neighborhood, although none of them was formally charged.

I strongly oppose Dr. plan's plan, not only for humanitarian reasons - his idea could kill thousands of innocent pets - but to avoid a possible major evil. Three people allegedly responsible for animal abuse were killed in a particularly atrocious manner, the modified dogs themselves took care of that, now imagine what would happen if we are the cause of the massive elimination of stray dogs. What do you think the surviving animals would do? Or even worse, what do you think the person responsible for this SCP would do?- Dr. M. Ozawa

The purpose of these experiments, in my opinion, is quite clear and should not be an enigma for the Foundation. It is the same as when we test the toxicity of makeup in rabbits or guinea pigs or when we practice new surgical techniques in laboratory rats, this SCP is not about giving intelligence to a few stray dogs, it is about trying methods to increase intelligence in human beings, which would explain the presence of the symbol Ǐᵮ. Of course, that leaves us with another enigma. Are we facing a reappearance of the Fergusson Institute? Or is it that he has actually remained active all this time without being detected?- Dr. Manríquez

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