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Item #: SCP-ES-100-EX

Object Class: Euclid Uncontainable

Special Containment Procedures: All human subjects affected by SCP-ES-100-EX are to be treated with amnestics appropriate to the severity of the infection. Prolonged exposure could cause permanent cognitive effects. Documents, books, notebooks, printed material and websites presenting or propagating the SCP-ES-100-EX phenomenon will be censored following the protocols established for each specific case.

Due to the recent reclassification of this object, the Special Containment Procedures are no longer necessary, therefore, the old methods of containment will be removed from the official documentation.

Description: SCP-ES-100-EX is an info-hazardous phenomenon affecting certain cartographic documents of [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED], due to their geographical similarities. These locations have been studied, searching for circumstances capable of leading to the appearance of SCP-ES-100-EX, but in no case, it produced satisfactory results. The anomalous capacities of SCP-ES-100-EX appear when a human subject observes the map of [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED] in any way, be it a printed or digital version. A human subject affected by SCP-ES-100-EX acts normally until it communicates with another individual, referring to [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED] in any form, causing confusion, discomfort and momentary loss of memory.

The cartographic documents serve as vectors for the expansion of the info-hazardous phenomenon, although it has not been confirmed to be transmittable from person to person. Human subjects native to these regions appear to be more resistant to the influence of SCP-ES-100-EX, however, they end up succumbing to its effects by claiming that they come from [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED] or vice versa.

Analysis shows no anomalous capacities in the documents and websites where maps are printed or hosted.

Addendum 100.1: During the Christmas of 1815, the captain of the ship ████████ ████ of the Spanish Royal Navy was on patrol in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, near the coasts of [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED]. However, they never made it to port in ████████ after their departure. An English sailboat found the ship sailing in the waters of the Strait of Mallanganee’s; when it was boarded its entire crew was found dead as a result of starvation. The following note was discovered in the captain's diary:

We've sailed for almost four months and our supplies are stretched to the limit. My men are desperate, and I don't know what to do. I have reviewed the maps over and over again, but everything seems to fit, the only ones that don't fit are us. According to the readings, we are almost 10,000 kilometers from [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED]. In the name of the King! How did we get this far?

I'll try to keep my morale as high as I can, but I'm sure we'll die here if we don't find help soon. Even if it comes from a Brit. We'll take it.


Have you seen the stars? They are as I remembered them… As they look on the beaches of [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED]

During the [INFO-HAZARD REMOVED], Captain Yuri Yanukov, commanding officer of a Soviet freighter added the following entry to the ship's log, which was retrieved from the offices of GRU Division "P" in Moscow after the collapse of the organization.


The ship was discovered by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and then transferred to the Foundation's custody, to be analyzed for abnormal qualities that led to the loss of the ship's trajectory. Amnestics were applied to the crew and returned to Soviet territory, following agreements with the communist regime. The cargo was secured and dismantled in order to avoid international incidents that could involve the Foundation.

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