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Item #: SCP-ES-101

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter has been established around SCP-ES-101 from Monday to Saturday in order to prevent civilians from entering outside its standard hours and activating SCP-ES-101-A.

Standard SCP-ES-101 hours correspond to Sundays, starting at 09:00 and ending at 13:00. Civilians will only have access to the central hall of SCP-ES-101. The entrance to SCP-ES-101-1 must be concealed. Should a civilian enter the area, they will be amnesticized and returned to the civilian population. SCP-ES-101 will also remain open on regional holidays in the current region.

Agent Javier Pérez has been granted Level 2/101 clearance to obtain information on SCP-ES-101-2 and SCP-ES-101-3 due to his good relationship with SCP-ES-101-2-A.

Description: SCP-ES-101 is a late Gothic church in [DATA EXPUNGED], León, although much of its exterior was remodeled and expanded during the 19th century and therefore has abundant Baroque elements. According to historical records, the temple was remodeled by the architect [DATA EXPUNGED] at the request of the Diocese of León, to which it belonged.

The interior of SCP-ES-101 consists of an extra-dimensional space accessed by stairs hidden from the public and designated SCP-ES-101-1, with Akiva radiation1 ██ times higher on average than that of a Catholic church. SCP-ES-101-1 is similar to a non-anomalous library similar to that of a Benedictine monastery except for the contents of its books and a sealed door (See Passages from the Books of SCP-ES-101-1).

SCP-ES-101-2 are humanoid instances similar to low-ranking Catholic Church clerics, such as deacons and priests. SCP-ES-101-2 claim to belong to "The Order of the Ever-Burning Bush", an organization dating back to the 14th century BC.2. It is not known whether they have biological needs.

The representative of SCP-ES-101-2, SCP-ES-101-2-A states that its purpose is to preserve the documents located there and to contain an entity called "Inciter of Idolatry", allegedly a reality manipulating entity specialized in the manipulation of Akiva radiation or theokinesis, designated as SCP-ES-101-3 in all related documents. SCP-ES-101-3 is currently inactive.

SCP-ES-101-A is a security mechanism with a cognitohazardous effect used by SCP-ES-101-2 as self-defense in any case in which an individual or group of individuals voluntarily and consciously exercises violence within the church. SCP-ES-101-A works as follows:

  1. The door leading to the outside of SCP-ES-101 closes.
  2. The door leading to the inside of SCP-ES-101-1 opens and instances of SCP-ES-101-2 come out of it.
  3. The instances of SCP-ES-101-2 surround the subjects.
  4. SCP-ES-101-2 activates the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-ES-101-A by means of a sentence from the Bible.
  5. SCP-ES-101-A exerts a psyche-altering effect that creates the perception of being burned alive by fire "from a burning bush." The subjects will either become an instance of SCP-ES-101-2 or be reduced to ashes.
  6. Deactivation of SCP-ES-101-A. The instances of SCP-ES-101-2 return to SCP-ES-101-1 and the door leading to the outside of SCP-ES-101 opens.

Discovery: SCP-ES-101 drew the attention of the Foundation and the recently absorbed Special Security Comission on 08/04/1977 as a result of the disappearance of ████ █████, a member of the Communist Party of Spain accused of blaspheming the Church. His remains were discovered charred in a reliquary inside SCP-ES-101 on 04/13/1977, at which time the Foundation decided to investigate the anomaly.

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