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Item #: SCP-ES-102

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To ensure that SCP-ES-102 is kept hidden from the general public and scientific community, a spy satellite has been established that will carry out the Techo-1 procedure. In the event that third parties manage to spot the objects affected by SCP-ES-102, the information will be suppressed and they will be administered A-Class amnestics. Several other Foundation satellites and probes will carry out the Techo-2 procedure to destroy affected objects in case their course passes in a compromising distance from Earth.

Techo-1 procedure consists of the creation and constant dissemination of images and other types of information obtained by the Foundation through the use of SCP-ES-███. The information will be previously selected by RAISA1 to avoid suspicions on the part of the different ground aerospace agencies, in accordance with Directive 3042.

Description: SCP-ES-102 is a phenomenon that occurs when certain terrestrial objects, moving away from the Sun, reach the heliopause2. The distance of objects from the Sun when SCP-ES-102 manifests has varied in each case, but always remains around 100 astronomical units.

The main effect of SCP-ES-102 consists in the affected object being transported anomalously and instantaneously towards the opposite point of the heliopause, always at the same distance to which it had previously arrived. Therefore, after being affected by SCP-ES-102, the objects will head back into the Solar System without having changed their direction or speed. It has been observed that after transport a significant amount of thermal energy is produced around the object; its source has not been determined.

Until now, SCP-ES-102 has affected exploration probes of various civilian space agencies and the Foundation. For the moment, the phenomenon has prevented any attempt to leave the heliopause behind, and therefore, to leave the Solar System by any human-made object. SCP-ES-102 does not appear to affect naturally occurring bodies, such as asteroids and other celestial objects, or any kind of electromagnetic radiation.

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