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Item #: SCP-ES-103

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-103 shall be contained in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 meter enclosure located in the Minor Threat Anomalies Section of Site-48. The walls of the containment chamber have to be conditioned for total soundproofing, while the floor should be covered with mineral wool to prevent the generation of sound waves. The surroundings have been conditioned to maintain a noise level between 25 and 10 decibels.

To perform experimentation sessions with SCP-ES-103, three staff members must carefully enter the room in which SCP-ES-103 is located, trying not to generate any sound. Once inside, proceed to contain SCP-ES-103 in a box with insulating properties. After that, the staff members will transport SCP-ES-103 to an enclosure with the same characteristics as their original containment chamber, but located outside Site-48.

Finally, once the experimentation session has finished, the procedures will be repeated backwards to contain SCP-ES-103 once again.

Description: SCP-ES-103 is a spherical volume amplifier flattened in a section, which measures 7 cm in diameter. It has a metallic red tonality and a white central strip, being functionally deployable in two speakers. Additionally, it has a USB port, a 2G memory card and two switches to amplify or decrease the volume of the audio file which is reproduced.

Music played directly from electronic devices connected through the USB port will be heard in a completely normal way, and it has even been proven that the musical pieces reproduced in SCP-ES-103 sound better than they would normally sound to the human ear.

SCP-ES-103 has the ability to pick up sound waves, and it will behave strangely when a non melodic sound (or combination of sounds) is picked up1. Seconds after receiving the sound waves, SCP-ES-103 will automatically unfold and play an audio file (now referred to as SCP-ES-103-1) consisting of the voice of a woman in the age range of the third-age, which says:


Once this file has been reproduced by SCP-ES-103, all sound waves within a radius of 5 meters will cease for a variable period of minutes, and the surroundings (taking into account the above-mentioned radius) will take cognito-hazardous characteristics, effects including deafness (with the possibility of this effect being permanent), nausea, irritability, frustration and a sudden feeling of hatred towards close relatives.

Researchers and test subjects entering the area without prior knowledge of the characteristics of SCP-ES-103 describe the sighting of an entity referred to as SCP-ES-103-A, which is the figure of a squalid young man in an advanced state of decomposition. SCP-ES-103-A wears blue jeans, a pair of white athletic shoes (although eroded), an old sweatshirt and headphones. SCP-ES-103-A emits a fluorescent blue glow in each of its manifestations.

Addendum 01#: Discovery SCP-ES-103 was discovered in the basement of [REDACTED] in Mexico City. The object was sealed in a sound proof box. Its location was found when a civilian who acquired the property opened the box, causing the manifestation of SCP-ES-103-A.

Addendum 02#: Event 018
During an experiment performed on SCP-ES-103, one of the subjects who entered the cognito-hazardous area said to have seen SCP-ES-103-A speaking. After watching the audiovisual records of the experiment and analyzing the movement of the lips performed by SCP-ES-103-A, it was concluded that the entity said:

Do you want to hear my music?

Addendum 03#: Event 023
During ██/██/20██ researchers managed to extract SCP-ES-103-1 from SCP-ES-103 via USB link. The file was called "stupid_old_lady.mp3" and was the only audio file inside SCP-ES-103. When attempting to insert audio files into the memory card, the device that held the file immediately shut down.

Addendum 04#: Reproduction of SCP-ES-103-1
By playing SCP-ES-103-1 in an audio editor, the screams of agony of what appears to be a young man were heard. The audio file stopped when the male voice breathed a sigh.

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