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Item #: SCP-ES-105

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-ES-105, containment efforts are to be focused around cataloguing individuals with a strong interests in constellations, celestial bodies, and ecological trends. The database is to be operated and maintained by the governments of major world powers and population centers, and managed by the Foundation's Disinformation Bureau. The Bureau will update the database with research on groups following the Fifthist doctrine.

In addition, Foundation facilities with astronomical equipment are to observe and verify visible stars corresponding to the astronomical catalogue Tycho-2 in order to detect manifestations of SCP-ES-105.

In the event of reported changes in sky color and/or widespread streetlight outage, cover stories are to be implemented stating the anomalous effects are due to light pollution or eco-terrorism.

Any located instances of SCP-ES-105-1 are to be seized and brought to Site-76.

Description: SCP-ES-105 is a manifestation that appears at an altitude of 25,000 meters several days before events considered important (e.g. concerts, riots, sightings of unidentified objects or creatures, etc.) take place. SCP-ES-105 events exclusively affect the areas where they manifests, and supplant celestial bodies present in the sky with others, giving preference to those celestial bodies (mainly constellations or asterisms1) with pentagonal forms, or which contain at least five stars.

SCP-ES-105's first noticable effect is altering the perception of those within the area, making them believe that the firmament currently present is non-anomlous. A detailed description of an SCP-ES-105 manifestation (henceforth known as Celesta Event) is attached below.

Discovery: The first official sighting of SCP-ES-105 occurred on August 17th, 1969 in Bethel, NY, at the Woodstock Festival, approximately 1:00 AM local time. The Celesta Event began with the replacement of the Lacerta constellation with the Lyra constellation. The incident was apparently initiated by alleged Fifthist musician James Marshall "Jim" Hendrix, when he pronounced a variation of the phrase "Imagination is the key to my lyrics, the rest is painted with science fiction," emphasizing the stars' "powers" and how to absorb them. Following the conclusion of the Celesta Event, approximately █.█% of attendees were permanently affected by SCP-ES-105, resulting in the formation of eco-friendly villages, and eventually culminating in the "Back to Earth" movement. Along with this, greater environmental awareness and opposition to the Vietnam War began.

On 09/02/1969, the Unusual Incidents Unit arrested ten people in Tucson, Arizona as part of Operation Morning Star, established for the purpose of suppressing the growing outbreaks of counterculture caused by the Vietnam War and Protests of 1968. All arrested persons held and disseminated an alternative form of hippie philosophy, giving great importance to incense rituals, chants, stars, and the number five5. Several star charts, catalogued as SCP-ES-105-1, were located, and found to have been anomalously modified to temporarily alter the appearance of the sky. Due to the UIU's lack of resources, the objects were subsequently handed over to the Foundation. How SCP-ES-105-1 operates is still unknown.

Celesta Event Log:

The following table shows relevant information collected from those affected by Celesta Events.

Event Number: 001
Location: BETHEL
Date: 08-17-1969
Original Celestial Body: LACERTA
Celestial Body Displayed: LYRA

Effects During the Celesta Event: Lost perception of external stimuli, increase in voice volume for all affected, vocalizations similar to Fifthist hymns.

Person of Interest: James Marshall "Jim" Hendrix

Transcription: Greetings, my brothers and sisters from the same star. Today we welcome the true stars, those outside the oppressive order of government! This is only the beginning, but sing and let the smoke in, so they won't find you. Don't walk in threes!

Effects of the Celesta Event: Symptoms similar to those afflicted by Oppositional Defiant Disorder for participants, greater affinity for musical pieces, greater consumption of hallucinogenic substances.

Notes: This was the first known Celesta Event. Unlike the following Celesta Events, important event correlated with the anomaly occurred on the same night.

Event Number: 006
Date: 06-24-1987
Original Celestial Body: SCORPIUS
Celetial Body Displayed: CETUS

Effects During the Celesta Event: Unknown

Person of Interest: CS-IV Jaime Pérez6

Transcription: Unknown

Effects of the Celesta Event: Unknown

Notes: Due to the disappearance of all the individuals involved, the Foundation was unable to obtain any valuable information.

Event Number: 010
Date: 06-21-1993
Original Celestial Body: URSA MINOR
Celestial Body Displayed: HYDRA

Effects During the Celesta Event: Lost perception of external stimuli, increased fishing dexterity, visualizations of plesiosaurus-esque sea creatures and specimens of the Asteroidea class (common starfish).

Person of Interest: Edna MacInnes7.

Transcription: You should not trust the false sea which unclean creatures populate. You can take them and plunge them into the false cosmic dust. Anyone could fool you by putting fake stars next to you — look up where the true gods and warriors are, and look for the signs. Watch your surroundings.

Effects of the Celesta Event: Aquaphobia, herpetophobia, greater recognition of patterns, mild paranoia.

Notes: Several days later, Edna MacInnes saw an instance of SCP-████ in Loch Ness. Subsequently, camouflaged agents in the surrounding area administered Class-B amnestics and returned her to the riverside of Loch Ness, replacing SCP-████ with a log.

Event number: 015
Location: GAZA
Date: 09-20-2000
Original Celestial Body: CYGNUS
Celestial Body Displayed: THE HOME OF THE KING CEPHEUS

Effects During the Celesta Event: Lost perception of external stimuli, religious and warlike chants.

Person of Interest: Ahmed Yasin.

Transcription: Sing, my brothers and sisters! Sing, for very soon the false star of the captors will be made to cease burning! Those who have captured our beloved star Cassiopeia. As the descendants of Cepheus, we must recover it, and keep it safe from others. Let us advance without fear, Cepheus is watching us from the heavens!

Effects of the Celesta Event: Religious intolerance, more aggressive behavior, more interest in astrology (especially those within the constellation of Cassiopeia).

Notes: On 09/28/2000, Ariel Sharon, a former member of the Israeli Defense Force, went to the Dome of the Rock. This encouraged Muslim groups to launch an offensive against the State of Israel, thus provoking the Second Intifada.

Event Number: 018
Location: LONDON
Date: 04-15-2006
Original Celestial Body: [REDACTED]
Celestial Body Displayed: UNKNOWN8

Effects During the Celesta Event: Nothing. After multiple interrogations with members of the London population, it was confirmed that they could visualize the constellation even if the sky was not visible.

Person of Interest: Unknown. It is presumed that those responsible were high-ranking members of The Fifth Church.

Transcription: Ywaq ma phgwa'cul hnakf. Uulwi ifis halahs gag[DATA EXPUNGED]. Slon tlir na tlei obr Fifth. Tla slon ████ plr startln tlo sacp tlei. Don't flee from the star's embrace, it merely wants you to be joyous.

Effects of the Celesta Event: Amplified effects of the fifth stage.

Notes: This was the first Celesta Event that did not cause extra effects. It should be noted that the Foundation had recognized The Fifth Church as a Group of Interest, and it's previous operations within London.

Event Number: 020
Location: OKINAWA
Date: 07-02-2007
Original Celestial Body: LEO
Celestial Body Displayed: JOB'S COFFIN

Effects During the Celesta Event: Lost perception of external stimuli, unconsciousness.

Person of Interest: Ken Kobayashi9

Transcription: I'm sorry to have to put you to sleep, but I have a very important message for you. I know you're very tired, but Jurōjin10 needs you. It wants to take you to the stars, but it needs you to do a couple of tasks before then. Remember to go to the temple every day and make the offerings until it calls you. When it does, do not be afraid to die, for only the stars are real.

Effects of the Celesta Event: Ergomania, Shinto religious fanaticism, suicidal thoughts and actions.

Notes: This was the first Celesta Event which resulted in casualties. Of note, SCP-ES-105 affected ten subjects in an urban area of approximately 200,000 inhabitants. All transcripts were collected from ████ █████, the only subject which remained alive. After the data was collected, they were given Class-B amnestics.

Event Number: 025
Date: 05-15-2010
Original Celestial Body: LIBRA AND SATURN
Celestial Body Displayed: CRUX

Effects During the Celesta Event: Lost perception of external stimuli, visualization of Christian icons, greater density of fumes generated in the second stage, rites related to the Catholic Church.

Person of Interest: Amador Márquez11

Transcription: Brethren, we are here today to commemorate the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified on the Five-Pointed Cross, to Heaven. As we all know, Paradise is a place full of fumes with stars like the pearls of Our Lord. As is to be expected, you must take your incense holders to "perfume" its home and rise up to the Truth. Remember, all this is for the Southern Polar Star, better known as the divine sign, to appear and take us with it. And remember: if you love him not, his archons will not let you ascend.

Effects of the Celesta Event: Conversion to Catholicism, or greater religious adherence if they had already been believers. Increased use of incense spirals at Sunday Masses.

Notes: The Catholic rites after SCP-ES-105 are similar to those practiced in the southern United States. Henceforth, an investigation is being conducted into Catholic dioceses to find possible infiltration from members of The Fifth Church and its branches.

Addendum 1: On 05/17/2010, a court order was obtained to search the home of Amador Márquez in ████, Uruguay. When their belongings were searched, agents found a wooden cross with the lower end separated in half, similar in appearance to a star; several sticks of incense; and a series of notes he had written.

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