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Item #: SCP-ES-107

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: One SCP-ES-107 instance is stored in the electronic device repository at Site-34, under the responsibility of the Head Project Researcher. When not being used for experimental purposes, the object must remain unplugged inside a Faraday cage to avoid interactions with unauthorized signals. Authorization Level 2 or higher is required for access.

MTF Mu-5 ("Pro Gamers") must be in charge of the tracking and acquisition of uncontained SCP-ES-107 instances, as well as the necessary cover-up operations, and must also participate in the investigation of the person(s) involved in its production and in the maintenance of the web site related to its distribution.

Description: SCP-ES-107 corresponds to an electronic device with a design similar to a video game console called Partnercaller3000. The device has a touch screen, through which you can access a menu consisting of a search bar with the options "games", "number of invited players", "technical assistance", and a touch keyboard at the bottom. Once the name of a videogame or tabletop game of interest has been typed in1 the search bar, or by choosing a name from the alphabetical index in the "games" option and selecting the number of players, a series of humanoid entities called SCP-ES-107-01 will materialize. These entities appear to be young people of both sexes, ranging in age from 13 to 27 years old, dressed according to the existing fashion from the year 1980 until nowadays.

These entities are indistinguishable from non-anomalous human beings, except that all their linguistic expressions and interactions are a function of the game in which they participate, dematerializing once the game is over, at the moment of leaving the room. In the first materialization event they demonstrate a rudimentary knowledge of the game in which they will participate, showing a constant improvement in their performance in subsequent sessions. All attempts to communicate with these entities about content other than that associated with the game in which they are currently participating have been unsuccessful. (See Addendum 2)

The external examination of SCP-ES-107-01 does not reveal any noticeable anomalies, however, any attempt to perform a thorough physical examination, to have a physical interaction that could prove to be harmful to the entity or that is too far away from the dynamics of the game in which it participates causes its immediate dematerialization. After the dematerialization of the instance, the message "Action not allowed" appears on the console, causing a blocking of the device for a period ranging from 60 minutes to several days, causing a blocking for an indefinite period of time in case of repetition of forbidden actions.2

So far the video and photographic records of the SCP-ES-107-01 instances have not allowed their identification or association with living or deceased subjects. (See Addendum 1)

The user of the device (hereinafter referred to as "player") is referred to as SCP-ES-107-02.3 SCP-ES-107-02 does not usually show suspicion, discomfort or strangeness in relation to the nature of the entities of SCP-ES-107-01, justifying their presence with the argument that "they are some friends he invited to have a game". However, when questioned after the event, they are unable to recall the circumstances in which they met these subjects, or to recall personal characteristics that go beyond the obviously observable, or to evoke memories independent of the previous event.4

Although the interaction with the SCP-ES-107-01 instances by the player has not shown evident harmful effects, and these entities usually show a friendly and polite attitude towards the player and other people present, it has been observed that after each game session the player reports "being very hungry and tired". Experimentally, it has been determined that for each entity of SCP-ES-107-01 that is "called to participate", the energy consumption of SCP-ES-107-02 increases by approximately 75 Calories/hour, having to constantly consume food rich in calories to compensate this energy expenditure. Once the entities have dematerialized, SCP-ES-107-02 will need to sleep about 15 minutes for each hour that an SCP-ES-107-01 entity has been present.5

It has been determined that the cumulative operating time of SCP-ES-107 is equivalent to 12 hours/entity, decreasing the maximum time if the number of participating SCP-ES-107-01 instances increases, after which SCP-ES-107 will remain inactive for 60 minutes.6

Examination of the internal architecture of SCP-ES-107 shows that it is built with electronic components usually found in video game consoles or similar devices, such as microprocessors and memory cards, assembled on a plastic and aluminum frame. However, no network cards or other components associated with wireless communications have been found, which does not prevent it from receiving periodic "game list updates".

For its operation the device requires a 12 V transformer connected to AC power. Attempts to recreate the device by reverse engineering have not yielded functional copies.7

If the user at the moment of using SCP-ES-107 enters an invalid game name (nonexistent or spelled wrongly), or a game that the user does not own or does not have access to, the device will display the message "Invalid option". If the maximum number of players that can participate in that game without including the user is chosen, SCP-ES-107 will display the message "You are about to start a demo, do you agree?", option that when accepted causes the SCP-ES-107-01 entities to only interact with each other, developing a game during the average time established for that game.

SCP-ES-107 was discovered by the Foundation due to the case of ███ █████████, 25, who was found in his apartment unconscious and showing signs of severe exhaustion and malnutrition, despite the fact that according to the statement of co-workers days before he was in good health. According to the testimony of ███ █████████, he had "spent the weekend mastering a D&D campaign he had been preparing for some time," noting having gotten interested parties to participate "thanks to his new console. Although statements from neighbors would indicate the presence of two or more individuals in ███ █████████'s apartment during that weekend, security logs in the building lobby did not show the entry of more people during that time period.

The inspection of the department of ███ █████████'s apartment allowed to recover the device, finding after the review of his laptop the website http://www. ███████████████.com, through which he had acquired the object and which would be responsible for its distribution.

The search for the server where the site is hosted, for contact with its administrator or the suspension of its services has not yielded any results. So far the Foundation has not been able to acquire new SCP-ES-107 instances through the aforementioned website.

To ███ █████████, his co-workers, family members and the medical personnel involved were administered Class B amnestics, explaining his medical condition through an alibi.

The case of ███ █████████ corresponds to the ██th incident recorded in a period of 6 months, in which young people were found alone in their rooms or apartments showing signs of severe fatigue and exhaustion, being reported in most cases that a few days before they were in good health, not presenting eating disorders, vigorexia or drug use that could justify their condition. Although these incidents had not initially aroused the interest of the Foundation, the case of ███ █████████ led to its investigation, managing to be interviewed ██ of those affected, and linking SCP-ES-107 with ██ cases, not being able, however, to recover any additional instances of the device.

Addendum 1: During the experimental session on 8/7/2017, in which D-23412 was participating in a game of the game Catan together with 3 SCP-ES-107-01 instances, SCP-ES-107-01-A, SCP-107-01-B and SCP-ES-107-01-C (hereafter referred to as Paco, Anna and Lina), administrative assistant ██████ ███████, while passing by the vicinity of the procedure room apparently identified the instance "Anna", showing signs of agitation and shouting "What [DATA EXPUNGED] do you think you are doing with my sister, [DATA EXPUNGED], you don't respect anything! ", while trying to enter the room, having to be forcibly detained by nearby security personnel.

After the incident, when the assistant ███████ was questioned, he stated that SCP-ES-107-01-B corresponded to his sister Anna ███████, who died as a result of leukemia on 5/25/2008, at age 14, and the veracity of these statements was later confirmed.

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