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Item #: SCP-ES-111

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-111 is kept in a lead box measuring 2 meters x 0.6 meters x 0.6 meters, with a thickness of five centimeters. The box will have attached to it several thermoluminescence dosimeters (TLD) (ionizing radiation detectors), which will be checked once a week for possible radiation leaks and changed once every 15 days. The box will be stored inside the cooling chamber n°36 in the biological sample containment storage ϔ of Site-34. SCP-ES-111 will only be allowed access with the authorization of Dr. Von Braun or Dr. M. Ozawa, using class III anti-radiation suits based on lead foil.

Update: As of 03/11/2013 the Containment Procedures have changed. The remains of SCP-ES-111 will be stored in a medium lead box in storage room R next to SCP-ES-111-2. Any Level 3 or higher researcher will be able to have access without prior authorization.

SCP-ES-111-1 will remain stored in a lead box in the document storage room C. It can also be accessed only with the authorization of Dr. Ozawa or Dr. Von Braun. Due to its lower radioactivity, it is recommended to wear gloves and a lead apron for protection, and not to handle it for more than one hour. A copy of its contents will be available to any Level 3 or higher researcher.

SCP-ES-111-2 will be stored in a lead box in storage room R. Otherwise, the containment measures will be the same as for SCP-ES-111.

Description: SCP-ES-111 is the corpse of a male human being, approximately 40 to 45 years old, 1.89 m. tall, weighing 92.9 kg, white, with reddish hair and beard. It has not been possible to identify him either by fingerprints, DNA analysis, odontological or anthropometric studies. The skin of SCP-ES-111 is covered with blisters on 90% of its surface, similar to burns caused by blistering agents.1, although the autopsy and other analyses have revealed symptoms corresponding to those of acute exposure to gamma radiation at a dose of 10 to 30 Sv,2 including total destruction of the bone marrow, cell death of gastric and intestinal tissue and internal hemorrhages, which would have caused the death of the subject in a week or less.

SCP-ES-111-1 corresponds to the clothing worn by SCP-ES-111, consisting of:

-Men's white underwear.

-White socks.

-Black shoes with metal reinforcement (usually used by construction workers and similar jobs).

-White shirt.

-Black pants.

-Black jacket.

All the pieces of clothing are made of a combination of natural fibers (wool) and plastic polymers, although the jacket has an inner lining of animal skin, for greater protection against the cold. DNA analysis indicates that it belongs to an unidentified animal of the genus Ursus, which includes species such as Ursus horribilis and Ursus maritimus. Both the pants and the jacket have pockets, in one of which ES-111-2 was found.

SCP-ES-111-2 is a small notebook manufactured by ████████ Enterprises. The notebook has as date of manufacture 2013, however no product manufactured by ████████ Enterprises matches in color, size and design with ES-111-2, whether from 2013 or any other date. It originally had 150 pages, but currently only has 121, the rest were torn out, of which seven pages still have mathematical formulas that correspond to what appear to be advanced equations of fifth grade, but encrypted in a code that has not been deciphered by the Foundation,3although it has been suggested to use SCP-ES-083 to know its real content. Also several pages display handwritten annotations in Spanish of unknown author, although it is suspected that they were made by SCP-ES-111. Some of these notes have crossed out or erased parts.

Both SCP-ES-111 and 111-1 and 111-2 are radioactive, SCP-ES-111 emits Gamma radiation equivalent to 1.8 Sv per hour, while the emissions of 111-1 and 111-2 reach 0.25 Sv per hour.

Note: Subsequent analysis confirmed that the paper making up ES-111-2 was manufactured from cotton fibers, not cellulose pulp, although the use of rag pulp as a raw material for paper was common until the mid-19th century.

Addendum: On 03/09/2013, during a routine check-up, it was discovered that SCP-ES-111 had almost completely liquefied, with most of his body mass becoming a "soup" of lipids and proteins heavily denatured by the radiation, with only his bones retaining their structural integrity. The liquid part was disposed of following the usual protocol for the treatment of low-hazardous biological waste, while the bones, now emitting radiation of less than 0.1 Sv per hour, are contained under a new protocol.

Simple radiation exposure, no matter how intense, cannot explain this massive and indiscriminate apoptosis4, this subject must have been subjected to incredible energies that disrupted his biochemistry at the molecular level. What kind of energies? Well, if they manage to decipher those formulas in code, we will know. -Dr. Von Braun.

Recovery log: On ██/██/2012, at 23:35 hours, on route A-16 at the exit of the city of Alto Hospicio, Chile, brothers Eduardo and Victor ██████ were driving their vehicle eastbound, when they saw a strong glow at some distance from the road, described in their own words as "one of those lightning storms, but we did not hear any thunder" and also "it was white, totally white, and blinding, it hurt to look at it". The flash lasted several seconds and disappeared immediately. Motivated by curiosity they decided to stop and once parked their vehicle at the side of the road they got out and approached the site where they saw the glow.

They found SCP-ES-111's body lying on the ground, upon examination they realized he was dead and described him as "hot to the touch and also sweating something with a very strong odor, like something chemical." The brothers debated whether or not to notify the authorities, as they feared they would be blamed for the death of a stranger. They finally decided to anonymously notify the Carabiniers5 of its discovery and then withdrew. The police arrived and began an investigation, to later remove the body and take it to the Forensic Medical Service in Iquique.

Days later one of the brothers ██████ gave an anonymous interview on a local radio station, telling details of the finding of SCP-ES-111, to which the announcer attributed an extraterrestrial origin, assuring that it was a UFO incident similar to Roswell in 1947. This caught the attention of the Foundation who began to investigate, at the same time several carabiniers, forensic doctors and other people who had contact or certain proximity with SCP-ES-111 began to suffer symptoms of moderate radioactive poisoning.6. The brothers ██████, who were also affected by the radiation, were identified and interrogated, and later administered amnestics and medical treatment, as well as to all the people who had contact with the corpse. There were no fatalities, although some had irreversible consequences, such as sterility.


Area where SCP-ES-111 was found.

At the same time, the disinformation protocol Magonia was applied, which involved false videos of UFO sightings with obvious explanations (airplanes and helicopters, astronomical phenomena such as the planet Venus and nocturnal insects) and included a false crash of an extraterrestrial craft which was given a lot of publicity and included the "finding" of alien corpses that turned out to be previously burned mannequins. This was completed with the alteration and/or disappearance of any record of SCP-ES-111, along with simulating their burial in a mass grave. A cover story was also created attributing the cases of radiation contamination to a nuclear densimeter7 stolen and mishandled by thieves.

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