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SCP-ES-112 in storage.

Item #: SCP-ES-112

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-112 is to be stored in a Secure objects locker in Site-88 Site-34.

Description: SCP-ES-112 is an 1861 Springfield model rifle with the phrase "Money is Power" written on the side of the muzzle. It's stock possesses a small compartment which opens from the exterior, measuring aproximately 2 cm deep and 3 cm accross.1 Currency and objects placed inside SCP-ES-112 disappear after this compartment is shut.

SCP-ES-112's anomalous properties activate when any amount of currency or objects of significant personal/monetary value are placed into its compartment.2 When next operated, SCP-ES-112 will fire a projectile/object directly correlated to the value of the object/currency placed inside of its compartment.

Testing Log

Value: $0.25
Result: SCP-ES-112 produced a sound similar to that of a party blower and expelled 2 g worth of confetti.

Value: $5 (in counterfeit bills)
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a rolled-up paper. Inspection of the paper revealed its contents to be a hand holding aloft its middle finger.

Value: Site-88 Canteen Meal Voucher
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a barrage of 20 peas.

Value: $15.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a barrage of 90 paintballs.

Value: Researcher Elliot's favorite lab coat.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a single crossbow bolt.

Value: $500.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 25 rounds of de .32 caliber bullets.

Value: Researcher Elliot's car keys.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a complete W51 Toyota transmission.

Value: $900.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired 500 rounds of .50 caliber bullets.

Value: Researcher Elliot's wedding ring.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a single bullet-shaped diamond.

Value: $3,000.00
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired an explosive-tipped warhead of unknown make.

Value: An image of Researcher Elliot's dog.
Result: SCP-ES-112 fired a continuous beam of red energy for 13 seconds.

Value: $15,000.00
Result: Exact results unknown. Cover story of "nuclear testing" disseminated to surrounding civilian population.

Value: An image of D-1221's daughter.
Result: Site-88 was destroyed by a meteor which manifested directly over the facility. There are no reported survivors.

Following the results of this test, it is currently assumed SCP-ES-112 is indestructible.

Research into SCP-ES-112 is currently ongoing.

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