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Sample of D-Class personnel departing SCP-ES-115 at the Site-181 (refurbished) Test Station. All personnel were recovered without incident or recollection of the event.

Item #: SCP-ES-115

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Zaragoza Metro, its facilities, and the public company that managed it (Zaragoza Metropolitan, L.L.C) have been acquired by the Foundation. All related documents have been confiscated or edited to hide their existence, which is also being eliminated from living memory by means of an advanced information control program as part of Operation Spirits of the Transition.

All Zaragoza Metro stations have been closed to the public. These stations and the tunnels that connect them will be incorporated into the Foundation's facilities in Zaragoza, receiving the joint designation of Site-181 Containment and Reliquary. This includes the former Aragonese headquarters of the Special Security Commission (formally, the Reliquary Sector of Site-181).

Since all areas of Site-181 including the Metro tunnels require active personnel, Metro stations will be monitored by video surveillance. At least one Class C Agent with Cognitive Resistance scores above the 95th percentile (TPNL Measurement) should be stationed at each station; the Agent will be equipped with SCP-ES-115 calibrated hearing sensors. This Agent shall act and dress as a Station Manager employed by the Metropolitan of Zaragoza, L.L.C.

If any individual present in the dock where SCP-ES-115 appears is affected, the Agent will blow his whistle twice and gesture in the direction of SCP-ES-115 to leave the station immediately. If this attempt fails, the Agent shall not attempt to rescue the victim.

Any subject released from SCP-ES-115 is to undergo debriefing and psychological assessment to assess their reintegration into mainstream society. If possible, they will be administered Class K amnestics and released, supervised, or tutored by social services staff; if not, the Analysis Team will decide how to handle them.

SCP-ES-115-1, a humanoid entity dressed in uniform, has been observed exiting SCP-ES-115 instances. The stationed Class C Agent shall raise the alarm and make every effort to apprehend SCP-ES-115-1 for containment and interrogation.

Description: SCP-ES-115 is an anomaly that acts as a means of urban subway transportation in the capital of Aragon, Zaragoza (Spain). It is suspected from unclear reports that its presence was detected during the months following the end of the Spanish Civil War,1 running through the tunnels under construction of the Zaragoza Subway. This project was initiated in the years of the Republic,2 abandoned during the war and retaken by the Franco regime afterward; it was completed by an independent public corporation managed by the Zaragoza City Council in 19██ (█), and is a typical example of post-war architecture, functional and vaguely brutalist in style3 with austere decorative motifs and symbology related to the Franco regime. The Metro itself is not anomalous.

SCP-ES-115 manifests itself as one or more objects running similarly and resembling a metropolitan commuter train in terms of the number of doors and windows, acceleration, maximum speed, braking, and arrival times4 to the stations through which trains were planned to pass on Line C (which never had any trains on its planned route). However, SCP-ES-115 is composed entirely of living human bodies.

Each of the carriages of each SCP-ES-115 object comprises between ███ and ███ bodies of different anatomy, ethnicity, age and physical conditions, intertwined or clinging to each other. These bodies may be wounded, bleed and emit residual heat. Generally, only their limbs and torsos are visible; some necks may be seen on rare occasions. The vehicle is supported and propelled by hundreds of human arms and legs emerging from the assembly.

The bodies are contorted in such a way that it is not possible to fully see the anatomy to which they belong or the way in which they "fit together". Between 13 and 78 faces with open eyes always appear at the front of the vehicle. It is common for the vehicle to emit vocalizations that resemble those of a moving diesel-powered subway train, although it has no wheels, engine, mechanical parts, or contact with the tracks.

When initiating its movement and closing the doors (generally formed by the torsos and legs of six human bodies), SCP-ES-115 will emit vocalizations that resemble the sound of bells, horns, and/or chimes. It presumably employs all of its mouths to emit them, with the sound of each mouth being different and uncoordinated from the rest; only the vocalization itself of the faces at the front of each wagon has been visually confirmed. The resulting cacophony appears to serve SCP-ES-115 as a station arrival and departure warning, but it is also a cognitohazard that precludes detection of its atypical character by non-anomalous humans. Upon boarding the vehicle, the subjects join the vehicle like the bodies already present.

The bodies included in the vehicle are not aware of their surroundings. An anatomical study of their components while integrated in SCP-ES-115 confirms that they are non-anomalous human beings, but lack independent sentience or mobility. They do not produce biological waste or breathe, do not require food or fuel, and have never been observed in a situation of muscular or neurological rest.

When a body of SCP-ES-115 is forcibly removed, it will die immediately. This process usually requires mutilation of the body and several others, given the enormous passive resistance of its limbs to removal.

However, each time SCP-ES-115 stops at a station, most subjects who recently boarded disembark without sequelae and with total amnesia of the event. When questioned, they report having been "distracted," but vaguely recall a trip on a normal subway train. A variable portion of those involved do not disembark but remain embedded in perpetuity.

All attempts to trace SCP-ES-115 have ended in failure. Several of the routes marked as dead-ends on the maps of the facilities that were preserved after their closure opens into natural cavities that make reliable tracking impossible due to their irregular layout. The larger ones also open onto the depots of the Zaragoza metropolitan railway, annexed to the former headquarters of the Special Security Commission. SCP-ES-115 seems to be able to navigate them without difficulty, although they constitute a considerable danger for the Foundation's trained speleologists.

Tracking alternatives are being researched.

Addendum SCP-ES-115-A: Pre-Foundation Management.

Addendum SCP-ES-115-B: anomalous behavior of SCP-ES-115.

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