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Sitie-15 Esteban Alejandro Suárez Figueroa Ángel Daniel Cédez Hernández N/A
2/ES-116 LEVEL 2/ES-116
Item #: SCP-ES-116


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-116-01 and all SCP-ES-116-03 instances are to be stored in independent storage lockers in Site-15, and will only be taken from the lockers for testing and maintenance.

Any personnel member who wants to perform tests with SCP-ES-116 must request written authorization from at least three Level 3 or superior personnel members, as long as they are for research purposes and properly registered.

If no test is performed with SCP-ES-116-01 in more than two months, a non-anomalous vinyl previously used will be placed on it in order to avoid SCP-ES-116-02 from manifesting. In case of manifesting despite the previously described measures, SCP-ES-116-02 will be taken to a standard humanoid containment cell until she dematerializes. While waiting for this to happen, SCP-ES-116-02 will be provided with leisure material, such as books, paper sheets and pencils, or simple activities (alphabet soup, crosswords, etc) if the director of Site-15 considers it appropiate.

Description: SCP-ES-116-01 is a gramophone made out of mahogany wood (see attached image). SCP-ES-116-01 presents the initials «MCMXXXVI» engraved in one of its sides, being absent of any manufacturer's label or brand.

SCP-ES-116-01's needle contains residues of nectartenium livermorium and sulfide. It is unknown if it's related to its anomalous properties.

Any vinyl disc placed in SCP-ES-116-01 will play SCP-ES-116-02 (see below), which will proceed to narrate a number of features and events corresponding to each person who has been completely aware of the vinyl's production1. SCP-ES-116-01 won't stop playing until it has finished listing the relevant details regarding this people, being its duration independent of the original piece duration. Vinyls placed in SCP-ES-116-01 don't retain the narration, being this affected only once by SCP-ES-116-01. Any attempt of placing the same vinyl twice in SCP-ES-116-01 will only return the original content.

SCP-ES-116-02 is a humanoid entity physiologically similar to a 16 year old hispanic teenager. If a vinyl hasn't been placed in the span of ~2 months or more, SCP-ES-116-02 will manifest in a random spot, no more than 50m away from SCP-ES-116-01. During a period of ~2 hours, SCP-ES-116-02 will roam the place, being possible any kind of interaction with her. After that period, SCP-ES-116-02 will proceed to demanifest. Methods may vary, but ussually consist in a fast disolution of her atoms in the surrounding environment.

SCP-ES-116-03 is a series of sixteen vinyls that contain recordings of conversations between SCP-ES-116-02 and an unknown subject, designated as SCP-ES-116-A. When a SCP-ES-116-03 instance is placed in SCP-ES-116-01, SCP-ES-116-02 will instantly manifest.

Incident 116-01

Addendum 116-1:

On May 07, 2016, a manifestation of SCP-ES-116-02 was caused to trying to interview her, to which SCP-ES-116-02 agreed. The transcription of the interview is listed below.

Interviewer: Dr. Cédez

Interviewed: SCP-ES-116-02


Dr. Cédez: Well, SCP-ES-116-02, can you describe what are you?

SCP-ES-116-02: A girl.

Dr. Cédez: I already know that, SCP-ES-116-02.

SCP-ES-116-02: Then why do you ask? Ha, ha, ha.

Dr. Cédez: SCP-ES-116-02, I'm not here for joking around. You know what I mean.

SCP-ES-116-02: (Looking a little bit sad) Ok, ok. You call me "Dash O Two" or something like that, but my actual name is Natalia. And I am, or was, a normal person.

Dr. Cédez: Can you tell me when and how you "stopped being" a normal person?

SCP-ES-116-02: When? I don't remember, it's been… quite some time. I just remember my mother did it for me…

Dr. Cédez: Your mother did it for you? Is this related to SCP-ES-116-01?

SCP-ES-116-02: What is that?

Dr. Cédez: The gramophone.

SCP-ES-116-02: Ah.

Dr. Cédez: So?

SCP-ES-116-02: Ah, the gramophone of my holy mother. She really liked music, you know? She was part of a group of half-crazy musicians. You know, fanatics. Most of them were nice, although they had some weird customs. It seems like they worked with important people and collected data. Spies, maybe? The thing is my mother was a "star" and was really popular. Not only she was a outstanding "agent", but also really beauty, elegant… And she used to sing in a Swing band! Because I love Swing, you know? I used to play with her and with my—

Dr. Cédez: SCP-ES-116-02, I think you're straying from—

SCP-ES-116-02: (SCP-ES-116-02 annoyedly glances at Dr. Cédez). Ah, yes. Well, one day the people from which she extracted information discovered her, and they didn't seem happy at all. So she left the house with me, her gramophone and a little bag with some stuff. She went and hid with me in a place that was near there. And the point is that she put me inside the gramophone and told me that I'd stay there and would be her successor. That I'd be better than her. And look at me. I'm here, being interviewed. (SCP-ES-116-02 sadly lowers her head) And so, in order for me to help the group, she made me be a "gossiper". And I didn't want to…

Dr. Cédez: I see. But, from what I understand, if you don't want to be a gossiper, why do you tell every single detail of somebody's life?

SCP-ES-116-02: I promised to my mother I'd do so. It'd be my way to help the Society once she was not here anymore.

Dr. Cédez: Hmmm… Do you need any kind of livelihood?

SCP-ES-116-02: Strictly necessary, no, but I'd be delighted if you invited me to eat one of these days. (SCP-ES-116-02 proceeds to wink to Dr. Cédez)

Dr. Cédez: (Visibly uncomfortable) Uh… Why… why do you come out of the gramophone after no vinyls have been played on SCP-ES-116-01 in two months?

SCP-ES-116-02: Again, my mother is responsible for it. She told me that if in that time nobody used the gramophone, I'd have to ask for help and she considered two hours were enough.

Dr. Cédez: How many time have you been inside the gramophone?

SCP-ES-116-02: Many years.

Dr. Cédez: Approximately?

SCP-ES-116-02: Since 1945, more or less.

Dr. Cédez: So you don't present changes due to age?

SCP-ES-116-02: Only mental, I hope. Although it sucks. Look, it looks like I am 15, doesn't it? Then why do you treat me like a baby? I know that I am kinda messy sometimes, but my mother told me she didn't want to see me once she wasn't here. I'm just keeping my! Eh… I'm supposed to be old enough to roam wherever I want and you still take me to a boring room with white walls! Always with that badly done circle and those arrows pointing to the center. What the heck does that mean?

Dr. Cédez: The arrows pointing to the center of the circle represent—

SCP-ES-116-02: Shut up! You bore me. What I want you to understand is that you all made me sick with this. Why do you do this to me? (SCP-ES-116-02 sighs, visibly agitated) Next question…

Dr. Cédez: Ok… What can you tell me about the society which your mother belonged to?

SCP-ES-116-02: (SCP-ES-116-02 sighs in annoyment) I don't know how to describe them. Are they really important? I don't know much about them.

Dr. Cédez: Well, you'll see, how do I tell you?… Yes. Tell us what you know, please.

SCP-ES-116-02: Ugh… the only thing I know is that they are a society of musicians that do rituals or something like that. I don't know why, nor for what. Not only that, they also "collaborate" or something with other… enterprises? groups? mafias? They had a little bit of everything. What I liked the most were the meetings. They made a solemn entry, kinda boring. Then, they played some upbeat music, we danced and then they talked about stuff that never interested me. Business and so. I always fell asleep with it, ha, ha, ha.

Dr. Cédez: Do you know the name of the Society?

SCP-ES-116-02: Society Of Forgotten Musicians.3

Dr. Cédez: Ok. What can you tell us about the sixteen vinyls designated as SCP-ES-116-03?

SCP-ES-116-02: They belonged to my mother.

Dr. Cédez: Don't you know anything about their content and their anomalous properties?

SCP-ES-116-02: I guess you mean that they make me appear when used. It's supposed that it was part of the "plan" when locking me up inside. They were for any member of the Society to use and spend some time with me. But none of those idiots found it. The vinyls were empty, so the conversation could be recorded there. The conversations are with… with the first person who found me…

Dr. Cédez: Can you tell me about him or her?

SCP-ES-116-02: No.

Dr. Cédez: Please, we need—

SCP-ES-116-02: (Sobbing) I said I don't want to talk about it! Please… just…

Dr. Cédez: (Checking his clock) Well, thanks for your time, SCP-E—

SCP-ES-116-02: Why the fuck nobody calls me by my name!? Wait… I feel dizzy…


We've started to inquire about this possible Group of Interest. There are many clues to track, but as a music fan, I feel happy and angry at the same time. I feel happy and angry at the same time. Happy because I see even thaumaturges enjoy music as much as I do; angry because instead of appreciating it as the art it is, they handle it until they mess it up. What need was there to put this girl on such a beautiful gramophone? What a waste. They could have at least looked for one who wasn't this rude. Do a casting to see who really deserved the gramophone or something, I don't know.

~Dr. Cédez.

Object Discovery: SCP-ES-116 was acquired by Agent █████, along with SCP-ES-170.

A fragment of SCP-ES-116 recovery is shown below:

Interviewer: Agent █████.

Interviewed: Mr. Abraham Jones; caucasian male of approximately 30 years old.

The next occured during SCP-ES-170 recovery, on 11/23/20██


Agent █████: Well, Mr. Abraham, what can you tell me about those vinyls and the "gossiper" gramophone? The name is interesting, honestly.

Mr. Abraham: Ah, yes. Well, it's something strange. You see, when I place a vinyl in the gramophone, it'll tell me everything about the people involved in the vinyl. Originally it had a lot of vinyls. At least three hundred, without exaggerating. All of them have conversations between a girl and another man.

Agent █████: Really? That sounds truly… eh… did Joe gave you the gramophone and the vinyls too?

Mr. Abraham: Oh, no. The story of this gramophone is really less misterious. You see, one day, a janitor knocked my door and tried to sell me the gramophone and the vinyls as an antiquity. Initially I refused because I thought it was damaged or something. You know, itinerant merchants that try to trick other people.

Agent █████: And the gramophone worked?

Mr. Abraham: Oh, of course it worked, but not as a common gramophone. The guy, who didn't told me his name by the way, asked me for a vinyl of my collection. I gave it to him and he placed it in the gramophone. (Mr. Abraham remains silent for approximately 8 seconds)

Agent █████: And what happened?

Mr. Abraham: Well, it was in that moment that I heard it… The gramophone could describe the secrets of each person involved in the vinyl, and also had a precious voice. It was a girly voice, but there was some… I don't know… melancholy maybe? The most interesting thing happened later. The man told me that once the vinyl was played by the gramophone, this one could no longer be used in it again, because it seems the discs only work once.

Agent █████: I see. Do you have any vinyl that hasn't been used nearby?

Mr. Abraham: Of course. Let me look for it.

Agent █████: Go ahead.

Mr. Abraham leaves and comes back with a chest full of vinyls. Most of them have a piece of duct tape with a diplosome drawn on it.

Agent █████: And did that man tell you how did he get the gramophone?

Mr. Abraham: (Showing himself kinda distracted) Ah… yes. I asked how… did he get it and… he told me that…

Mr. Abraham takes a vinyl without any mark or tag from the chest.

Mr. Abraham: He found it in an abandoned building and picked it up out of curiosity.

Mr. Abraham places the vinyl in a regular gramophone, revealing that the vinyl had recorded the song "La Venganza de Gaia", from the album "Gaia", from the spanish band "Mägo De Oz" After 2 minutes of having placed the vinyl, he removes it and places it on SCP-ES-116-01, and a girly voice is audible.

Mr. Abraham: You see?

Agent █████: Awesome. Simply awesome. How much do you want for the gramophone and the vinyls?

Mr. Abraham: Ah, we'll discuss about that later, I have to give you the hats first.


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