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Item #: SCP-ES-117

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers from Site-34 are to monitor the media for matches describing SCP-ES-117 and suppress them. All witnesses of SCP-ES-117 are to be amnesticzed.

Description: SCP-ES-117 is an anomalous spontaneous manifestation event which occurs in areas far from the civilian population in rural/wild areas in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

SCP-ES-117-1 is a 20-year-old adult male who spontaneously manifests in isolated locations at irregular intervals alongside SCP-ES-117-2. SCP-ES-117-2 is an adult woman in her twenties who does not appear to show signs of life and is always carried by SCP-ES-117-1. In all of their appearances, the instances of SCP-ES-117 have worn different garments and have been observed to possess different physical traits.

SCP-ES-117-3 is an indestructible stone table of primitive appearance that manifests itself in the vicinity of SCP-ES-117-1 and -2. The table is decorated with Celtic symbols, engraved nonsensically in random patterns.

To date, all SCP-ES-117 events have been identical, with SCP-ES-117-1 appearing and running to the stone table, leaving SCP-ES-117-2 on it and, using a sharp object1, opening a wound in his hand to be able to draw a triquetra2 with its blood on the SCP-ES-117-2's forehead, and its own. Shortly thereafter, SCP-ES-117-1 will shout "I wish I could change things! I wish I could do everything again", after which a lightning bolt that spontaneously manifests at a height of approximately 57 meters will strike both of them and disappear. SCP-ES-117-3, however, remains in place until all eyewitnesses cease to observe it.3

To date, The Foundation has recorded 213 SCP-ES-117 events, the first being recorded in 4/5/1837.

Addendum SCP-ES-117.1: On 13/12/2015, at 20:18 hrs, the cameras in the office of Assistant Researcher Benjamin Omar recorded him reading the SCP-ES-117 file. A few minutes later, a silent white flash flooded the room for several seconds. When it was over, the Assistant Investigator was no longer present. At the same time, Field Agent Luisa Adelaine disappeared from her quarters under similar circumstances.

This event was not attributed to SCP-ES-117 until 17/07/2018, when an instance of SCP-ES-117-3 was found in the ███████ National Park in Chile. SCP-ES-117-3 was found broken in halves. Unlike the other iterations of SCP-ES-117-3, it does not disappear when it is no longer observed and has Spanish phrases engraved on one of the sides, transcribed below.

It was a long road we traveled.
Before we finally find the truth
It's true that without you and your mission
This would never have been possible

You are now eternally devout
Timneman and Lucicon

Witnesses were amnestized. A cover story was disseminated, which describes this instance of SCP-ES-117-3 as a historical sculpture. Two agents of The Foundation have been integrated into the park's security personnel.

Addendum SCP-ES-117.2: As of the events of Addendum SCP-ES-117.1, the anomaly has not manifested again. As of 18 Jun 2024 16:02, SCP-ES-117 is considered Neutralized. Reclassification pending.

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