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The Inside of SCP-ES-119.

Item #: SCP-ES-119

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The well leading to SCP-ES-119 has been hidden with large rocks and foliage. A single guard is stationed less than 1 km from the area to prevent unauthorized access.

Due to the impossibility of an SCP-ES-119-1 containment breach, no additional containment procedures are needed.

Description: SCP-ES-119 is an underground facility located below the El Yunque mountain of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba. It is accessible through a fifty-meter deep well under a hatch hidden on the mountain slope. The initials "MAC1" are engraved on the handle of that hatch. The inside of SCP-ES-119 consists of a single corridor leading to a closed door and an office.

The office contains a large abandoned mural of Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara. Most of the paint is peeled and discolored, exposing the concrete wall behind it. A rusty metal cabinet missing from the left door is present next to the mural. Fifteen expired cans of tushonka2 were located inside the cabinet. An empty weapons rack is in front of the mural. Traces of dust indicate that both weapons on the shelf were recently removed.

On a hook to the right of the closed door is hung a key ring with a single key. When a key is introduced into the lock, a loud metal grinding occurs behind the door before allowing access to the cell containing SCP-ES-119-1.

SCP-ES-119-1 refers to two complete nervous systems suspended in individual tanks of an unknown preservative liquid. Through the tanks, complex electrical systems are executed that keep SCP-ES-119-1 alive and conscious. The tanks are labeled as ''The President'', ''The Cowboy'' and are 2 metres apart from each other.

It has been observed that the SCP-ES-119-1 instance in the first tank twists and writhes occasionally. This suggests that the electrical system to which it is connected has been programmed to deliver painful electric shocks at a random frequency. The DNA collected from this SCP-ES-119-1 instance suggests that it is from former Cuban President Fulgencio Batista.

The second instance is placed in front of a television, which constantly plays a recording of Ronald Reagan's speech about the "Evil Empire". Reagan suffers several wounds from an unknown source throughout the speech, but he doesn't seem to notice. DNA collected from this SCP-ES-119-1 instance suggests it is from former American President Ronald Reagan.

A third tank, labeled "The Clown", is present but empty.

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