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Possible first registered SCP-ES-120 instance, visible in the subject's epigastrium. Image extracted from "Unusual Annotations of an Unusual Life", a book by PoI-221761

Item #: SCP-ES-120

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All wild instances of SCP-ES-120 must be located, recovered, and contained in separate Standard Feline Containment Cells in Facility-9. Foundation agents embedded in government organizations have been warned.

All medical radiographies from patients diagnosed with cancer must be reviewed in search of a proboscis under the tumors. In the case such a proboscis is found, the infected individual must be transported to Facility-9 for containment.

Tests to remove SCP-ES-120 require authorization by at least two Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-ES-120 is the collective designation for gray masses of tissue capable of mimetizing the appearance of the subject which they are grafted to. The insertion of their mass inside the host's organism (designated SCP-ES-120-1) is done through an extensible proboscis capable of penetrating skin. This process is slow, and the duration is slightly affected by the size of the SCP-ES-120 instance, at a rate of ~1 hour per 15cm³. From the moment SCP-ES-120's proboscis touches SCP-ES-120-1's skin, it becomes unable to recognize its prescense, and the mass will apparently become indestructible.2. As the process continues, SCP-ES-120 will become smaller.

Once the insertion is complete, SCP-ES-120-1 will develop a set of interrelated sicknesses in which an uncontrolled cell division process can be observed, similar to cancer. These growths have identical appearance to SCP-ES-120. When the host eventually dies, these growths make their way through the body's orifices to then join and meld at a molecular level, forming an entity identical to their prior host (from now on designated SCP-ES-120-2).

Despite SCP-ES-120-2 possessing all of SCP-ES-120-1's memories, its personality changes around its objective to recover the economic, social and political stability of the country in which it is, so that most SCP-ES-120-1 instances tend to be important individuals in the government or economy of a country. To date, no tests have been allowed to determine the effectiveness of SCP-ES-120-2 instances in government tasks.

SCP-ES-120 appear not to require nutrients and are sterile.

To date, a total of 18 19 SCP-ES-120 instances have been located and 17 successfully contained.

Addendum A: PoI-22176 records about SCP-ES-120

The following is a transcription of page 718 from the book "Unusual Annotations of an Unusual Life", a record of anomalies written by PoI-22176 through an unknown period of time. This document is attached as an archive and its information must not be considered definitive.

Seed of Control

Pronounciation: /siːd ɒv kənˈt(ʃ)ɹoʊl/3

National: 359

Regional: 3

Category: Biological

Summary: Gray, shapeless mass capable of feeling like an animal but thinking like a human. Has an extensible proboscis in its inferior part that it uses to graft itself to the first poor devil it finds on its way. Moving far away from that needle that moves like a trunk is what someone smart would do, as its touch on the naked skin maakes the victim unable to see the oddity.

From that moment on, you're fucked.

Christopher always liked to test the adverse effects of oddities with himself, the dunce. We all knew he'd die sooner than later, but the guy didn't seem to care. He'd do it once a month with any of our oddities in captivity. When he let himself be touched by this thing, he passed days scolding us for hiding it so he didn't test it. But the poor devil couldn't see it, and there it was, dangling from his forearm, without peeling off for a second.

A few hours later it started becoming smaller, until it vanished, and we thought that maybe the dunce would come out unscathed again, but it was only the beginning. When we were exploring the lands of the future Columbia4, he began to get sick, and lumps began appearing on his skin. He stayed in bed for weeks at the quarters until he finally died. We buried him in the backyard of his house a few days after.

Some weeks after that, before going on a trip to the Viceroyalty of New Granada, me and my comrades wanted to go to his house to pay our respects once more, but when we got there, there was the poor devil, as if nothing had happened. But he was different, He thought different. He smiled and moved differently. And didn't stop saying that damned phrase about making England great again. His wife was more of the same. And the children were sick in bed. When we saw those gray masses dangling from their necks, we knew exactly what was going on.

God save the Queen, and God save my accursed soul. I had to break my promise not to burn children again.

Addendum B: SCP-ES-120-18, PoI-6102, and SCP-ES-120-1-19

On December 24th, 2010, SCP-ES-120-18 was first sighted by a civilian in the Subway Station of Gato Negro, Venezuela, behind a black bag in a trash can. Thinking it was a human fetus, the civilian called local police, where embedded Foundation agents took the case and went to investigate. When they got to the scene, the instance was no longer in the location, although a review of security camera footage resulted in the discovery of an unidentified civilian (referred to as PoI-6102) taking the bag with the instance.


Frame of the recording by Agent Mocholí's shoulder-mounted camera during prosecution.

On January 3d, 2011, during a student protest against the new laws imposed by Hugo Chávez' government, the subject is located in the crows by embedded Foundation agents, who try to apprehend him. During further riots between the local police and protesters, subject was pursued by Agents García and Mocholí. Given the spontaneity of the event and the lack of Foundation personnel in the scene, the subject was able to escape, and as a result of police action, Agent García was arrested along with 67 civilians for protesting in public ways and unauthorized protest. Despite Foundation efforts to recover the agent, further investigation revealed that Agent García was murdered the day after along with the rest of the arrested civilians by local police. The whereabouts of PoI-6102 and SCP-ES-120-1-18 are still unknown.

On March 29th, 2011, in the University of La Plata, after the handing ceremony of the Rodolfo Walsh Prize, the organless cadaver of one Nancy Colmenares was discovered in the bathrooms, with a round hole on her left wrist. Further autopsy resulted in the discovery of the cause of death being an instance of SCP-ES-120-1, later designated SCP-ES-120-1-18. Further investigation of her activity in life resulted in the discovery of her being PoI-6102. It remains unknown at what point she became an instance of SCP-ES-120-1.

On June 10th, 2011, following containment procedures, the knee wound of a patient hospitalized in La Habana, Cuba, is examined and SCP-ES-120-1-19 is discovered (previously Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, Venezuelan president).

Addendum C: SCP-ES-120-1-19 Containment Attempt

As specified in paragraph 9, section 18, subsection 23 of the Latin American Treaty of Extranormal Subjects (TLAE), if a member of the Latin American Regional Council is exposed to an anomaly that is detrimental to their health before being 75 years old, the use of SCP-████ is authorized for their immediate recovery. However, SCP-ES-120-1-19 refused to receive such a treatment, arguing it didn't trust the use of anomalies on himself, and that its sickness was a natural and curable one.

Two days later, the International Region Commitee5 declared that SCP-ES-120-1-19 was unable to perceive its own condition and, in addition to prior complaints of its conduct towards certain other members, was discharged on June 20th, 2011, considered incapable of continuing duties as Commitee member.

With TLAE nullified for itself, two containment teams were immediately deployed, one to recover all anomalous objects in possession of SCP-ES-120-19 and another to contain it. Both teams were eliminated by SCP-ES-120-19's military force. During the attack, the agents' shoulder cameras showed one of the integrants of the military batallion using SCP-ES-███6, an object believed to be contained in Facility-17.

When the Foundation attempted communcation with Facility-17, a cognitohazardous memetic agent was deployed in Communications Room 6 of Facility-57, requiring a total evacuation of that Wing and further cognitive cleansing. Other attempts to contact Facilities or individuals located in Venezuela were made by robots, and got similar results.

The containment priority of SCP-ES-120-1-19 is upgraded to Black and a danger alert is broadcasted to the whole region.

Addendum D: Negotiations

On June 21st, 2011, after several failed attempts at activating Venezuela's Garlés-Petrocchi Antimemetic Giga-Field in what is believed to be SCP-ES-120-1-19's attempt to hide from the Foundation, the Regional Council of Latin America approves the use of a Dunwich Inter-Spatial Communicator7. SCP-ES-120-19 was contacted on its office and several 4-minute long conversations were held.

After 2 hours of negotiation, SCP-ES-120-1-19 accepted a deal in which it would stop impinging on the integrity of the Veil in Venezuela, and would allow Foundation activity in the country in exchange of a stop to prosecution. Communications with Venezuelan Facilities were reestablished, and the Foundation's mission continues taking place in the country without further issue.

When asked, SCP-ES-120-1-19 surrendered a photography of its knee. SCP-ES-120-1-19 refused to reveal details about its condition, but assured it was working with its best medics to stop its 'cancer'. An undercover investigation is taking place to determine the possible failed use of anomalies to remove SCP-ES-120, which would explain incongruences with other historical records of the anomaly.

Addendum E: March 5th, 2013

During its medical stay in La Habana, Cuba, SCP-ES-120-1-19 requested a pill of SCP-500 from the Regional Council of Latin America. This request was promptly denied by the O5 Council8. SCP-ES-120-1-19 would later request to be left alone the rest of the day, and ordered its medics to leave its room.

The following is a video log taken by hidden cameras in SCP-ES-120-1-19's room.

SCP-ES-120-1-19, without leaving its bed, is seen throwing what appears to be stones with unknown engravings, barely visible through the camera, to the ground. A total of thirteen were deposited around it, after which the door visible in scene is unhinged from the wall, causing no structural damage, using what appears to be gray tentacles.

The door moves until it is in front of SCP-ES-120-1-19's camera.

Unknown Entity: (With a quick and deep voice) You seem to be in a delicate situation. You could use a special deal.

SCP-ES-120-1-19 extends its hand to the door, and a tentacle grips it firmly. In a quick movement, five tentacles are produced from an unseen point in the back of the door and violently grip and shake SCP-ES-120-1-19's leg, while the thirteen stones in the ground begin floating and shining.

After 13 seconds, SCP-ES-120-1-19's leg is ripped from it, and several tentacles enter it and rapidly remove multiple SCP-ES-120 instances. The tentacles then reunite all SCP-ES-120 instances and squash them, resulting in a single SCP-ES-120 instance. Little after, it lets it go and places SCP-ES-120-1-19's leg between its arms, who hugs it in apparent fear. The tentacled entity then stares at it for a few seconds.

Unknown Entity: It is done.

The entity disappears in a red flash along the stones.

SCP-ES-120-1-19, despite its injuries, does not bleed not appear to feel pain. The SCP-ES-120 instance slowly crawls through the room.

A Foundation team detonates an explosive charge in the wall and goes through the resulting hole. Remarkably, no records of this team being allowed to enter SCP-ES-120-1-19's room exist.

The team executes a short reconaissance manouver around the room, then lower their weapons.

Agent García: There you are, you little son of a bitch.

SCP-ES-120-1-19: Yeah God, what I had to do to get rid of that—

Agent García: I wasn't talking about that slug. I was talking about you.

Agent García aims her weapon against SCP-ES-120-1-19. An investigation team is immediately sent to the scene.

Agent Rodríguez: We don't have much time left, they're already sending more people! Make it fast!

SCP-ES-120-1-19: I don't understand what's going on, ¡this violates the agreement tha—

Agent García: ¡Callado, cabeza de guevo, coño de su madre! Son of a bitch! You killed my brother, you fucking son of a bitch! You killed him without reason! He was fighting for this country you're grinding to dust. He was fighting for a healthier and normal world. He was fighting for all of us, and you killed him, you babyfaced cocksucker!

SCP-ES-120-1-19: I don't get what are you talk—

Agent García hits SCP-ES-120-1-19 with her weapon's stock. The steps of the second team begin to be heard through the hall.

Agent Pérez: Kill him already, goddamnit! They're coming, marico!

SCP-ES-120-1-19: Killing me won't solve anything.

Agent García: No, marico, no, but goddamn, a sliver of damn retribution for once will feel well.

Agent García aims her weapon towards SCP-ES-120-1-19's crotch.

SCP-ES-120-1-19: I-I-I mean seriously. It won't solve anything. It'll leave things worse off, j-just let me explain it to you a bit. Please. I fixed Chile, I can fix Venezuela too. Give me a moment to fix thi—

Agent García begins firing at SCP-ES-120-1-19. Pérez and Rodríguez join little after.

Agent García: If I'm going to die it's gonna be killing you, coño!

The second team enters the room, aiming against the first group. After a few seconds of looking at the scene, the second team lower their weapons.

Agent Mocholí: Is that…?

Agent García: Yes, just take us or kill us. We're done here.

There's a brief silence while the second team looks around the room and SCP-ES-120-1-19's cadaver. Suddenly, the second team, except Mocholí, begin clapping.

Agent Gómez: That's it, dammit! It's over! This shit is over at last!

Agent Hernández: I don't fear for my family, because the Foundation pays very well, but I've got my friends, my brothers so many dying because of this son of a bitch's fault. I can't do nothing but feel happy and cheer.

Agent Mocholí: I don't get it… Is it over? Is chavism9 over at last?

Agent García: (Smiling) Yes, it's over at last. It's all over.

Agent Mocholí: Caution!

Agent García crouches, and over her jumps SCP-ES-120-1-19's leg, now purple and with several bulbous growths through it.

Agent Gómez: What the fuck…?

The leg suddenly trembles, while the bulbous growths grow rapidly in size. The more they grow, the more they look like SCP-ES-120-1-19's face. The cadaver begins shrinking, until it becomes an instance of SCP-ES-120. This instance does not move.

Agent Mocholí: Everyone! Draw weapons and retreat through the opening. Fire on my command.

Both groups follow Agent Mocholí's orders. After a few seconds, the figure of the leg is lost, leaving only a fleshy, purple mass that keeps on shivering.

Agent Mocholí: We don't know what will happen if we fire at it. Let's retreat and wait for Command orders. They'll know what t—

The mass suddenly accelerates growth rate, quickly filling the room and obscuring feed for a few seconds. Before breaking, the screams and firing of the agents, followed by a drowned-out scream.

(Apparently) SCP-ES-120-1-19: This sickness will not defeat me! Venezuela will not be defeated!

Communications are lost.

The following are transcriptions of recordings taken by several sources across the medical complex. From this point onward, audio feed is lost.

Both teams are seen running from the mass of flesh that's expanding through the halls.

[Camera Broken]

Both teams are seen running from the expanding mass of flesh. Agent Rodríguez is no longer visible. Agent García is carrying Agent Gómez.

[Camera Broken]
The second team is running from the mass of flesh. Only Agent García remains from the first team.

[Camera Broken]

The survivors get to the medical complex's lobby, but the entrance is blocked by the flesh. Agent Mocholí gestures toward a staircase and they begin descending.

[Camera Broken]

Agents Mocholí and García are seen running through subterranean parking lots while a tentacle drags Agent Hernández to the mass.

[Camera Broken]

Agent Mocholí hides beneath a car. Agent García hides beneath another.

The mass of flesh stops growing and turns gray.

The agents come out from under the cars, and five USA Foundation agents come out from within the flesh, unharmed. They extend hands to the two and take them outisde the scenes.

The face of an USA agent appears from the right and puts his hand over the camera, obscuring feed.

[Camera Broken]



La Habana, Cuba

DATE: MARCH 5, 2013





CONCLUSION: Unacceptable.

When we signed this treaty with you decades ago, not only did we put ink over that paper, but our trust too.

We trusted we were leaving this region of the world to people capable of fulfilling the job. Strong enough not only to take care of themselves, but also everyone else. And smart enough to solve problems normal people could not.

Adding Spain to your region was no more than other display of trust. As it was accepting your help with Incident TAI-A003, despite having Incident ES-A001 not so long before that.

Today, you've shown us, for the second time over, that maybe we were wrong when signing that paper.

What has happened is unacceptable, and a demonstration that you're not only uncapable of taking the correct decisions for yourselves, but also uncapable of controlling your own people. We have all the records about that anomaly and we saw what happened in that room.

You let a tyrant take ownership of anomalies and make bad use of them.

You've failed in Security.

It took us United States two minutes to take care of an anomaly against which you were powerless for years.

You've failed in Containment.

Hundreds died, thousands are in hospitals, and even more people are still cleaning the streets. The costs for amnestics and reconstruction of houses and public centers are millionaire to say the least.

You've failed in Protection.

I want it to be very clear that what's going on in Venezuela right now, what has happened before, and what happens in the future doesn't matter and won't matter to us. Out mission is to keep the world healthy and normal. A dying Venezuela is healthy and normal.

Whoever remains as president of Venezuela, probably Nicolás Maduro, your mission is protecting him as new member of the Regional Council. Failing in this implies results similar to those of the Regional Council of Thailand10. We'll have our agents in the country to make sure of that.

This document will remain visible in the file for SCP-ES-120 for anyone wishing to see it, independently of their clearance level being 1 or 5. Latin America must remember her mistakes and learn to be more like the United States.

Two strikes, latinos. Third one, you're out.

— O5-2
— Regional Director for the United States of America
— Member of the International Commitee of Regions

Addendum G: Facility-9 Graffiti

The following image was taken 23-03-2015 from one of the exterior walls of an SCP-ES-120 containment cell. Security cameras did not record any individual near the wall before its apparition and guards nearby claimed not having seen anyone. The graffiti was erased after the picture was taken. An investigation is being carried out to determine its meaning.

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