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Office building ████, which would correspond to the location of one of the branches of SCP-ES-123.

Item #: SCP-ES-123

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its global presence and the extent of its influence, most of SCP-ES-123's operations remain uncontained, so the Foundation's efforts should focus on decreasing the scope of its activities and the level of awareness in the general population. Subjects affected by the anomaly should be treated with amnestics and receive the necessary cover story prior to their return to civilian life.

Allusions to the Aurus Trading Company for the Exchange of Intangibles, Aurus Trading Company or other variants of that name on websites, social media and search engines should be monitored through the Foundation's automated surveillance system. Such references shall be removed or access to websites containing such references shall be restricted.

If printed material containing information or advertising about SCP-ES-123 is found, it must be immediately confiscated and/or destroyed on site.

MTF Mu-7 ("Straw Lawyers") will be responsible for monitoring SCP-ES-123 activities, preventing new cases of SCP-ES-123-02, as well as designing the necessary response measures. In addition, they are in charge of negotiations on behalf of the Foundation with SCP-ES-123 through its authorized agents.1

Any kind of unauthorized personal interaction or negotiation with SCP-ES-123-01 instances is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition will result in disciplinary action.

Due to the mind-altering effect associated with SCP-ES-123-01 instances, direct interaction is discouraged except by appropriately trained personnel and within the framework of Project Iocus. Any kind of violent action, attempted capture or retention of SCP-ES-123-01 instances found outside is discouraged. (See Incident SCP-ES-123-5/18)

Description: SCP-ES-123 corresponds to a commercial organization of an anomalous nature known as Aurus Trading Company for the Exchange of Intangibles, specialized in the acquisition and sale of objects classified as intangibles, such as characteristics, skills, talents and concepts.

SCP-ES-123 advertises its services through websites and social networks, as well as in brochures and commercial bulletins together with non-anomalous lending and financial agencies. It has been determined that this organization has branches in capitals of ██ countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

For tax purposes, this organization presents itself as a company in charge of providing financial advice to individuals, in addition to capital and investment analysis, a line of business under which they justify their presence in cities with a large number of inhabitants and/or high economic activity.

When contacting branches or representatives of SCP-ES-123, the subject (hereinafter referred to as SCP-ES-123-02 candidate) will be invited by an agent of the organization (hereinafter referred to as SCP-ES-123-01) to the nearest branch, or an appointment will be arranged at a place of public access, such as a coffee shop, library or shopping mall. Security records at these locations do not appear to be able to record the meeting, with witnesses present being unable to give consistent testimony.

It has been determined that SCP-ES-123-01 are the visible agents of this organization, responsible for dealing directly with the interested parties, negotiating and making the corresponding payment once the deal is done. They correspond to humanoid entities physically indistinguishable from non-anomalous human beings, except that they present universal alopecia and their skin pigmentation is orange, a feature they tend to hide with the use of makeup.2 They wear formal attire, normally associated with executives of corporations.

SCP-ES-123-01 specimens are almost universally described as "attractive, sympathetic and trustworthy," regardless of the observer's ethnic background and sexual orientation. This trait, along with their ability to persuade even people who have been warned about the effects of these entities, has led researchers to posit that they induce some sort of mind-altering effect on the individuals with whom they interact. (See Incident SCP-ES-123-5/18)3

According to information gathered from subjects affected by the phenomenon and from D-Class personnel participating in Project Iocus, once they meet with SCP-ES-123-01 they will talk for a few minutes, first about general topics and then about the person concerned, with SCP-ES-123-01 expressing admiration about traits and characteristics that the subject possesses and that are considered desirable by people, questioning also the use they give them or their importance in their daily life.

The instance asks the subject about their financial situation4, letting them understand that it understands what it is like to be in debt or how much it needs a certain material good, but that because of their current economic situation it is unable to acquire it. After clarifying to him that he does not belong to a financial agency, that "we don't lend, we buy" (sic) he will offer to acquire one or more of what he calls "talents" in exchange for a certain amount. To do so, he extracts from its briefcase (labeled SCP-ES-123-01-A) a series of documents, including tables of values that after consultation allow the instance to decide what it calls "a fair value".

If the subject concerned gives its express approval, SCP-ES-123-01 will give it a form, which, once signed, allows it to finalize what it calls "a deal", after which the subject will become SCP-ES-123-02.5 The payment is always in cash and in local currency, unless the interested party expresses otherwise (See Incident SCP-ES-123-5/18).

The money obtained (called SCP-ES-123-03) would have a canonical memetic effect, which would prevent its subtraction or delivery to third parties, except by the will of SCP-ES-123-02 and in exchange for other currencies, goods or services.6

The briefcase carried by SCP-ES-123-01 is not anomalous. Considering that the documentation and the payment associated with the phenomenon are inside SCP-ES-123-01-A, it is believed that the forfeiture of this object would prevent the actions of SCP-ES-123-01. The limit of objects removable from within SCP-ES-123-01-A is unknown. Their possession and manipulation by personnel is discouraged until a better understanding of the nature of the object is obtained. (See Incident SCP-ES-123-5/18)

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