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Seoul during a bombardment of SCP-ES-125

Item #: SCP-ES-125

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to North Korea's lack of involvement in the affairs of the Foundation and its hostile relationship with external anomalous organizations, secondary containment measures have been implemented.

All mentions of artillery refrigerators are to be deleted from Soviet and Korean databases, censuses, and historical records. Instead, these mentions will be replaced by a cover story that includes aerial bombardments on behalf of the North Korean and Soviet governments during the Korean War.

Peace between North and South Korea must be maintained by Foundation agents working as diplomats until the moment SCP-ES-125 can be considered fully contained.

Description: SCP-ES-125 refers to a practice used by revolutionary forces during the Korean War in which refrigerators were stolen from metal factories and displaced from their location on Earth, to then re-enter the atmosphere as a high-speed projectile.

The force of a direct hit SCP-ES-125 is minimal, although, at the moment of impact, a sonic explosion of approximately 2.90 MWh of power (1.9×10-6 tons of TNT equivalent) occurs. The sound produced by the explosion consists of a tenor voice singing an a capella version of Aegukka, the North Korean national anthem.

Although the exact steps for creating SCP-ES-125 events are still unknown, a list of components needed to initiate the ritual is presented below:

  • earth of one's own motherland1,
  • leopard musk,
  • red ink, made from freshly harvested roses,
  • a homeland song,
  • the location of your enemies,
  • and a plea to Myeongwol2 for his help.

Following the discovery of SCP-ES-125, the United States Government conducted a bombardment campaign against steel mills, mines and other important industry points on North Korean territory. However, following the intervention of GRU-P and Chinese forces in support of the communist forces, the United Nations intervened in the conflict and established a ceasefire and the Demilitarized Zone.

There have been no SCP-ES-125 incidents since the ceasefire was signed. Efforts are being made to fully understand the means by which SCP-ES-125 events occur.

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