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The following file details information about an anomaly of a pataphysical nature. Its reading could result in alterations of the local reality, and therefore, it has been reserved for Level 5/ES-132 personnel only.


"We hold the key to the door
Of salvation eternally
We hold the key to minds
To the future of mankind"

Item #: SCP-ES-132 Level 5/ES-132
Object Class: Keter Thaumiel Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location of the SCP-ES-132-related events, the impossibility of their containment, and their lack of danger to individuals unaffected by SCP-ES-132, a disinformation campaign has been maintained among civilian settlements near Foundation facilities. The selected facilities should have a high flow of new personnel transfers to SCP-ES-132-A facilities.

Staff members suspected of triggering SCP-ES-132-related events will be placed under observation and will be removed from the SCP Foundation if warranted, otherwise, they may not apply for entry to any SCP-ES-132-A facility.

In the event of an information breach, exposed civilians will be amnestied and relocated to the nearest civilian settlement.

Currently, with respect to modifications to the containment of the anomaly, it is delegated to the Site-34 Pataphysics Division.

Description: SCP-ES-132 is a phenomenon that affects new staff members.2, y which have applied to join a Foundation facility where the predominant language is Spanish (henceforth, SCP-ES-132-A).

SCP-ES-132 first appeared at the beginning of 2018, following the introduction of a tightening of the application requirements for new members3 for Spanish-speaking installations. This tightening consisted of the replacement of an internal selection system after the completion of personnel training, to a system of internal questions and answers that determine the ability of the individual applying for their job.

To date, it has been determined that SCP-ES-132 events result from a deficiency of the applicants (SCP-ES-132-1). Among these deficiencies, the following can be found:

  1. Spelling or grammatical errors, use of subjective words, extreme detail of personal skills and/or informal writing in their application.
  2. Creating humorous material about and/or interpreting a staff member recognized by much of the Foundation.
  3. Disinformation regarding work performed in SCP-ES-132-A instances.
  4. Extreme basic knowledge regarding the work of the Foundation.
  5. Ethical and/or moral lapses shown in previous installations. This includes not reading the basic rules of coexistence within SCP-ES-132-A facilities.

Any one or combination of these deficiencies will trigger SCP-ES-132 events. Despite this, it has been determined that SCP-ES-132 is not triggered by minor deficiencies, namely, some wording flaws in the application; misinformation with respect to moderately known groups of interest; minor ethical and/or moral lapses, such as discussions between personnel.

It is possible to determine that a subject enters an SCP-ES-132 event when, upon applying to enter a SCP-ES-132-A instance, their request is denied. These denial messages are sent by an individual named «Dr. Merlin-VI» (designated as PoI-3407) (See Addendum-ES-132-1), which has been determined to be a pataphysical entity and which signs as a member of the Board of Directors of the SCP-ES-132-A instance to which SCP-ES-132-1 applied4. The SCP-ES-132 event will start once SCP-ES-132-1 has read the response and is more than 1 km from the nearest Foundation facility.


SCP-ES-132-B instance. The instance did not present its distinguishable characteristics. It was later learned that the instance had mimicked the wall shown in the image.

SCP-ES-132 events are characterized by the appearance of SCP-ES-132-B, a wall with relative dimensions of 10 x 0.3 x 3 meters5, ectoentropically in the vicinity of SCP-ES-132-1, presumably built with brick laid in English masonry and roughly finished. SCP-ES-132-B is not anomalous per se, but presents some anomaly around it, and, although it tends not to present the same anomaly for each occurrence, most of them have been classified as physical6, mathematical7 or cognito-hazardous8 in nature. The individual's deficiencies will also influence these anomalies, presenting as a misinterpretation of the individual's words in the application, which is reflected in the anomaly. SCP-ES-132-B will disappear within 5-15 seconds after its appearance, reappearing once there is another SCP-ES-132-1 instance.

There is a 40% chance that SCP-ES-132-1 will survive the event, otherwise it will be eliminated9 by the event.10

To date, a total of ████ events related to SCP-ES-132 have been registered. (See Addendum-ES-132-2)

SCP-ES-132-1 subjects who survive an SCP-ES-132 phenomenon will remember the event as a transient occurrence, more of a negative tychenic event11 than an anomaly. SCP-ES-132 instances will suffer from a mild to medium compulsion that compels them to reapply for admission 1-7 days after their previous application. On this second application, it is possible to witness an improvement in all aspects mentioned in their disapproving response, although it is possible that another SCP-ES-132 event may occur again, starting the cycle of the anomaly all over again.

Currently, an average of 2.4 SCP-ES-132-related events per subject have been recorded, with the highest number of application attempts so far by Researcher José Hernández, with a total of 21 applications. (See Addendum-ES-132-4)

Addendum-ES-132-1: Information gathered from PoI-3407 ("Merlin-VI"), by Archivist Borja Dowell

Addendum-ES-132-2: Relevant SCP-ES-132 related events

Addendum-ES-132-3: Interview Log

The following is a record of an interview conducted with the subjects Marianne Ruiz, Alexander Ruiz and Ronaldo Desmanarais. Marianne Ruiz and Alexander Ruiz are brothers-in-law of Ronaldo Desmanarais. They complained about their repeated attempts to apply and alleged that the standards of Site-313, the facility to which they had applied, were too high, even for an organization like the SCP Foundation. Attached below is the interview with Agent Marco Erben.

Addendum-ES-132-4: Project Testeo

The following is a record of emails sent between Site-34 Director, Researcher Eduardo Mallea, and O5-8.

Addendum-ES-132-5: Noteworthy events related to SCP-ES-132; section on Researcher José Hernández

Addendum-ES-132-6: Statistics of Project Testeo; 2022.

Addendum-ES-132-7: Email logs

The following emails were sent by the "Merlin-VI" entity to various staff members at different Foundation facilities after the last log of Addendum-ES-132-5. It should be noted that these individuals had had virtual contact with the entity, but none were fully aware of their metanarrative capabilities, conversing only about internal work and, on occasion, personal matters.

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