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Item #: SCP-ES-133

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-41 has been built inside SCP-ES-133. Removal of objects from the period prior to the discovery of the Foundation from within SCP-ES-133 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-ES-133 is the ruins of a village located in the southeastern Siem Reap province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The structure and architecture of SCP-ES-133 is similar to that of a 10th century Khmer village.

Most of the area of SCP-ES-133 is covered by various species of anomalous vegetation, collectively referred to as SCP-ES-133-A. Any instance of SCP-ES-133-A removed for a period longer than 10 minutes will undergo an anomalous accelerated degradation process, causing it to disintegrate within minutes.


Shrine of SCP-ES-133.

  • SCP-ES-133-A-1: Spiny vines of the genus Calendula. These instances have purple flowers and partially cross the trunk of SCP-ES-133-A-2.
  • SCP-ES-133-A-2: Trees belonging to the species Acer pseudoplatanus. They have a trunk diameter above average and a crown with prehensile branches. Thirty-five percent of the instances did not have prehensile branches, being partially buried and harboring typical residences of the period in their roots.
  • SCP-ES-133-A-3: Species of unknown epibiont1 plant organism attached to the skulls of later identified specimens of the Daevite race. Its purpose is unknown.
  • SCP-ES-133-A-4: Wooden pieces with the appearance of humanoid parts, later identified as human body parts affected by a process of anomalous lignification. The origin of this lignification is still being determined.
  • SCP-ES-133-A-5: Hoplite equipment covered with an unknown species of moss of the genus Sphagnum. Found together with SCP-ES-133-A-3 and A-4.
  • SCP-ES-133-A-6: Flowers of the species Nelumbo nucifera. Unlike their non-anomalous counterparts, instances of SCP-ES-133-A-6 are 165-180 cm tall with their stamens and pistils forming a cage. The Instances were found in rice fields and riverside areas in SCP-ES-133.

SCP-ES-133-B are a series of manuscripts written in Daevite language found in the temple of SCP-ES-133 (See Addendum 1). SCP-ES-133-B contains information about the history of SCP-ES-133.

Discovery: SCP-ES-133 was discovered thanks to information obtained from SCP-140 by the Site-76 Para-Archaeology Department in search of possible finds from the Daevite civilization. A relevant fragment is included below:

Julabin has fallen, the Yenisei Icefields have fallen and the Baikal along with the Kush Mountains4 along with the Kush Mountains are in their darkest hours. Only the decadent Adytum remains in an attempted alliance with the remaining matriarchs. The slaves rise up and use their flesh as a weapon. Hunger is what they have, hunger for a decadent empire. Hunger is what they are, as they dream of the power of the palaver of the Unclean Shepherd and Hunger will be what they need to endure and sully our legacy of eternal cycles.

But I and my faithful know that our nature will pit us against each other. Whatever we do, Adytum is just a rotten tree and our Monarch knows we cannot go on. But we are trapped in turn.

To the north, the puny humans roam free over the abandoned nest of the Snakes. To the south, we are surrounded by the many faces of the Insurgent Vaski and in the far west lies Kythera, who loathes all flesh, blood and life. But to the east there is hope, among its virgin forests lies a new seed for us, the Daevites.

Relevant excerpts from SCP-ES-133-B: The relevant excerpts from SCP-ES-133-B are listed below. The following terms have been used based on the excerpt "Julabin"

Second length of the ninth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

[ILLEGIBLE] the first seed, Fun-daev, has been [planted/founded?]. There was such rejoicing, only compared to the banquets in the palaces of Adytum. Although we are reduced to only a few residences and a few tens of human slaves, in a few [tens?] of cycles, we will reach the [vast/pacific?] lake in the far east.

Third length of the ninth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

A messenger coming from beyond Adytum announced the expected. Old Kalmaktama5 rotted away, but not before Adytum had been [devoured/collapsed?] by [an entity/abomination?] unparalleled . I will allow him to stay, but I suspect he brings no good intentions.

Second length of the tenth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

[ILLEGIBLE] there is not much meat, but we can supply ourselves from the rice fields. Some slaves have turned out to be disobedient, but whipping them brought them back to obedience. It worries me that we are so few pure Daevas. Such as [ILLEGIBLE] to some humans. Or maybe, the Inks will work.

Twenty-second length of the tenth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

The Inks of Eternity work, but not as I expected. Because we have no Great Scriptures nearby, we can only spread like scattered seeds in the land. On the other hand, we are being able to rescue some of our former compatriots from the [river/stream?] of Adytum.

[The rest of the text is illegible due to ink on it.]

Twenty-third length of the tenth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

Everything is stained. Ruined. Must fix the Scriptures. I know who it was. That traitorous messenger.

Children of Pan, Seeds of Osiris, Sons of the Vine. They all disappeared after defeating the Hunger and its beasts. But in another [river/stream?]

First length of the twelfth range of the eightieth cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

We are trapped. I sent out three scouts and none of them returned. On their departure, they began to howl in pain as their flesh stiffened and then snapped like fragile twigs. I fear that we have strayed too far from the [river/stream?]

Sixth length of the first range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

The crops were a success, especially the rice. However, the lotuses have not yet germinated and are still growing.

Twentieth length of the first range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

They stopped growing. They are now as tall as one of our best slaves and as wide as two of them. I gathered my best warriors in case it was a trap.


One of the fluvial zones of SCP-ES-133. One of the possible germination points of SCP-ES-133-A-6.

Twenty-first length of the first range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

The lotuses opened their petals to reveal a prison of stamens and pistils. In each of them were disoriented Kytherans wearing their broken armor. I commanded my soldiers to lock them up while they were stunned.

Twenty-second length of the first range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

There were dozens of them, but instead of attacking or communicating with us, they were muttering among themselves about a forest deity and supposed skirmishes against the Colossi and the Hunger Beasts.

Thirtieth length of the first range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

Deep in the night, as the watchers slept, all the Kytherans awoke in unison and escaped from their cells in the direction of the shrine. Their armor, increasingly deteriorated, became covered with a layer of moss. Their bodies, increasingly rigid, began to stiffen like trees, and where there was blood, sap gushed out.

First length of the second range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

I mobilized every Daevite capable of wielding a weapon and awakened the Arboreal Giants and the Prehensiles. The children and invalids we made them take refuge in the backup sycamores.

That should be enough…

First length of the second range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE].

Our struggle has been futile. Before attacking, our Arboreal Giants twisted and their bellies uncoiled into iron-sharp vines and ivy ending in beautiful purple flowers, thus piercing the Prehensiles.

Our foot soldiers had no better luck. The Kytherans , despite their human stature, were skilled fighters and infected ours with a parasitic weed. In a few Marks, their flesh and skin hardened like the Kytherans and they lost all mobility and reason. The rest of us took refuge in the shrine. I could still hear them calling us ungodly and savages of Adytum.

Second length of the second range of the eighty-first cycle of [ILLEGIBLE] Last length

No more soldiers, no more priestesses, no more Kytherans. There is only me, the trees and my the Monarch. I am no longer worthy to lead anything, no longer worthy of the Monarch. The roots of the Kytherans have been cut down, but the Monarch goes in search of new servants. These will be my last words, for I will join His branches.

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