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SCP-ES-136 manifested during the riots in the football field of [REDACTED], 2010.

Item #: SCP-ES-136

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: In addition to adapting the usual information supervision and control measures for cover-up procedures, sixty-four servers from different Foundation Sites have been allocated to the review of any new electronic content shared on known social networks that suggest an instance of SCP-ES-136.

It has been determined that SCP-ES-136 is a powerful mnestic agent that makes the application of amnestics useless. If a new instance is detected in an area with a large number of witnesses involved, the witnesses who recognize it will be informed by Foundation Agents that SCP-ES-136 is a hoax that has already given rise to conspiracy theories.

Description: SCP-ES-136 is the disembodied cry of a young woman (approximately 15-17 years of age) that manifests itself in between thirty and [REDACTED] recorded occasions each year since its containment began.1 The scream has been uniformly described as an unrelated and a terrified howl, due to panic or anticipatory terror. There are no known cases of repetition of the cry in the same place, although certain subjects have heard it several times.

There are abundant auditory records and testimonies of its existence since 1921, when it began to be recorded, always in environments with high background noise and a large number of witnesses; however, there are unconfirmed testimonies much older that could indicate that its existence extends to the early 10th century (See Archive Branch, Historical Section > Peninsular Spain > 10th Century > Records 136 Proposed). Given the circumstances in which it usually occurs (mass combat, mass sporting, and cultural events, political encounters), SCP-ES-136 does not usually attract the attention of its witnesses unless an observer perceives their vocalizations twice, which causes confusion and alarm.

The cry of SCP-ES-136 is never forgotten, even despite the intercession of anomalous processes; experimental evaluation by the SCP-ES-136 Analysis Team has shown that this is not a memetic or cognitohazardous anomalous effect. Previously exposed subjects will recognize SCP-ES-136.

In establishing the approximate locations of all incidents, it has been confirmed that all vocalizations of SCP-ES-136 have occurred at distances that could pass through non-abnormal human or corporeal agents in the time between their appearances. However, no source or mechanisms have been detected to enable their occurrence.

At the time of writing, it is estimated that SCP-ES-136 has been recorded on [REDACTED] events, at an increased rate since the normalization of media culture globally. Several civilians and at least one online community have become aware of the existence of SCP-ES-136 and are trying to evaluate all multimedia funds to try to determine their source, without success. It has been decided to tolerate and supervise this community to use it as a recruiting ground for the Foundation Records and Information Security Administration staff.

Addendum SCP-ES-136: Linguistic analysis note from SCP-ES-136

Note from the Analysis Team

To: Personnel 1/ES-136 or higher.
From: SCP-ES-136 Analysis Team.
Date: 03/19/2018
Ref: SCP-ES-136 / SCP-ES-███ / Anomalous linguistic study

It has been determined that the cry of SCP-ES-136 is not identical between events, although it always carries the same feeling: it is a cry of panic, loss and, to a lesser extent, fury.

To date, it was not known whether SCP-ES-136 was an unrelated message or vocalization, as suspected. The study by Dr. Barnard and my unit of translators has revealed that this is a phrase in new Secite.2 The cadence and tone of the message change slightly, suggesting a sapient and sentient broadcaster, but it is always the same phrase. SCP-ES-███ was used to translate it.

In all its recorded iterations, SCP-ES-136 says:

No, please, not forever.3

There are multiple hypotheses about the meaning of this message in addition to the obvious ones. They are all considered merely speculative at this point. It can only be added to this report that it is the opinion of the undersigned that each instance of SCP-ES-136 is directed, caused or emitted by a sapient being thousands of years old.

We do not know if this entity exists only when it broadcasts its message or persists in a disembodied and disconnected state of material reality between events.

We will continue to inform.

- Dr. Farcaster, in charge of the Operational Command of the Esoteric Mobile Task Force ϱ-4 ("Red Net"); Dr. Barnard, Office of the Area-08 Senior Archivist. [03/19/2018]

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