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Graphic material obtained through dron. Note the contact between the two human beings Unknown Subject #114 and the member from F-Class personnel, B. Mortigan) and [DATA EXPUNGED - SELF-CENSOR LEVEL TT 9 - NON-TRIVIAL INFOHAZARD DETECTED]

Item #: SCP-ES-145

Object Class: Euclid / Terminal?

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-145 is limited to Location of Interest SDPPI-9910-726-145-08. The boundaries of the building have been walled up and equipped with cameras. Personnel will not enter into this Location. In the event of structural collapse of its location, the Area-08-C Administrative District (the island of Puerto Isabel and all its associated facilities) will be placed under informational quarantine.

Alternatives are being studied to reinforce the structural stability of the Location of SCP-ES-145.

Description: SCP-ES-145 is an orgy inside a funerary complex from the end of the VI century probably built by the Secitas1 from Puerto Isabel (administrative district of Area-08-C). It is not known if the anomalous properties of this event are proper of the installation, of any object in it or of any of the members of SCP-ES-145.

Members of SCP-ES-145 are predominantly humanoid who practice sexual acts on each other. All instances of SCP-ES-145 are pansexual; sexual contacts have been observed regardless of gender, sex, ethnicity, species, and previous relationships or preferences between the persons involved.

Any sapient and non-asexual subject who observes SCP-ES-145 directly will feel the desire, repressed or not, to join it. The vast majority of voluntary observers have joined SCP-ES-145 when ordered to do so, despite their anomalous properties; however, very few cases of pathological compulsion forcing a subject to approach against instructions from staff have been documented. These responses are considered to be compatible with ordinary sexual desire in human beings. A small number of instances (nosophobia, erotophobia, homophobia/heterophobia, instances reported on the full range of sapient instances in SCP-ES-145, etc.) completely refused to join.

Once incorporated, instances of SCP-ES-145 will undergo prolonged physical transmutation. Genomic simulations have determined that this transmutation leads each instance to an optimal biophysical state of age and health for continuous sexual activity.2 No instances of SCP-ES-145 resting, eating, dying, or ceasing sexual activities have been recorded since their incorporation into SCP-ES-145.

Any subject who comes into contact with SCP-ES-145 will be physically dragged inside and forced to participate in it, regardless of their wishes.

Addendum (04/15/2004): A minimum of thirty instances of SCP-ES-145 physically indistinguishable from two Foundation staff members who had been assigned to SCP-ES-145 have been observed appearing in itself after their deaths (of which 23 instances include corpses), without their involvement being recorded in any circumstances. Only personnel who had direct eye contact with SCP-ES-145 have reappeared inside.

The reclassification from SCP-ES-145 to Terminal has been proposed.3

Addendum (12/08/2009): The main body mass of SCP-ES-145 has caused damage to one of the columns of the funerary complex. SCP-ES-145 moves, with its members practicing sexual activities throughout its structure, which is degrading it. SCP-ES-145 has already significantly damaged its internal structures during the decades of supervision of the Foundation and probably previous centuries. This does not appear to be a desired or intentional effect of SCP-ES-145, but the total collapse of its superstructure is estimated at [REDACTED], which could lead to the escape of the main mass of SCP-ES-145. SCP-ES-145 upgraded to Euclid class until its containment area is restructured or reinforced.

Addendum (07/19/2012): Two instances of SCP-ES-145 have been confirmed corresponding to staff members who only had contact with documentary material (mainly images) of SCP-ES-145. Potential infohazard. The staff involved will be administered amnestics and redistributed except by a certain number of volunteers without sexual desire.

Addendum (09/01/2013): The spectrographic study of the mass of SCP-ES-145, conducted through drones, has revealed that none of its members seems to contain liquid water in the proportion of living instances of their species. On the other hand, their chemical composition is equivalent to that of mummified corpses of their species.

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