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Item #: SCP-ES-147

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As the region affected by SCP-ES-147 is far from the main human population centers, the Foundation will only apply disinformation protocols regarding the phenomenon and its effects.

Description: SCP-ES-147 refers to two radiation beams, hereinafter referred to as SCP-ES-147-1. The beams present a variable length1 and are projected from an initial angle of 30 degrees with a common vertex. At the start of an Orquios event, the beams will adopt their initial configuration, heading for the apoapsis of the closest astronomical object, after which, the beams will conceal and disappear.

Rational living beings present on the surface of astronomical bodies affected by an Orquios event suffer from a general decline in population and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Additional effects are unknown due to insufficient data in territories unrelated to humankind.

Currently, no pattern has been established that indicates that astronomical bodies are susceptible to be affected2 by the phenomenon, nevertheless, they belong to exosolar systems, being planets and satellites with a level of technological advancement lower than 1 in the Kardashov scale. These societies have shown significant structural changes at their social level.

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