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Item #: SCP-ES-152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any images obtained from the entrance to SCP-ES-152 must be intercepted and censored before being processed by reconnaissance satellites, astronomical satellites and space stations. Also, the entrance will be partially obscured with cement of a texture and appearance similar to lunar regolith, in order to disguise its existence and allow for future exploration.

Description: SCP-ES-152 is a subterranean structure, located 60m below the surface at Mare Serenitatis, on the Moon of unknown origin and purpose. Inside are various patterns of protective thaumaturgical glyphs in a deteriorated state. The interior of SCP-ES-152 has the basal lunar gravity and atmosphere.

SCP-ES-152-A is the set of machinery inside SCP-ES-152. SCP-ES-152-A consists of the following:

  • Seven columns with a chimney-like appearance. Traceable quantities of helium and argon were found inside. Prior to their discovery, the upper part was covered.
  • Various forklift-like machinery and conveyor panels. Syringes connected to these are found in their control panels.
  • A room of unknown purpose. It is believed to be the control center of the facility.

Discovery: SCP-ES-152 was discovered on 01/14/2001 while searching for lunar anomalies in the newly established Lunar Area-13. Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube") was sent to explore SCP-ES-152 and gather further information. The transcript of the exploration log is shown below.

Exploration Log

Date: 01/15/2001

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube")

Location: SCP-ES-152

Team Leader: Beta-3 Captain (Alpha)

Team Members: Beta-3-A (Beta) / Beta-3-B (Gamma) / Beta-3-C (Delta) / Beta-3-D (Epsilon)

Equipment: EMU spacesuits adapted by the Foundation for greater mobility.


Alpha: Check that everything is working. Cameras, drills and guns ready?

Beta: Ready.

Gamma: Ready.

Delta: All in order.

Epsilon: I'll start drilling this.

Alpha: We're ready, Command.

Command: Proceed.

(Delta drills into the lunar soil for an hour and the Task Force successfully enters SCP-ES-152.)

(Cameras show a dark corridor. Behind the Task Force is a door obstructed by dirt and to the right is a forklift-like machine.)

Delta: (Looking towards the door) They could have warned us that there was a door.

Alpha: (Opening the door. It's obstructed) There's no way through here. Let's focus. To that freight elevator.

(The Task Force heads for the forklift. Inside is a panel next to a syringe.)

Gamma: I'm going to check if this goes. I press the button and…

(The syringe attached to the panel pierces Gamma's suit and draws blood. Then a voice is heard speaking in an unknown language and the forklift descends. Gamma's suit does not displays tears.)

Beta: Hey, Gamma. Did that thing hurt you?

Gamma: No. I felt calm, very calm actually.

Alpha: Mmm… Weird. Let's be on guard.

(The forklift finishes its descent. The Task Force crosses the corridor towards the door. The cameras record a large dark room with various monitor-like devices and keyboards. The light they emit reveals the greyish tones of the room. On the opposite side of the entrance there are four doors.)

Command: Examine the control panel on your left.

Alpha OK.

(Delta approaches the panel. He brings his right hand up to a sphere and a heptagon on the screen begins to scroll.)

Delta: I'd like to understand some of this, but all I see are pictograms. And not like the Egyptian ones. These don't make sense.

Alpha: Command, request permission to return. We are not equipped to decipher this.

Command: Granted. Return to Lunar Area-13.


Interview Record:

Prologue: After the exploration, Gamma requested an interview with Researcher Carter.


Res. Carter: Hello, Gamma. What is the reason for this interview?

Gamma: I'd like to talk to you about what happened on the forklift.

Res. Carter: Okay. Is this about your attitude after the blood draw?

Gamma: Yes. When I pushed the button… I appeared in space, and a voice was talking to me inside me. I felt like I was breathing in space.

Res. Carter: What was it saying?

Gamma: It said, "Come. Come, little one. Come and heal me for you, for all of us."

Res. Carter: Was there anything else?

Gamma: Floating in space, I reached the source of my voice: a gigantic figure as tall as a mountain to a man. They carried 4 spears, 2 on their back and 2 wielded, each one more majestic than the others… From a blue of stardust to the golden light of a thousand suns. Despite their majesty… They were wounded, though I could not see their scars. They spoke to me… Tired.

Res. Carter: Go on.

Gamma: It was emanating energy, as if disintegrating, forming nebulae. In front of him were a myriad of alien creatures: innumerable tendrils, faceless, and made of gelatinous scraps were as descriptive as it got to my mind. All filled with hatred. Hatred of the living.

Res. Carter: Focus on the blood draw.

Gamma: Excuse me. When I got there, a syringe appeared. The entity didn't look at me or speak, but I knew what I had to do. I injected it with determination and watched as the blood flowed into it and a small part of it no longer squandered energy. At that moment, I came to my senses.


Final Conclusion: No cognitohazards or memes were detected in the recordings that could influence Gamma. Gamma has been cleared for continued duty in Mobile Task Force Beta-3 ("Blue Danube").

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