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SCP-ES-156-1 instances in Oslo, Norway.

Item #: SCP-ES-156

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Health organizations will give priority to treating wounds caused by SCP-ES-156 and SCP-ES-156-1 instances. The Foundation's Disinformation Agency will proceed to censor any incident related with the formation of SCP-ES-156-1 and SCP-ES-156-2 qualifying it as a hoax and false news in the main media.

MTF ϱ-6 ("Green Wind") will be in charge of reducing the number of SCP-ES-156 and SCP-ES-156-1 instances to an environmentally acceptable degree.

Following Incident ES-156, other methods are being studied to decrease the proliferation of SCP-ES-156 and SCP-ES-156-1 instances, such as sterilization among other indirect containment methods.

Description: SCP-ES-156 is the designation of specimens of the genus Columba with the ability to transmute tissues from a living human subject through pecking into specimens of Lumbricus terrestris if wounds are not treated1 within six hours.

After this period, the Lumbricus terrestris specimens will leave the subject's body, causing serious damage and, in more severe cases, death. Subsequently, they will merge, thereby becoming a SCP-ES-156-1 instance. SCP-ES-156-1 instances are similar to SCP-ES-156 instances, except for their marked hostile behavior, their proliferation in population centers greater than 10,000 inhabitants and that their interior is entirely composed of specimens from the Lumbricus terrestris species.

When a subject dies, the body is progressively transmuted into specimens of Lumbricus terrestris. Subsequently, they will form a SCP-ES-156-2 instance in a natural enclosure2 at least one kilometer away from the body. SCP-ES-156-2 instances are identical superficially to non-anomalous human with its interior composed of specimens of Lumbricus terrestris/. The behavior of SCP-ES-156-2 instances is always peaceful. Periodically, SCP-ES-156-2 instances will generate and eject specimens of Lumbricus terrestris. These specimens will form a SCP-ES-156-1 instance.

When questioned about their status, SCP-ES-156-2 instances will repeatedly claim to be "working for a good cause" and "achieving lasting peace".

Incident ES-156: On 10/04/2010, after routine removal of SCP-ES-156 and SCP-ES-156-1 instances by MTF ϱ-6 ("Green Wind"), SCP-ES-156-2 instances began generating Lumbricus terrestris with increased frequency for two weeks. At the conclusion of the incident, the Foundation's Disinformation Bureau executed standard disinformation protocols.

After interviewing SCP-ES-156-2 instances, they stated that they "have received a declaration of war," "will replace the fallen and elderly," and "will defend the peace whatever it takes." After this incident, a greater proliferation of SCP-ES-156-1 instances was detected in population centers and a drop in the birth rates of SCP-ES-156 instances due to old age and mortality.

Due to this incident, their reclassification to Keter has been approved.

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