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Item #: SCP-ES-157 Level 3/ES-157
Object Class: Safe Confidential

Aerial photograph of Havana taken by a spy plane of the Foundation with SCP-ES-157 circled in red.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the self-contained nature of SCP-ES-157, no direct containment procedures are necessary at this time. The Foundation's security assets will patrol the area surrounding SCP-ES-157 under the facade of members of the National Revolutionary Police.

All executive meetings between the North American and Latin American Regional Councils will be held at SCP-ES-157. Additional forces will be deployed in the area during the meetings.

Description: SCP-ES-157 is a structure with psyche-altering and memory-altering effects located in Havana, Cuba. Its exterior resembles a branch of the renowned chain of Cuban ice-cream parlors, "Coppelia", considered an important tourist destination within the country. When SCP-ES-157 is observed by a subject who is not currently consuming ice cream, a false memory will be implanted in them in which they recently entered the store, bought and consumed ice cream, and lose interest in approaching the structure. These properties have no effect inside the structure.

In addition to its mind-affecting properties, SCP-ES-157 is indestructible and serves as a fully functional bunker. The inside of SCP-ES-157 consists of 5 floors.

  • Ground: No abnormal features, except for a single pulley elevator that leads to Level 1.
  • Level 1: The floor consists of a large meeting room with a round table and 20 seats. A mural of the island of Cuba with the phrase "Homeland or Death, We Will Overcome!" in a large red text hung around the walls.
  • Level 2: The floor consists of a long, narrow corridor with 25 doors, each of which leads to small, furnished rooms. The room at the end of the corridor is the largest and most luxuriously furnished. Unique furnishings include a mini-fridge with ice cream, cigar boxes and lighters, and a weapons rack with several assault rifles and ammunition cartridges.
  • Level 3: El The floor consists of a large storage area, with enough food and water for approximately 20 persons for 15 years.
  • Level 4: The floor's unfinished. It appears to be a pen destined for cattle breeding.

Addendum: SCP-ES-157 was discovered after the absorption of the Ministry of Anomalies of Cuba in the Foundation. The structure was built by the CMA according to the specifications of Fidel Castro, who had requested a "fortress hidden in plain sight" to be used by him and his council in the event of a U.S. attack. The relative rarity of ice cream in Cuba was cited as a reason for its inclusion as a gustatory inoculant against the properties of SCP-ES-157 in order to avoid civilian suspicions.

Addendum II: Three months after the dissolution of the CMA in the Foundation and the containment of SCP-ES-157, an unpleasant odor was observed in the elevator shaft. No origin could be found within the known levels of SCP-ES-157, and an excavation of the elevator shaft was ordered.

A fifth level was found approximately 1 km below the fourth. The following list includes noteworthy objects found inside.

  • Approximately 122 deceased Holstein cows in various states of decomposition.
  • Milking equipment
  • A large refrigerated area
  • Bacterial cultures needed in the production of cheese and yogurt
  • A small electric vehicle
  • A micro-farm specializing in the growth of tobacco leaves
  • A room with a single cow similar to SCP-ES-1941.

After an in-depth inspection, a tunnel that led to the south was also discovered. The tunnel was explored by the MTF Beta-999 "Explorers League", which discovered that it led to a ruined hut on the Guaire River near Caracas, Venezuela. In this hut, a list was discovered containing names of known CMA operatives who did not resign after the takeover, many of them crossed out with blue ink.

At this time, it is believed that the CMA remnants are still operating outside Caracas, Venezuela.

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