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Item #: SCP-ES-159

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-159 is contained laying in a medical stretcher, in a standard humanoid containment cell located in Facility-9. SCP-ES-159 must receive a general anesthetic dose every two hours.

Description: SCP-ES-159 is a motionless humanoid, 1.30 m tall, unknown age and identity, seriously disfigured as a result of an anomalous experimentation project. Prior to the discovery of SCP-ES-159, all evidence referring to its identity was eliminated. The amount of intact genetic material is insufficient to determine SCP-ES-159's identity.

Biology of SCP-ES-159 is similar to human, except for the following differences:

  • SCP-ES-159's inferior chest section has been partially replaced with a metallic component that extends from its hips to the superior section of its spine. Several tubes and chopped cables extend from it, implying that it was a system of vital support. This artifact features additional anomalous properties, and has been classified as SCP-ES-159-1.
  • SCP-ES-159's neck is partially obstructed by an anomalous battery extending from SCP-ES-159-1. Attempts of analyze its interior and deactivate it have been unsuccesful.
  • SCP-ES-159's nervous system is intertwined to these cables, resulting in continuous sensory pain perception from SCP-ES-159.
  • SCP-ES-159's spine has been reinforced with iron. A dozen of metallic handholds were welded to this reinforcement, sticking out of its skin.
  • SCP-ES-159's digestive system is obstructed by sixteen malignant tumors, measuring from 0.5 to 10 cm in diameter.
  • SCP-ES-159's lungs are perforated in numerous places. Its weak composition causes the subsequent ampliation of this perforations.
  • SCP-ES-159's blood circulatory ducts are structurally compromised, causing a large number of hemorrhages all over its body.
  • SCP-ES-159's musculature is, mostly, stunted. SCP-ES-159's heart beats at a rate of 20 beats per minute.
  • SCP-ES-159's brain is pierced by an undefined number of metallic implants, with a portion of them designed to conduct electricity from SCP-ES-159-1. The purpose of the other implants is unknown. As a result of these implants, SCP-ES-159's mental faculties are severely deteriorated.
  • SCP-ES-159's nasal bone is almost flat, and its nostrils measure 0.2 cm in diameter. SCP-ES-159's eye sockets measure 3 cm width and 3.5cm height, counting with an only eye, suffering from aggravated hypermetropic astigmatism.
  • SCP-ES-159's digestive and respiratory tract are contracted, measuring less than 3 cm width in all its extension.
  • SCP-ES-159 suffers from rickets and osteoporosis: over 87% of its osseous system is fractured. The shape of SCP-ES-159's hip reveals that its biological sex is female.

A medical analysis determined that, under no normal circumstances, SCP-ES-159 should be alive. Experimentation described in the Addendum suggests that SCP-ES-159 has a powerful regenerative anomaly that mantains its base state, without aditional regeneration. This property is suppossed to be strongly related to SCP-ES-159-1. It is also inferred that SCP-ES-159 does not need sustenance, regenerating the needed nutrients.

Approximately every three hours, SCP-ES-159-1 will activate its second anomalous property, which remains active during thirty seconds. During this period, SCP-ES-159 "flattens", adopting at first glance a 'drawn' two-dimensional appearance, even though it occupies a three-dimensional space. During this period, SCP-ES-159 will express pain through a muffled sob, being this the only moment when vocalizes. It's been shown that SCP-ES-159 is able to vocalize in other circunstances of extreme pain.

Due to ethical issues, multiple attempts of neutralization, both by suppressing SCP-ES-159 and by sensory impairment, were carried out, including lethal injection, decapitation and brain extraction. All attempts failed, only causing pain to SCP-ES-159. In consequence, tests of this kind have been suspended indefinitely. It is believed that neutralizing SCP-ES-159 will be impossible in the near future, therefore, the assigned team must focus on sedate it periodically, and keep searching other means to reduce or prevent SCP-ES-159's pain perception.

Addendum: SCP-ES-159 was discovered on 04/30/2006, during a raid in a location of alleged anomalous activity in Maracaibo. The place was an extradimensional complex accessible through a door in the rear portion of a comic store named "Kawaii Korps", focused in Japanese 'manga' art style. The complex had various departments, cells and a biological laboratory. The raid resulted in the arrest of 52 individuals, who apparently lived in that complex. This group has been named GoI-1280-ARC. All known members of it have faced life imprisonment in Facility-17 for anomalous crimes against humanity.

The lab had the bodies of 39 women of ages between 14 and 19, reported missing during the last five years, all of them suffering from modifications similar to those experimented by SCP-ES-159. 13 alive women, recently missing, could be recovered from a crowded cell adjacent to the laboratory, with soundproof walls and door. Other complex cells have been inaccesible. GoI-1280-ARC victims have been amnestized and gradually released with police company.

SCP-ES-159 was found hanging from the handholds on its back, connected to an electrical supply, with its mouth covered with tape. It was determined that the subject had been in this condition for at least ten months. SCP-ES-159's identity remains unknown.

Further investigation revealed that it was about a joint project with PoI-12011, an individual or group nicknamed "Garravizzo", responsible for the production and sale of several anomalies sexual in nature, related to animation and drawing. The following letter was recovered from the possesion of GoI-1280-ARC's leader, Javier García.

Dear friend, Javier:

I find that the project develops wonderfully, both in matters of progress and enjoyment through. I'm glad it is like this. However, take into account that there's a lot of work to do. Although, undoubtedly, selling a deformed girl like that would take huge profits, selling a waifu (sic) for our customers to mutilate it would be much more profitable. Estimated earnings are around $500,000 in the first month alone. Taking into account that the minors are somewhat cheaper.

Speaking of, feel free to sell the test subjects, to something like $5,000 (half of the finished product), as long as you have others. I assume it is so, due to the recent dissapearances in Maracaibo, isn't it?

I will visit you the following month to keep supervising.

With love, Garravizzo.

The search for PoI-12011 continues.

No, you don't know how do I feel.

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