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Item #: SCP-ES-165

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the public nature of SCP-ES-165, the cover story that it is an abnormally large extinct volcano due to the absence of plate tectonics on Mars will be maintained. Mars landings on future exploration missions by space agencies behind the Veil should be discouraged, citing the presence of dust storms that would hinder such an operation. Observations of "lights and flashes" by astronomers from the ground and by space probes will be claimed to be caused by the appearance of "orographic clouds" making SCP-ES-165 visible.

The Mars Orbital Station (MOS) Timor, under DEINEX management, will remain in geostationary orbit 2,000 kilometers above the Martian surface hovering over SCP-ES-165. The station will be staffed by the Mobile Task Force Alpha-16 "Mars Attacks" and support personnel to maintain station operations and logistics. MTF Alpha-16 members destined to be deployed to the surface of SCP-ES-165 must be capable of lucid dreaming. For advice on improving self-control during dreaming request assistance from the MOS Director, Prof. C. Moretti.

Entry to sites containing SCP-ES-165-1 instances may only be done with Class-3 personal protective equipment with additional resistance against acid and extraterrestrial pathogens. The opening of gaps to access SCP-ES-165-1 must be performed by autonomous mechanical drills. Personnel should not remain for a period of time longer than 80 minutes in SCP-ES-165-1 under risk of being affected by the effects of SCP-ES-165-2. Personnel unable to leave the surface of the planet should be considered missing in action.

Personnel affected by SCP-ES-165-2 should be extracted from the surface with priority and transferred to humanoid containment cells aboard the MOS Timor. Such personnel should receive Class B amnestics before they enter the advanced stages of cognitive-motor degeneration. At the request of the Ethics Committee, subjects beyond this stage will be euthanized.

Future exploration and colonization missions to the Martian surface will be conducted at sites approved and tested in accordance with SCP-ES-165-3 testimonials.

Exploration to other geological sites on the planet Mars are pending approval in accordance with Department of Investigation and Extraterrestrial Exploration (DEINEX) directives.

SCP-ES-165-3 must remain in a containment tank in the Delta laboratory aboard MOS Timor. A bed and sleep-inducing substances are available for interviews in the vicinity of the containment tank. Two guards equipped with non-lethal weaponry and medical support personnel must be present during all interviews.


View of SCP-ES-165 from MOS Timor. 2019.

Description: SCP-ES-165 is a shield volcano located in the northern hemisphere of the planet Mars, colloquially called Olympus Mons. SCP-ES-165 has an altitude of approximately 21-23 kilometers above the surface of Mars1. The base of SCP-ES-165 measures approximately 600 kilometers in diameter and has a surface area of approximately 230,000 square kilometers.

SCP-ES-165-1 corresponds to the remains of biological organisms with variable sizes ranging from 100 to 900 meters in length. The shape of the organisms is variable, being predominantly quadrupeds, hexapods and others of vermiform shape. The most voluminous specimens are found in the oldest regions of SCP-ES-165, corresponding to sediments originating 800 to 1000 million years ago, buried under layers of kilometers of sediment and solidified lava, while specimens with heights less than 200 meters are found buried in sediments estimated to be 100 million years old at depths less than 150 meters from the Martian surface.

SCP-ES-165-2 refers to an extremely virulent memetic agent found on the surface of SCP-ES-165. Affected subjects present with typical symptoms of psionic intrusion, including nausea, transient global amnesia, intrusion of memories, synesthesia, phantom limb syndrome2, thanatophobia, nihilistic thoughts and extreme fear of returning to the surface of SCP-ES-165 or to the Martian surface. Another effect is the gradual cognitive-motor degeneration of the subjects causing the gradual decrease of motor and neurological functions, until finally causing death due to cardiac and respiratory rhythm disorders.

The application of B-Class amnestics are able to eliminate the effects of SCP-ES-165-2 in the early stages of the condition.

The maximum safe threshold for SCP-ES-165 is approximately 80 minutes, after which the subject develops symptoms related to SCP-ES-165-2.

Additionally, personnel who remain on the SCP-ES-165 surface, regardless of whether they are affected by SCP-ES-165-2, manifest recurrent dreams involving insect-like and sauropsid-like organisms. In such dreams, in approximately 80% of cases, subjects remain witness to attacks by such organisms3 on cities and ecosystems described "of alien design" before they are destroyed by the efforts of such civilizations or by cataclysmic phenomena such as colossal volcanic eruptions or meteor showers. In 20% of the cases the subjects are in the point of view of one of the instances.

Lucid dreamers are able to explore the environment where the dreams occur and can be eyewitnesses in more detail to the efforts of civilizations against the organisms and even actively participate in combat against them. If the subjects affected by the recurring dreams manage to defeat these organisms, the dreams will cease to manifest until they again go to the surface of SCP-ES-165, and the design of these organisms will not be repeated in the following dreams.

SCP-ES-165-3 is a 45-50 cm long vermiform organism of grayish and smooth texture. It has characteristics of extremophile organisms, similar to terrestrial tardigrades. SCP-ES-165-3 does not appear to require any sustenance, remaining inactive except when a subject sleeps in the vicinity of its holding tank, acquiring behavior similar to terrestrial annelids. SCP-ES-165-3 currently remains in a containment tank in the Delta laboratory aboard MOS Timor in an environment that emulates the Martian surface.

On October 22, 2018, Provisional MTF Alpha-66 begins the first deployment mission to the surface of SCP-ES-165. The team consists of Captain D. Brown, Agent A. Escobar, Dr. K. Musashi and researcher R. Reed. The team began separation from the EOM module at 0800 Pacific Time.

Musashi's mental state began to gradually degrade, repeating the phrase Kaiju Sarcophagus. 48 after her return to the orbital station, Researcher Reed experienced recurrent dreams and nightmares that kept her awake. Through the use of psicotropics and hypnosis therapy, MOS Timur psychologist Dr. Peter Lamia proposed to "restore" Dr. Musashi's mind to a previous state of trauma.

At Dr. Lamia's request, Agent Reed proceeded to record her dreams after she determined a possible anomalous cause. Below is a summary with noteworthy entries.

Subsequent dreams of Researcher Reed determined that the figure of Escobar in her dreams is an attempt of communication on the part of SCP-ES-165-3. On 01-05-2020 an interview was authorized by Researcher Reed and SCP-ES-165-3.

ADDENDUM SCP-ES-165-A: In October 2021, through the analysis of the Foundation's Martian Polar orbiting satellites, spectral readings similar to SCP-ES-165 were determined in other Martian geological formations, such as Ceraunius Tholus, Uranius Tholus and Jovis Tholus. Exploration missions are expected to begin in 2025 to determine the presence of artifacts and remains present at the sites.

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