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SCP-ES-169-2, photographed by Agent Mocholí

Item #: SCP-ES-169

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-ES-169 instances must remain in standard separate humanoid containment cells in Facility-9, and must be provided with three daily meals. Twice a month, Consentment Protocol must be enacted, as described in Document Rho-34, in every instance. Separate entities may be provided with a weekly rotative selecion of pre-approved books.

MTF Rho-50 ("Kidnappers") are entrusted with tracking down and recovering all uncontained instances of SCP-ES-169 and related individuals, including PoI-12011.

Description: SCP-ES-169 is the collective designation for entities that possess a similar appearance to drawings characteristic of japanese comic books, or "manga."

SCP-ES-169 biology is a drawn version of the average human's, with the exception of the head, that shows several remarkable differences, such as abnormally big eye sockets, almost-flat nasal bone, tiny nasal cavities, and antinatural coloration in hair. Depending of each instance a number of other characteristics differing from the average human's may be found, including cat-like pupils, ears of different kinds of animals, abnormally long fangs, and others.

Despite possessing an apparently flat aspect, all SCP-ES-169 instances occupy a tridimensional space.

In order to survive, SCP-ES-169 instances require sustenance similar to humans of equal weight and age1 and engage in sexual intercourse with a masculine humanoid subject at least once a month. Failure in this last requirement will result in the instance showing signs of malnourishment until death approximately 5 months after last contact of this type. These individuals are to be selected according to the Consentment Protocol. For further information, consult Document Rho-34.

SCP-ES-169-3 differs from other instances in several remarkable aspects, listed as following.

  • Capacity to manifest objects, sharing a drawn aspect similar to other instances, from blind spots to spectators, generally from beneath its clothing. Objects produced this way cease to possess a drawing-like appearance 2 hours after being materialized. Tests have shown the use of a long skirt increments the efficacy of this anomaly.
  • Two triangle-shaped protuberances in both sides of the cranium. Radiographies have identified that these are composed of bone.
  • Has a significatively minor size compared to other instances, being only 1,32 meters high.2
  • Iris heterochromia, having a blue-colored eye and a black-colored eye.
  • Despite showing characteristics of, and stating along other instances, that it is a feminine entity, biological studies have shown that it is biologically masculine entity.

To date, the existence of ██ SCP-ES-169 is known, and three have been succesfully recovered.

Addendum A: Recovery

During 28/01/2005, at 23:12 hours, a written piece of paper was slided below the door of Dr. Lucrecio Orontius' office, in Facility-93. Security cameras in the adjacent hallway failed to detect any individual or paper. The contents of the paper are transcribed here:

At this same hour in the bellas artes station, jump to the railings and await sitting. You'll thank me later.

A survey team with standard equipment was sent to the location 10 minutes before the indicated. An extra team was put in the entrance of the station in case the first team required assistance. The following is the transcription of the communication between Survey Team and the Facility-9 Command Station.

Survey Team: R-Cap, R-1, R-2, R-3

Assistance Team: Y-Cap, Y-1, Y-2, Y-3, Y-4, Y-5


R-Cap: 10 minutes, boys. Remember that this can easily be a trap, so be wary.

R-1: I'm tired that we always have to be cannon fodder.

R-3: Don't be a crybaby. Your venezuelan brothers would wish to earn as much as you.

R-Cap: Not the moment for that. Both weapons loaded. Command, do you see anything out of the norm down there?

Command: No people nor activity, R-Cap, as usual in a day like this.

R-1: I don't get why they closed today being mond—

R-Cap: Unnecesary discussions for later, R-1. Last warning. Command, permission to descend.

Command: Conceeded.

Surveillance team enter the station and home in the ralings. Nothing out of norm can be seen.

R-Cap: How much time left, Command?

Command: 7 minutes. Nothing unusual in the cameras. Assistance Team prepared and in position.

R-Cap: Good. Team, be alert. I want R-1 and R-3 watching the left. R-2 and I will watch the right meanwhile.

6 minutes later, a masculine scream can be heard outside the station.

R-Cap: Command, what was that?

Command: Um, it seems someone is being robbed not too far from your position, outside the station. Seconds left for the established time.

R-Cap: Received. Team, you've heard. To the railings and alert.

R-1: But, we're not going to do anything for the dude outside?

R-Cap: You and I are going to have a serious discussion later, newbie. Now, everyone in position.

Survey team sit in the train railings. R-1 and R-3 observe one side of the railings, while the rest of the team observes the other. Another scream can be heard outside.

R-1: We're really not going to do anything?

R-2: No. Now shut up for once.

R-3: Yeah, crybaby. You're the most weepy newbie we've had, really.

R-Cap: Silence, team. 10 seconds left. Be alert.

A third scream is heard, followed by a gunshot.

R-1: Fuck this.

R-1 leaves the railings and runs in direction to the exit. Exactly 4 seconds after, the whole space in the train station obscures spontaneously, with the exception of a tight portion of the railings. The team's lanterns and night vision are unable to observe anything beside the railings. Contact with R-1 is lost.

R-3: Andrew?

R-Cap: Guys, be wary! This can be an ambush! Command, details.

Command: We can't see or hear anything other than you and a small section of the railings. We're trying to contact R-1, but he doesn't respond and we've lost his GPS location too. The reinforcement team is in the way.

R-Cap: Received. R-2, R-3, attentive. We still don't know what happened.

R-3: I think this isn't darkness.

R-3 touches the dark zone at his side.

R-3: It's solid. We're trapped.

R-Cap: Hmph. If so, it's maybe better to keep going ahead. Hmph.

Command: Effectively, it's solid. The assistance team is unable to enter the station. We're sending them explosive charges from here. Please await orders before acting.

Low murmurs can be heard from Site Command.

Command: Permission to proceed with the exploration while we get to you.

R-Cap: Received. R-2, you wait here for the assistance team. R-3, you come with me. We'll start with the tunnel that's not dark.

R-3: R-2, take this.

R-3 gives R-2 a closed envelope.

R-3: Give it to who I said if I don't come back.

R-2: Don't be a dork. Go now.

R-Cap: Come on, R-3. Time is gold.

R-Cap and R-3 proceed to crawl along the railings in direction to the Engineering School Station. After about 13 minutes without incident, R-Cap and R-2 find the end of the railings, that give to a concrete subterranean habitation complex that isn't found in the blueprints for the Caracas Train Line.

R-Cap: Command, options.

Command: We're clearing the area and we'll use the explosives for extraction soon. Continue with the exploration meanwhile, there might be something of interest in that place.

R-Cap: Received. R-2, keep alert in case we need your help. R-3, go ahead.

R-Cap and R-3 keep investigating the complex. Several habitations are full of graffities and have great amounts of thrash. The exploration continues without incident for 2 minutes, when steps are heard near R-3.

R-3: Heard something

R-Cap: I heard it too. Alert.

Steps continue to be heard for 6 seconds. Team remains silent.

R-Cap: Whoever is there, we're armed. So be c-

Unknown Voice: O-Onii-chan?

R-Cap: What the fuck…?

A humanoid entity, later classified as SCP-ES-169-1, stands from behind a pillar, naked and keeping clothes against its body.

SCP-ES-169-1: Wait. Who are you?

R-Cap: Still! We're armed!

SCP-ES-169-1: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

R-3: Wait, Captain. I think… I think it's not necessary.

R-Cap: We don't know what it can do or what it is.

SCP-ES-169-1: D-did Senpai send you?

R-Cap: I don't know what that is, but it's better that you don't do anything dumb if you don't want us to do something dumb.

R-3: Cap, leave it to me.

R-Cap: Command?

Command: (Far murmurs)

R-3: And, from what anime did you come from, sweetheart?

R-Cap: R-3!

SCP-ES-169-1: Anime? Ah, right! Anime! Yes, I love it, yes, yes…

R-3: You don't like it?!

R-Cap: Command? Something?

Command: (Far murmurs)

SCP-ES-169-1: N— Y-yes, I like it.

R-3: Are you alright? You seem nervous, sweetie.

SCP-ES-169-1: You… Don't know anything, right?

Unknown Voice: Now! Leave her!

A second entity, later classified as SCP-ES-169-3, appears from behind SCP-ES-169-1, and begins to manifest what seem to be pillows and throw them at R-3 and R-Cap.

R-Cap: Pillows?

SCP-ES-169-1: Pillows?

R-3: Pillows.

SCP-ES-169-3: It's that… Sorry! I was nervous! I didn't know what to do! I don't want to die, please! I'm so sorry!

R-3: I don't think they're dangerous, Cap.

R-Cap: Command?

Command: R-2 confirms your position by radio. Please, proceed with the exploration while the Assistance Team helps you. We're going through a situation right now, so it's possible we can't respond very fast.

R-Cap: Situation?

Command: We're as confused as you are. Please, proceed.

R-Cap: Hmph. Well, received, Command. R-3, stay here with these… Things.

R-3: My soul aches from that order, but I will. Good, where were we, ladies?

R-Cap: (In low voice) I really need a team reassignation, god fucking dammit.

R-3 stays with both entities, while R-Cap continues through the hallway at the bottom of the room. Through his passing along the corridor and revision of adjacent rooms, several messy beds, piss stains, used condoms, blood stains, and what seems to be a human finger can be seen.

R-Cap: This is getting weird.

Two minutes pass without incident.

R-Cap: This hallway is eternal. Filled with rooms. I wonder if—

At this point, R-Cap finds a room similar to the others, but with an entity lying in the corner, later classified SCP-ES-169-2. Entity is in a serious state of malnourishment, and breathes slowly.

R-Cap: Hello?

SCP-ES-169-2: No, no I don't want to, I told you. (Pause) I don't want to, I won't let you ever again, no.

R-Cap: Sorry? It's better that you get up, and with your hands where I can see them.

SCP-ES-169-2: I've already told you that (Pause) I prefer to die rather that you keep going. I've already agreed that with you.

R-Cap: I don't know what you're talking about, but I believe you can tell us later. Now, let's go.

R-Cap nears SCP-ES-169-2 and crouches in front of her.

SCP-ES-169-2: I said that (Pause) no more.

R-Cap takes SCP-ES-169-2's arm, and begins examining it. Several scars made by cuts can be appreciated. One seems recent, and bleeds slightly. R-Cap takes his personal first-aid kit.

SCP-ES-169-2: What (Pause) are you doing?

R-Cap opens the first-aid kit, takes cotton and alcohol, and proceeds to spread both over the most recent wound. He then cleans the blood that flows through SCP-ES-169-2's arm with other piece of cotton, and applies an adhesive strip over the wound.

SCP-ES-169-2: Why?

R-Cap: I still don't know what happened here, or what are you, or what this place is. But I know something, and it's that our Foundation wants only the best. For you and us. We come by their name, investigating certain suspicious activity in the area. (R-Cap gets up and extends his hand to SCP-ES-169-2) Let's leave, shall we?

SCP-ES-169-2 observes R-Cap to the eyes for a few seconds before giving her hand and getting up. R-Cap returns along with SCP-ES-169-2 to R-3 and the other instances' position.

Command: R-Cap, the solid material at the station has disappeared, and we've extracted R-2 succesfully. I fear there's no trace of R-1, though. We'll send a specialized exploration team next night. For the moment, you and your team can return with the entities for initial containment. Once again, good job, Agent Mocholí.

R-Cap: Received, Command. R-3, let's go.

SCP-ES-169-2: Mocholí…

R-Cap: Yes?

SCP-ES-169-2: No, no, nothing.


The rest of the team and the entities managed to leave succesfully of what is hypothesized to be a spatial or extradimensional anomaly. Study in course. The team and entities appeared spontaneously in the middle of the station after leaving the room adjacent to the railings. R-1 was not seen again and is considered dead or lost.

Sorry, I think you made a mistake when transcribing the log. You forgot to include the graffities there with faces like SCP-ES-113. Also, I'm not sure whether it's a joke or you're so busy with that supposed Big Deal that no one wants to talk about, but I've been forced to formally solicit you to stop ignoring me. And for anyone asking, yes, I already sent my complaint to human resources and never got a response, do those people even work?

Addendum B: Interview

As part of their initial containment, all three instances were interrogated separately. The following is the interview made to SCP-ES-169-2 after being interned at Facility-9's infirmary and receiving medical treatment.

Interviewer: Junior Researcher Abigail

Interviewed: SCP-ES-169-2


Dr. Abigail: Good night, SCP-ES-169-2. I'm A-

SCP-ES-169-2: Agh, from bad name to worse name. Can no one call me something normal like Caroline, Amanda, or Abigail? Agh.

Dr. Abigail: I suppose I should take that as a compliment: my name is Abigail. How would you like me to call you?

SCP-ES-169-2: How lucky are you. Caroline is fine.

Dr. Abigail: Well, Caroline. Tell me, why do you say that about your name?

SCP-ES-169-2: Because it's disgusting. Horrible. Even 'chair' is a better name than… That.

Dr. Abigail: Could you tell me what that name is, please?

SCP-ES-169-2: Sushimichi-chan. (Pause. SCP-ES-169-2 grimaces.) Ugh! It disgusts me from saying it. Sick bastards with shit taste.

Dr. Abigail: Who do you mean?

SCP-ES-169-2: The filthy motherfuckers that made me. My fucking fathers.

Dr. Abigail: It doesn't seem that you got along with your parents, were they a couple with bad habits?

SCP-ES-169-2: Couple? Pff, I don't know if they were, I just know that they're fat, smelly, sweating, snotty, fuckers and twice fuckers. (Pause) But they weren't two, if that's what you believe. In reality, only one made me, but then he left me with his army of greasy asslickers.

Dr. Abigail: I'm told you were found somewhere with… Peculiar characteristics. Could you tell us what happened to you there?


SCP-ES-169-2: I'll tell you everything from the beginning, but I'd like some more water, please.

Dr. Abigail: Sure, no problem.

Dr. Abigail is seen leaving the infirmary. SCP-ES-169-2 remains in the stretcher, rubbing her temples and arms in several occasions. Dr Abigail returns with a glass of water in her hand and gives it to SCP-ES-169-ES, who drinks it and leaves it in the table along her stretcher.

SCP-ES-169-2: Well. (Pause) The first time I opened my eyes, the only thing I saw was darkness. A lot of darkness. I heard many mormurs from all sides. And smelled a horrible pestilence that I couldn't stand from the first second. The moment I moved a centimeter, all the murmurs turned to screams of happiness. I didn't understand anything and I was very confused, but when one jumped on me, my confusion turned to terror. All that darkness came to be dozens of people, all around me, jumped in to…

(6 second pause)

Dr. Abigail: You don't have to describe everything, I can get what you say. It must have been horr-

SCP-ES-169-2: It felt good.

Dr. Abigail: Sorry?

SCP-ES-169-2: It felt good. First I was confused, then it hurt, then it stopped hurting, and felt good. I felt full. But they didn't stop. And did it again. And after finishing, did it again, and did it again, and did it again. They never stopped. They never stopped arriving, and many stayed to repeat it. I had no rest. I felt full, burst. They enjoyed it, but I didn't. I felt tense, my body hurt, and I couldn't stop thinking about how filthy I was. I think many days passed before they left me in peace. Those where the first seconds of peace in my life since a long time. Then he came.


SCP-ES-169-2: Doineld came. I'll never forget the name of that disgusting bitch. He was the worst of them. Some were with me a minute, two, sometimes seconds, but he, he didn't leave me for hours. He burned me, hit me, pissed on me, made me eat even his shit and presented me with was my blood more than once. He always said the same thing. He always told me that I was his hentai dream made true, and that he'd make the best of me.

Dr. Abigail: I'm sorry to hear all of that. If you could give us a description of h-

SCP-ES-169-2: He's dead. I killed that motherfucker. He hit me so much that time, made me feel so bad, so filthy, that I did something I should have a long time ago. I bit him. Bit him so many times and so much that my mouth filled with blood while his crotch shot it in streams. I threw him to the ground, and vomited his entrails and blood in his mouth, and kept hitting him and choking him. Son of a bitch. Even in death he didn't change his expression. He seemed to enjoy it. After that, the rest began to fear me and left me alone, and alone I stayed. I don't know how long I was like that in that room, but now that I had found peace, I found hunger. I don't know which one was worse. Being all day at the mercy of those sick bastards, be afar and feel my body eat itself… Or wanting to come back only to calm the pain with another. (Pause) I'm a horrible being, doctor.

Dr. Abigail: I—

SCP-ES-169-2: It must feel well to be you. Independent beings. Don't need anything nor anyone, neither know what you were made for. I hope you never know. Knowing it never brought me peace.

Dr. Abigail: I'm sorry about that. I can assure you things at the Foundation are very different. Any idea of how those people made you?

SCP-ES-169-2: People? It wasn't them who made me. I never saw him, but they never stopped saying his name. Garravizzo.4

Dr. Abigail: We're finished for today. Thank you for your cooperation.

SCP-ES-169-2: Wait, doctor.

Dr. Abigail: Yes?

SCP-ES-169-2: Could you talk to Mocholí?

Dr. Abigail: Mocholí…? Ah, right, one of the agents that found you. I'm afraid I can't help with that.

SCP-ES-169-2: Please, I just want to talk to someone, doctor. I want to know something else about this world. I'm fed up with only talking and remembering about all that filth and their tastes. Understand me, doctor, please. You know how it feels.5.

Dr. Abigail: I… I'll see what I can do.

SCP-ES-169-2: Thank you, Abi.


What?! Who deleted that I saw the face of SCP-ES-113 in the instance when she told me she knew what I felt?! That wasn't my response either! That's important info we have to investigate. You can't just omit something like that.

Addendum C: SCP-ES-169 Photographies

Given the difference in the physical aspect of the instances, and for brevity, a gallery of photographies of all recovered instances is included. In between, photographies of their biologies are included for study purposes.

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