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Solar system diagram in 1846

Item #: SCP-ES-173

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Around SCP-ES-173, 20 satellites coated with fireproof material resistant to 500ºC will orbit. When a satellite is 8 years old, it must be replaced by another. These satellites manipulate the frequency of light waves, making SCP-ES-173 invisible. For further security, the members of the Foundation infiltrated in NASA and in the main astronomical observatories, must block and sabotage any research or information about SCP-ES-173.

The subject linked to SCP-ES-173 must live at the Site-34 facility. Every time SCP-ES-173 requests a sacrifice, the subject must go to the projection room, where they will watch fictitious films of rituals of Aztec origin in which human sacrifices are practiced.

Every 4 months, news about the existence of the planet Vulcan must be published on Internet portals of questionable credibility. The accounts from which to publish, must have a history of publications related to government conspiracies, urban legends, ufology or similar.

If a recognized scientist or professional in the field begins to theorize seriously about the existence of the planet Vulcan, the subject should be investigated to decide between which of the 2 established ways to proceed. Dr. Feraud is currently in charge of this procedure since the departure of Dr. Magnier (See Annex 173-2).

If the subject can be useful to the Foundation, a process will be started to recruit them. Once the subject is part of the Foundation, they will be asked to provide the results of their research concluding that the planet Vulcan does not exist.

If the subject is of no use to the Foundation, it will proceed in the second way, discrediting the subject. Bringing to light compromising antecedents or questioning their articles, everything necessary so that they are no longer recognized by the scientific community.

Description: SCP-ES-173 is a planet-like creature from space orbiting between mercury and the Sun. The diameter of SCP-ES-173 is estimated to be between 1900 and 2200 km, with an approximate mass of 1.943x10²² kg. It seems that it cannot move and is dragged by the gravitational force, since no variation in its orbit has ever been detected.

Due to its proximity to the Sun, between 0.1321 and 0.1427 AU1, could only come into view during solar eclipses. For this reason its existence remains hidden from the rest of the world, although due to its mass, it exerts variations in mercury's orbit and led 19th century scientists to theorize about the existence of a small planet between Mercury and the Sun, which they named Vulcan.

SCP-ES-173 can communicate with other living beings telepathically, although it communicates only through ideas and feelings. SCP-ES-173 clings to a subject and maintains a communication pathway only with that subject. If the subject dies, it opens the pathway with another nearby subject. It can change subjects at will, it has demonstrated this on 4 occasions, all performed at the request of the Foundation. SCP-ES-173 has expressed through ideas that it feels more comfortable if it always remains linked to the same subject.

Communication with SCP-ES-173 can only be established when it wants to. The results of contacting SCP-ES-173 by the Foundation have been unsuccessful. The longest period without establishing contact has been 4 months. Sooner or later, SCP-ES-173 ends up asking the subject to sacrifice another human being and to do so by emulating an Aztec ritual used for sacrifices to the Sun. Failure to perform the sacrifice would lead to a scenario similar to Incident 173-1.

For decades the Foundation had to perform human sacrifices to prevent the recurrence of Incident 173-1, until Dr. Magnier discovered that SCP-ES-173 does not distinguish between a fictional movie and reality. Since then, subjects connected to SCP-ES-173 have only to watch a fictional movie of an Aztec sacrifice to appease it. Sara Luthon is remembered as the last human sacrifice made to SCP-ES-173.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of their existence after a raid on a cult called "Servants of the Fifth Sun" in 1825. The Servants of the Fifth Sun performed more than 20 human sacrifices before being stopped by the Foundation. The priest of that cult communicated telepathically with SCP-ES-173, which he mistook for the Sun. He was imprisoned and locked in a standard Site-34 humanoid cell.

The priest committed suicide while being held in his containment cell. An hour later, SCP-ES-173 began communicating with a staff member, Doctor Greis who was at the same Site. No connection between the two subjects is apparent. All indications are that SCP-ES-173 chose a nearby person at random.

Addendum 173-1
Dr. Magnier is suffering from depression, which has forced him to take a sick leave from work.

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