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SCP-ES-178 under a white light

Item #: SCP-ES-178

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-178 is contained inside a greenhouse with a common cell facade designated in the Division of Anomalous Botany, within Site-34. Outside the entrance door to the greenhouse there must be 2 armed security personnel who have undergone a psychopathology test and have passed with more than 95 (ninety-five) points.
Also, the designated agents must rotate every week and had a good behavior on a regular basis recorded under signature by the site manager.

Additionally, a team specialized in botany, with basic CBRN1 equipment must enter the greenhouse twice a week to take care of cleaning the enclosure and feeding the rest of the plants/flowers on site.


In case of undesired interaction by external agents, the personnel must wait for the event SCP-ES-178-2 to end naturally, without any interruption. At the end, the containment cell should be disinfected and the greenhouse temperature should be immediately increased to more than 30 (Thirty) degrees Celsius for two days before returning to its normal low temperatures

Description: SCP-S-178 is a specimen of "Vanda coerulea" (Blue Orchid).
There is nothing in its appearance that makes it stand out from another flower of its kind, except a slight turquoise glow that emanates from it. SCP-ES-178 is the name given to the flower individually, as it is not planted, not even in a pot, however, no deterioration of the flower has been observed, the methods of self-preservation it uses are still unknown.

Its main anomalous effect can be observed after five to twenty seconds of contact between SCP-ES-178 and a human subject, from now on referred to as SCP-ES-178-1, the subject will invariably hold the flower in front of him and cover it by putting his hands on it, where an event SCP-ES-178-2 will take place.
The SCP-ES-178-2 event puts the affected subject into a "trance" state, remaining immobile in its last position. (Usually kneeling or sitting cross-legged) In addition, subjects will not respond to any external stimuli directed at them, whether it be contact, attempted dialogue, etc.
Attempts to "wake up" subjects at this point have proved fruitless.

SCP-ES-178-2 consists of the generation of a turquoise color spectrum around SCP-ES-178-1 (the affected subject) similar to three-dimensional holographic projections (referred to as SCP-ES-178-3) covering an area of 10 m × 10 m.2 SCP-ES-178-3 will be strongly related to the personal and intimate memories of the affected subject. Spectra of various kinds have been generated, among which the following stand out: Close relatives of the individual, close friends or couples, pets and children, among others.
Although most projections are visual, there have been occasions when they have been replaced by sounds, smells, or stimulation of the taste buds.
Also, it should be noted that SCP-ES-178-3 will always be a faithful representation of SCP-ES-178-1's memories.

Once the subject is out of the trance, he/she will wake up and leave SCP-ES-178 in its correct containment place in a very delicate way, the subject will show signs of cooperation and kindness in front of the personnel specifically designated to SCP-ES-178. A later study showed that subjects feel legitimate joy, as a result of their interactions with SCP-ES-178.

At the time of writing, the anomalous effects of SCP-ES-178 only manifest themselves in one individual at a time. However, this is limited to interaction, as its effects are visible to all personnel present through direct line of sight.
The phenomenon cannot be seen through cameras or any ordinary recording device. However, multi-spectrum cameras and thermal vision have been effective for use in observation.

SCP-ES-178 was discovered while investigating the case of a woman who was "specialized in esotericism and magic" who offered nostalgic extrasensory experiences in exchange for money. After SCP-ES-178 and its properties were discovered in his business, a Mobile Task Force was deployed with the mission of recovering the anomaly. The mission was successful, putting SCP-ES-178 under containment, and the woman, interrogated and amnesticized.

Addendum: Experimentation

Addendum: Incident

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