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SCP-INT-0264 General Report

Item #: SCP-INT-0264

Object Class: Thaumiel

Abstract: Given the "Project Plurality", each instance, or group of instances, of SCP-INT-0264 shall be administered by the branch of the SCP Foundation that corresponds to its language of origin. Each branch shall have the duty to track, register, and delete SCP-INT-0264 instances necessary to protect the third mission of the SCP Foundation (Protection).

Description: SCP-INT-0264 is a multilingual anomalous grammatical argument only adjunctable to the nominal syntagm of the sentence, and is only active when applied to a sentence with a singular subject nominal syntagm1, and when the sentence is uttered. Although understanding SCP-INT-0264 is not necessary in most cases, correct spelling and pronunciation per language is necessary, and therefore, each instance is not mutually interchangeable.

To date, the presence of SCP-INT-0264 covers a large part of the Niger-Congolese, Uralic linguistic2, Sino-Tibetan3 families, part of the Indo-European family4 and the Korean language. Given the diversity of languages in which it is present, its mode of application and logic of scope also vary.

Due to "Project Plurality", only the SCP-INT-0264 instance report of interest is attached.

To read the other reports on other instances of SCP-INT-0264, refer to the Archives Department from the nearest facility.

ES-Version — SCP-ES-180 Report

Item #: SCP-ES-180

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-ES-180 is under study by the Paralanguage Division of Site-313. Due to the risk posed by SCP-ES-180, all subjects enrolled in the project will be administered with the Mondragon Memetic Blocking Agent5 and Barnard Memetic Sabotage Agent6.

The entire research area of SCP-ES-180 will be devoid of writing utensils. All research notation will be done by computers integrated with the Susane AIC.

Any testing on SCP-ES-180 must have the consent of the Project Head and at least three members of the O5 Council. Test subjects shall be amnestized after each test.

Both Mondragon Memetic Blocking Agent and Barnard Memetic Sabotage Agent will be integrated into advertising campaigns targeting Hispanic communities, with an emphasis on campaigns aimed at consumerism and commerce.

The Artificial Intelligence Conscript, Susane, has been assigned to the grammatical analysis of forums, Spanish language study pages, image boards, chat channels and social networks of preferential use by Hispanic communities. In case Susane AIC discovers an instance of SCP-ES-180, it will alert the Technical Department to remove this instance from its origin server.

Given that finding written instances is extremely difficult, all SCP Foundation facilities located in Spanish-speaking countries should spend a small percentage of their field work to find and remove them.

Description: SCP-ES-180 is an anomalous grammatical argument that meets the SCP-INT-0264 instance characteristics. SCP-ES-180 affects only sentences written in the Spanish language.

When applied to a sentence, SCP-ES-180 will conceptually alter the sentence to present a plural subject. This conceptual alteration is presented as a change in local reality, affecting the subjects involved in the new sentence.

The extent of the effects of SCP-ES-180 is presented contextually. For example, if three persons are isolated, and one activates SCP-ES-180 using the first and second person singular subjects ("I" and "you"), then only themselves will be affected. On the other hand, if a third person singular subject is used ("he" and "she". It also admits "it" and that"), the affected persons will depend on who the sender is referring to. Thus, saying "he is my brother", will be replaced by "they are my brothers". If in the context of the sentence, there were no other persons besides the one pointed out, then the sentence would have no anomalous effect whatsoever. On the other hand, if there are at least one or more persons besides the referenced one, then they will be affected by the sentence.

If there is no target person (as in special cases of logical argumentation) when using SCP-ES-180, then the effects of SCP-ES-180 generalize to the people present in the environment.

It is possible to reverse any effects of SCP-ES-180 when used again on targets with a logically negative, grammatically reversed sentence or with sufficient changes to neutralize the current SCP-ES-180 effects on the target.

Addendum-ES-180-1: Testing Log

The log format used is as follows:

Subjects: Subjects isolated together
Sentence: [Subject used in SCP-ES-180]: "[Sentence to be uttered]"7
Result: Sentence results.

Incident-ES-180-01: Video Log

The following is a video log taken in the SCP-ES-180 research area, at Site-313. A transcript is shown below:

Addendum-ES-180-2: Recovery Log

The instance of SCP-ES-180 concerning this document was first found in a letter sent to the now dead former Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias in February 2002. The document was written in Spanish, but due to the postmark and some symbols, it was determined that the document was of Cuban origin. Attached below is the letter in the document (without adding SCP-ES-180):

It is my capital, not my city, but my money. It is my private property, house or place that belongs to me.

I work for him, he works for me.
I am a follower of the wonders of the Soviet Union.
I am a follower of Karl Marx - I live, and I will win!

And that is how I deceive a Nation.

Although the document had all the means to be traced, none of the methods used found its exact origin. Currently, the now dead former Cuban president Fidel Castro is suspected of trying to spread the Marxist-Leninism doctrine in Latin America.

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