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Item #: SCP-ES-184

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the public nature of SCP-ES-184 instances prior to the establishment of the Foundation, minimal surveillance will be maintained by infiltrated agents in the surrounding communities and personnel from tourism companies in the area. Cover histories that explain the phenomenon as a geological phenomenon or massive ionized plasma events will be maintained. Tentative excavations to be carried out by public or private entities will be discouraged through administrative channels. If attempts by academic or international groups to excavate at SCP-ES-184 sites cannot be stopped, undercover agents will follow up on the results of the excavations.

In case of the discovery of objects or anomalous events, the Mobile Task Force Delta-5 "Relic Hunters" will recover the objects for further analysis and storage in the Site-34 reliquary. Amnestics will be applied to expedition members and the history of subway gas contamination coverage will be distributed to explain the relative memory loss of those involved.

Special follow-up will be made on activities of Orthothan groups or GoI-004, "The Church of the Broken God" in the vicinity of SCP-ES-184 sites.

Due to the lack of public knowledge of the SCP-ES-184-79 site and its remote location in the Pyrenees, Spain, access to the site by mountaineers and speleologists will be discouraged on the grounds of structural instability and danger of collapse. Access to the site is restricted to level 4 or higher personnel. All expeditions are discouraged at the discretion of the Regional Director.

Description: SCP-ES-184 are the remnants of battles and sieges of fortresses with anomalous weaponry during a conflict between precursor groups to The Church of the Broken God and the Church of the Second Hytoth, being respectively Mekhanites and Orthothans. The conflict appears to have occurred over a period of time from the Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages, with the period of greatest intensity of these clashes being between 500 BC and 200 BC in the mountainous regions of Scotland.

Photograph of part of the vitrified wall of a SCP-ES-184 site.

The walls of what appear to be fortresses and bastions, each of which is a sub-instance of SCP-ES-184 (SCP-ES-184-n), show damage consistent with having been done with a thermal weapon that would have caused the melting of the rock at temperatures between 1500 to 2000 degrees Celsius, comparable to ionized plasma burns.

In the vicinity of the SCP-ES-184 sites there are remains of artifacts or spoils related to Ortothan and Mekhanite groups. There is evidence of previous excavations at different time periods by treasure hunters or individuals with latent thaumaturgical or psionic abilities.

List of materials recovered by SCP-ES-184 sites

Contents of the Knock Farril scrolls
Three of the scrolls are written in Minoan characters, being letters or epistles that were never sent.

+ Access to Level 4 and above personnel

Research is currently underway to identify and gather historical information on the possible conflict between Ortothans and Church of the Broken God groups. Any material or historical records recovered should be retrieved in order to define the effects on the baseline normality.

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