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Logo on SCP-ES-185's fuselage.

Item #: SCP-ES-185

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-185 is to be stored in a maximum security hangar in Site-851. Because of its historical importance and nature, and in spite of its inertia, it must still be monitored frequently for any sign of reactivation. The entrance to SCP-ES-185's hangar is to be guarded by security personnel armed with stun batons. Personnel wishing to access the hangar must pass a three-step security check consisting of: vocal verification via passcode, ocular telemetry verification, and fingerprint verification. Only Foundation personnel with DEINEX2 clearance can access the hangar. Anyone otherwise attempting access will risk disciplinary action.

Due to SCP-ES-185's capability to utilize strange matter3, testing without prior approval and safety measures is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-ES-185 are the inert remnants of an ultraplane4 discovered in the Kuiper Belt following Extranormal Event DELTA-V, which transpired 8 February 2020. SCP-ES-185's fuselage exhibits signs of surface and battle damage. The cockpit has no area for a pilot, instead housing a damaged AI terminal, with the word "Babel" engraved onto it. SCP-ES-185's logs were able to be recovered from the cockpit.5

As SCP-ES-185's fuselage resembles a swallow6 with prominent wings, it is theorized that its capabilities extended beyond spaceflight7. One of SCP-ES-185's wings is emblazoned with a bird superimposed over the Foundation symbol, and the name Swallow-DX-185.

Research and analysis of SCP-ES-185 shows that its technological capabilities far exceed current ultraplanes. However, it shows similarities in Foundation-accessible technology. Deduction of SCP-ES-185's capabilities has been achieved by detailed analysis of its components. This is still ongoing, due to both the complexity and the irreplaceability of its parts.

  • SCP-ES-185's fuselage is composed of nuclear pasta8 and shows signs of surface damage.
  • SCP-ES-185 possesses a mono-turbine propulsion engine with hyperluminal capacity similar to that of SCP-███, albeit with significantly greater portability.
  • SCP-ES-185 has an armament with two systems:
    • Dual lasers that fire horizontally and possess the capability to pierce all known materials, with no overheat;
    • A guided missile launcher, with each missile containing strange matter that causes targets to suffer extensive molecular damage.
  • SCP-ES-185 is able to release a total of four SCP-ES-185-1 constructs, metallic bars that generate energy fields via rotation, and can copy SCP-ES-185's offensive maneuvers.
  • SCP-ES-185's main defense mechanism, aside from the fuselage's durability, is a kinetically generated shield that can withstand several attacks consecutively without wearing down. However, after exhaustion, it requires several minutes of recharging before it can be used again.
  • SCP-ES-185 posesses a module with space-time manipulation capabilities, showing similarities to SCP-████, but again with much greater portability9. Due to severe deterioration, it is not possible to repair or reactivate this module.

Appendix ES-185a: Inspection of SCP-ES-185's cockpit led to the discovery of a recording device. Only the last six logs were able to be recovered.

Pilot Sam Trubon, beginning log.

Date of recording: 08/02/2220 of the Terran calendar.

The Dark Shadow's started its final attack. It was going to happen sooner or later. Disrupting its genocidal plots against the universe for several years has painted a target on our backs. Not that we didn't know; this is what we signed up for, centuries ago. It's a thankless task, but one I accepted with a smile.

If they've made the decision to go all out, it's only fair we respond in kind, isn't it? Every single Swallow has been deployed. This fight is the tipping point; no matter how it ends for us, we won't go out without a bang.

I'll be the Swallows' squad leader once more, and I can finally find out how well this ship fares in a true firefight. It's a Swallow-DX-185, the Foundation's most technologically advanced ultraplane. I like the DX-150 model better; at least with that, I don't have to rely on an AI for some tasks. But I digress, our choices were limited.

I was there when they showed us the design documents for the ship. I almost immediately voiced my concerns about including an AI, saying that it was unnecessary, and I haven't changed my mind about it. And why did we need a space-time manipulator in an ultraplane? That's just asking for a disaster…But the brass wouldn't budge on either of them.

Our task is simple: take control of the skies, and put a permanent end to these hostiles. I know we'll be able to do it…even if we don't survive.

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