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Item #: SCP-ES-191 Level 2/ES-191
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location, SCP-ES-191 is considered partially self-contained. Any additional containment effort will be directed at keeping the civilian population outside the boundaries of SCP-ES-191 and monitoring it for abnormal temperature changes.

Any instance of SCP-ES-191-A and -B extracted from SCP-ES-191 should be sent to Site-128 and delegated to the DEINEX Subdepartment of Exobiology1under the «Triple Longinus» Project.

Any attempt to experiment with instances of SCP-ES-191-A and its components should be carried out after 6 days from the end of the last full Moon and 6 days before the next one. All subjects assigned to this work must wear Class B anti-radiation suits equipped with air purifiers. All safety procedures concerning radioactive materials must be carried out when handling the components of SCP-ES-191-A instances.

All activity within SCP-ES-191 should cease during the «Flowering Night» event.

Description: SCP-ES-191 is an island of 1.3km2 located 230 km southwest of Baja California Sur. SCP-ES-191 was discovered after a series of explosions in it caused an information gap, being visible to a total of █████ people in the west coastal area of Baja California Sur. SCP-ES-191 has an arid climate, flora and fauna typically found in this type of islands.

SCP-ES-191 has a system of rocky caves underneath it. The internal structure of the system suggests that it was a temple, belonging to an unspecified civilization, but with pre-Hispanic characteristics. The only entrance to this cave system is through a tunnel located in the southern section of the island2. Ethis tunnel descends 15 meters until it reaches a stone arch decorated by two members of the order Lagomorpha raised on their lower extremities and holding what seems to be a representation of the Moon, all carved from the same material. The arch has an inscription in Nahuatl that reads «Tochtlilan»3.

Beyond this arch is the main chamber. This chamber is radial in shape (95 m in diameter and 5 m high) and has a floor of cobblestones made of graphite, brick and adobe. In the center there is a fountain which emanates water from a partially destroyed rhomboid stone in a pond in the same state with a ten-pointed star shape. It should be noted that the pond is an anomalous device of perpetual motion, with pipes that transport the water back to the rhomboid, preserving the kinetic energy in an unknown way. It is possible to read «Metztliapan»4 carved on a section of the rhomboid.

Around the main chamber there are 10 tunnel entrances to the cave system, all of them interconnecting at various points. Each of these entrances has a series of moons above them that are representative of the instance of SCP-ES-191-A to which the tunnel leads. Residues of burnt pigments have been found in the soil through which each entrance leads. These pigments seem to be arranged according to each instance of SCP-ES-191-A. The ninth entrance (from left to right) is obstructed by a collapse.

Each of these tunnels leads to places that were previously possible centers of worship, these places are characterized by:

  • A series of inscriptions written in an unknown emphyptic language5 carved in the stone of the caves and arranged near SCP-ES-191-A.
  • A series of paintings characteristic of the pre-Columbian period arranged at a short distance from the inscriptions listed above. (see Addendum B)
  • SCP-ES-191-A: 8 extensive rosebushes made up of unidentified members of the genus Rosa, one per tunnel. It should be noted that the ninth tunnel has a single instance of SCP-ES-191-A. Each group of instances possesses diverse characteristics apparently analogous to commonly found celestial bodies. At present, it is not known how SCP-ES-191-A obtains nutrients for its growth, although it has been possible to appreciate that most of the instances are born from the excretions of SCP-ES-191-B.
  • SCP-ES-191-B: Silicon-based life forms physiologically similar to members of the order Lagomorpha and which feed on instances of SCP-ES-191-A. SCP-ES-191-B is divided into groups of corresponding instances with a specific type of SCP-ES-191-A. These instances of SCP-ES-191-A share certain characteristics with their corresponding SCP-ES-191-A. There is an average of 1 instance of SCP-ES-191-B for every 7 instances of SCP-ES-191-A.
  • SCP-ES-191-C: Instance of SCP-ES-191-B which wears garments similar to those typically used by Tlatoanis6 and a gold and turquoise headband adorned with petals from the instance of SCP-ES-191-A to which they belong. There is only one instance of SCP-ES-191-C which is in the ninth tunnel, apparently protecting the only instance of SCP-ES-191-A located there.

Despite the inherently hostile characteristics of the instances of SCP-ES-191-A, neither they nor the instances of SCP-ES-191-B or -C are affected.

The anomalous nature of the instances of SCP-ES-191-A is active during its blooming periods. During this period, any hostile action or attempt to remove one of the instances of SCP-ES-191-A or -B will cause the instances of SCP-ES-191-B from the disturbed instance of SCP-ES-191-A to act in a hostile manner. (see Addendum A)

See Addendum C for more information on the Flowering Night event.

Addendum A
Physical Record

The following addendumlists the main properties of each instance of SCP-ES-191-A and its associated instance of SCP-ES-191-B, as well as its blooming periods and the symbol found at the entrance of the tunnel connecting each rose of SCP-ES-191-A instances. It should be noted that it is currently theorized that these symbols, which are moons in 6 different lunar phases, have some relation with a possible emotional state in SCP-ES-191-C, for example, being the full moons representation of happiness, while the new moons represent sadness.

In addition, an alias has been placed to each instance of SCP-ES-191-A as a mnemonic aid and attempts to name each species of SCP-ES-191-B have been placed.

Addendum B
Informative Register

The following is a record made by the Specialist in Linguistics, Inv. Luisa Vander, regarding the inscriptions found near each instance of SCP-ES-191-A together with their corresponding paintings. The records are listed linearly with each instance of Appendix A, each one having the following format:

Addendum C
Flowering Night Event

The Flowering Night Event is the name coined for a ritual event occurring in the chamber of SCP-ES-191-A-9. This event occurs only during the bloom.10

During this event all the instances of SCP-ES-191-B are in a great state of activity. In addition, the Moon visible inside the chamber of SCP-ES-191-A-9 alters its surface to show various rhomboidal shapes on it.


Lunar surface during the event

After that, several instances of SCP-ES-191-B will enter the chamber and proceed to imitate the patterns previously observed on the Moon around the statue in the center of the chamber.

After one hour, a new rose bush formed by several instances of SCP-ES-191-A will appear around the statue, while the previously inert corpse will start to move animatedly, being then taken to a different place of the chamber by other instances of SCP-ES-191-B. It should be noted that during this event, the ambient temperature rises to 300°C.

The event ends after the now reanimated corpse is returned to the chamber, at which time the instances of SCP-ES-191-A present will begin to rot and this instance of SCP-ES-191-B will die again.

The relationship between SCP-ES-191 and the Moon is not yet clear, and research suggests that the event is used as some form of communication with a receiver on the Moon.

It is also worth mentioning that during this event it is possible to find an additional inscription in each tunnel and chamber of SCP-ES-191. All of them show the following text:

And we the Gods of Metztli cried for ten nights in the night sky for the name of Arneb, caretaker of the Earth, giving you nine different flowers as an offering to your sacrifice:

We left these flowers as the only way not to forget your actions,
a flower to remember our birthplace,
one of the calm and benevolence you've shown all your life,
one of the courage seen in all your battles and wars,
one because of your curiosity that led us to explore the sky and beyond,
one for this journey undertaken to know the meaning of our existence,
one for the compassion you showed to all life forms,
one by the last light expressed by his presence,
one for your death for this body but not for your soul.
And one last flower with all those memories.

Nihal will stay close to this land to guard your grave and I, Gliese will continue with our main mission. If you return completely to this world, remember us and more importantly: Remember who you really are and which path you must follow.

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