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Item #: SCP-ES-194

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-194 is kept in a standard pen for large mammals and must be milked three times a day. Milk produced by SCP-ES-194 can be distributed to other Facilities for culinary purposes.

SCP-ES-194-1 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Assigned medical personnel must monitor the subject's condition in anticipation of Renasci events. SCP-ES-194-1 has strictly prohibited the consumption of milk produced by SCP-ES-194.

At the conclusion of a Renasci event, SCP-ES-194-1 must be escorted to his room and examined by medical personnel.

Description: SCP-ES-194 is a domestic cow modified to possess combined genetic traits of the Holstein Friesian and Zebu cattle subspecies. The entity has not been observed to age in containment and produces between 100-110 liters of milk per day, three times the average among non-anomalous dairy cows. The primary anomalous properties of SCP-ES-194 are activated during a Renasci event, in which an instance of SCP-ES-194-1 is produced.

SCP-ES-194-1 is an humanoid who identifies himself as the former Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro.1 The instances of SCP-ES-194-1 have consistently manifested themselves showing symptoms of stage 3 lung cancer, and are invariably hostile towards the Foundation.

Renasci events begin with the clinical death of SCP-ES-194-1. Upon death, SCP-ES-194 will begin to show signs of pregnancy and enter a gestational period that will last between 279 and 287 days. During this period, SCP-ES-194 will produce up to five times the amount of milk it regularly produces and will consist of 97% fat, amniotic fluid and semen identifiable as belonging to SCP-ES-194-1. When consumed, subjects report feeling a sensation of "rejuvenation" and "increased energy". Various tests have concluded that the repeated and continuous consumption of this milk is capable of producing advanced cell regeneration.

At the conclusion of its gestation period, SCP-ES-194 will produce an instance of SCP-ES-194-1. The instance produced will possess the memory of events witnessed by the previous living instance of SCP-ES-194-1. In accordance with the mandate of the Ethics Committee KYN-1221, research into methods for treating SCP-ES-194-1 cancer without administering SCP-ES-194 milk is being conducted.

Discovery: SCP-ES-194 was first discovered in 1972 by a Foundation spy within the Ministry of Abnormalities of Cuba. The project relating to the creation of SCP-ES-194 (nicknamed "Ubre Blanca") had been in development since 1969. The aim of the project was to artificially prolong the life of the Prime Minister Castro and protect him from assassination attempts. The project was largely supported by the technology and researchers provided by the Soviet Union's GRU-P agency.

After several assassination attempts backed by Pentagram against Castro during the 70s and early 80s, Agent Marw reported several manifestations of SCP-ES-194-1. SCP-ES-194 was successfully contained and extradited to Facility-57 under the cover of the Hurricane Kate in 1985. The current SCP-ES-194-1 instance was left behind and allowed to remain in its political position upon the request of the Regional Council.

SCP-ES-194-1 did not manifest under the control of the Foundation until 2016.

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