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The following is the SCP-ES-199 version dated ██/██/2010

Item #: SCP-ES-199 Level 3/SCP-ES-199
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Given the nature of SCP-ES-199, its containment should be focused on misinformation of the population with respect to SCP-ES-199-A instances. All SCP-ES-199-A instances known hitherto must be guarded by at least two guards equipped with Class-A amnestics. Any civilian will be urged not to approach instances of SCP-ES-199-A, and if necessary, the use of force should be used. If any civilian becomes aware of any SCP-ES-199-A instance, they should be amnestized and taken to the nearest town.

New test requests must be approved by 2 members of Level 3 Staff within 1 week.

Description: SCP-ES-199 is the joint designation of SCP-ES-199-A, -B and -C.

SCP-ES-199-A denotes a set of doors located in countries whose official language is Spanish. SCP-ES-199-A instances are unique by country and are located in psychiatric hospitals that were of importance, but which are currently in ruins or derelict. The characteristics of SCP-ES-199-A instances vary by country, but they are related by the fact of possessing antimemetic qualities that make it impossible for subjects who have not been educated since birth under the Spanish language to recognize them. In spite of this, any subject will be able to go through SCP-ES-199-A, functioning as an interdimensional portal towards SCP-ES-199-B.

SCP-ES-199-B is a Rupture-Higgs Bubble1 measuring 6km3 located in Theta-Prime Multiversal Iteration2. SCP-ES-199-B features a central structure (from now on SCP-ES-199-C) which changes its appearance triannually and is characterized by being a psychiatric hospital that has garnered great popularity in its country of origin, being these countries those that host an SCP-ES-199-A instance.


To date, the appearance of SCP-ES-199-C is a duplicate of the psychiatric hospital "La Castañeda", located in Mexico.

SCP-ES-199-C is surrounded in its entirety by a rehabilitation campus, functioning and inhabited by three types of sentient, sapient, and speech capable entities, labeled as SCP-ES-199-1, -2, and -3.

Either SCP-ES-199-1 and -2 appear to be workers of SCP-ES-199-C who perform various functions. SCP-ES-199-1 instances are entities that correspond to humanoids with characteristics of the species Equus ferus caballus, which fulfill the functions of nursing and janitorial services; while SCP-ES-199-2 instances correspond to humanoids with characteristics of the species Lama glama glama, which fulfill the positions of medical and administrative specialists.

SCP-ES-199-3 instances are anthropomorphic beings with characteristics of the Cathartidae family that fulfill the role of inmates. They have shown signs of severe mental deterioration, and many of them have attempted to escape from SCP-ES-199-C, being captured by SCP-ES-199-1 instances and later placed in solitary confinement.

Both SCP-ES-199-1, -2 and -3 follow a pattern of height and weight relative to the species they represent, in addition to speaking fluent Spanish, being to date the only language spoken within SCP-ES-199-B.

Either SCP-ES-199-1 and -2 are polite to all subjects entering SCP-ES-199-B, providing their services as "mind healers" and offering them a tour throughout SCP-ES-199-C. Subjects in SCP-ES-199-B will have complete freedom from their actions as long as they are not hostile, entering and exiting SCP-ES-199-B whenever they wish, and being able to engage in conversations with SCP-ES-199-1, -2 and -3.

If a subject accepts the services of SCP-ES-199-1 or -2, the subject will be exempt from all cognitive alterations3. Subjects will be institutionalized in SCP-ES-199-C and will be impossible to retrieve them for a minimum period of 3 days4. When this period ends and another subject is within SCP-ES-199-B, the inmate will be returned cognitively healthy5, along with a SCP-ES-199-2 instance, where the latter will deliver the inmate and a note6 to some subject within SCP-ES-199-B. All attempts to date to record what occurred within SCP-ES-199-C have been unsuccessful.

Addendum-ES-199-01: Discovery of SCP-ES-199

The first SCP-ES-199-A instance dates from ██/██/2008, following the Wiskey-Theta Incident, in an attempt to open a portal to Theta-Prime Multiversal Iteration by the Foundation.

During the Beta opening of the portal, there was a massive containment breach, where ██ transdimensional objects fled. One of these objects was detected as an ontometeor7 with autonomous mobility. Suddenly, the ontometeor attacked the personnel in the place in an erratic way, murdering the Researcher [DATA EXPUNGED], escaping from the place and not seen again detected until ██/██/2008, when it was spotted creating an SCP-ES-199-A instance. An effort was made to stop this object by using a Scranton Reality Anchor housed in [REDACTED], where the arrival of the object was predicted according to its movement pattern, which was unsuccessful.

The object continued to creating SCP-ES-199-A instances until ██/██/2009, when all anomalous activity ceased. Currently, efforts are being made to find out the reason for its movement pattern.

Addendum-ES-199-02: Testing Log

The following is an overview of the tests carried out within SCP-ES-199-C. All tests were conducted in the same procedure: a test subject was assigned a SCP-ES-199-1 or -2 instance and an agent was placed within SCP-ES-199-B awaiting the test subject.

For a full disclosure, refer to Experimental Document-ES-199.

Addendum-ES-199-03: Incident-ES-199-062

On ██/██/2010, experiment N#62 was conducted with a contained Transentropic Parasitic Pattern (TPP) instance, which had been classified as safe for its containment and use. The following is the experiment that caused the incident

N#: 62 Subject: D-42365 Elapsed Time: Returned instantly
Psychiatric Condition: Male, 20 years old. TPP
Outcoming Note: Don't bring us your disgusting heresies! We had to deal with this shit a long time ago, we were devastated by the filth of the Pattern. This Institute was not the same due to despair, we were consumed…, and anger, and, and, we closed everything, YES YES, we closed the portals, that's it! We swore never again to heal those-who-fought-against-what-they-are. You don't want our joy, you want us to help you defeat the Creeping Evil, and therefore, DO NOT COME BACK!

Thereafter, all SCP-ES-199-A instances began to disappear. Two Foundation operatives stationed inside SCP-ES-199-B and D-42365 were trapped inside it during the incident.

To date, SCP-ES-199 has not manifested itself in any way. Reclassification to neutralized pending approval.

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