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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ES-200 is to be stored in a biological containment chamber located in the South Biocontainment Wing of Facility-23. Access to the chamber is restricted to maintenance personnel only.

Description: SCP-ES-200 is a specimen of Echinocactus grusonii1. The spines of SCP-ES-200 are hollow and filled with glycerol. SCP-ES-200-1 is a species of unknown microorganism that is concentrated in the glycerol of the spines of SCP-ES-200.

When a human subject comes into contact with the spines of SCP-ES-200, instances of SCP-ES-200-1 will mobilize through glycerol to enter the individual's body.

Once in the individual's body, instances of SCP-ES-200-1 will expire within 1 to 3 hours. The affected subject will expire die 2 to 5 days later from arterial occlusion caused by the numerous instances of SCP-ES-200-1 accumulated in the bloodstream.

Update: 22/08/2005

Once in the individual's body, the instances of SCP-ES-200-1 will be directed to the subject's brain and release small emissions of a previously unknown neurotoxin which alter the subject's behavior ( referred to as SCP-ES-200-2), usually with an 83% chance of success. The duration of this process varies from 2 hours to 1 day. Once completed, SCP-ES-200-2 will exhibit considerable spasms sporadically. Eventually, SCP-ES-200-2 will lose control over most of its actions, with the exception of speech (See Addendum 200-1).

Currently, there is no way to avoid this process without running the risk of permanently damaging or neutralizing SCP-ES-200-2.

Addendum 200-1:

On 16/08/2005, following the routine care procedure of SCP-ES-200, D-2458 accidentally came into contact with the spines. After 1 day of study, D-2458 began to have sudden spasms at random intervals of time, without any apparent cause. Despite Dr. Medina's objections, D-2458 was kept alive for research purposes.

After 3 days of observation with no apparent change, D-2458 began to show erratic and somewhat aggressive behavior. When questioned, D-2458 claimed that the movements were completely involuntary. 2 days later, D-2458 physically assaulted Agent Menta, leaving her in a compromised state of health. D-2458 was accidentally neutralized by Agent Menta, and further analysis revealed the presence of unknown chemicals in her neurotransmitters, as well as instances of SCP-ES-200-1 alive in her circulatory system.

Despite Dr. Medina's objections, D-2460 was forced to make contact with SCP-ES-200 to study the effects of SCP-ES-200-1 on the human body. After a week of constant supervision, it was determined that the involuntary movements were produced by alterations to the cerebral cortex, a product of the neurotoxins emitted by SCP-ES-200-1.

Addendum 200-2: On 11/12/2005, Dr. Américo Juárez Medina accidentally came into contact with SCP-ES-200. Dr. Medina asked Agent Menta to take him to the South Medical Wing of Facility-23, and ordered Dr. Gonzalez to suspend the Primavolta Protocol2 indefinitely, as well as blocking access to the chamber of SCP-ES-200.

After 1 day of observation, it was determined that Dr. Medina had been infected by SCP-ES-200-1. Dr. Medina requested to be contained in a standard humanoid cell for research purposes. After designating him as Class E personnel, his request was approved and Agent Menta was appointed to study the effects of SCP-ES-200-1 on him.

Below are the audio records recorded by Agent Menta during the studies conducted on Dr. Medina:

15:07, 12/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room)

Agent Menta: Good afternoon, Doctor.

Dr. Medina: Ah, Menta, you're here.

Agent Menta: I had a couple of matters that slowed me down more than they should have, I'm sorry.

Dr. Medina: It's okay, don't worry. Eh… do you know if they suspended Protocol—

Agent Menta: Primavolta? If they hadn't suspended it, you'd be dead by now.

Dr. Medina: I-I see. Uh, … you come to ask me some questions or do I just have to talk to you about what it's like to have 200-1 instances inside me?

Agent Menta: According to my conversation with Gonzy, your infection is not yet advanced enough for you to suffer the symptoms we are interested in studying, so I guess I'll just stay here while you talk to me about… about whatever it is you want to talk to me about. We have about 15 minutes.

(Dr. Medina nods and remains silent for 10 seconds.)

Agent Menta: Well?

Dr. Medina: Oh, I'm sorry. I just kept thinking… you know, that I'll probably die soon and… that's how I'm going to end up?

Agent Menta: I… I recommend you try to think of something more positive.

Dr. Medina: I don't know. It's hard to think of something. Uh… what do you suggest we talk about?


<End Log>

15:03, 14/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room.)

Agent Menta: Good afternoon, doctor.

Dr. Medina: Good afternoon.

Agent Menta: How are you feeling today?

Dr. Medina: As usual, I suppose.

Agent Menta: Hmm? Does that mean you're feeling well?

Dr. Medina: I sincerely don't know. Except for the slight spasms from time to time, I don't feel particularly bad or sick, but I don't exactly feel healthy either. It's a little confusing.

Agent Menta: I see. There have been no unusual or additional symptoms?

(Dr. Medina shakes his head no)

Agent Menta: That's good.

Dr. Medina: Yeah, I suppose.

Agent Menta: Any other comment you wish to make?

Dr. Medina: Not at the moment. I think that will be all.

Agent Menta: (Standing) Good. In that case—

Dr. Medina: Wait! You're leaving already?

Agent Menta: We're done with questioning, doctor. I've got to go.

Dr. Medina: It's just… the isolation is starting to get to me a little bit. Can't you stay a couple of hours? I don't want to be alone.

Agente Menta: I am sorry, doctor, but you yourself ordered that if no further information could be obtained from the person concerned, the officer in charge of questioning him should leave immediately and return until the following day.

Dr. Medina: But, uh… Well, that's okay; I guess I have no choice.

Agent Menta: Ok. I'll see you tomorrow.

Dr. Medina: Yup. I'll uh… see you tomorrow.

<End Log>

15:01, 15/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room.)

Agent Menta: Good afternoon, doctor.

Dr. Medina: Hi! How have you—

(Agent Menta interrupts Dr. Medina with an outstretched hand.)

Dr. Medina: What's this?

Agent Menta: Gonzy assigned me a few extra things, which leaves us with a lot less time to talk. I'll ask you a few questions about your current status, maybe a couple of comments at the end, and then I'll be on my way.

Dr. Medina: (Slightly annoyed) Well, then let's get on with it.

Agent Menta: Good. Let's see here… are you feeling any additional symptoms?

Dr. Medina: Yes. I think so.

Agente Menta: Hmm? What would those be?

Dr. Medina: Well… I felt a kind of tingling in the cranial area, probably caused by the neurotoxins of SCP-ES-200-1. Maybe they're being released or starting to take effect.

Agent Menta: Anything else?

Dr. Medina: Yes. Sometimes I have these spontaneous spasms. They're not as violent as the previously infected D-Class, but they could get there.

Agent Menta: I see. Any comments you'd like to make?

Dr. Medina: I honestly thought it would be something painful or that I would feel more terrified, but I'm somewhat calm, and I don't know if it's a side effect of the neurotoxins.

Agent Menta: I see. Well, I'll check that with Gonzy as soon as I have time. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

14:57, 16/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room.)

Agent Menta: Good afternoon.

Dr. Medina: Menta! You're here early!

Agent Menta: Yeah. It's been a little less busy lately. How have you been?

Dr. Medina: Fine, mostly. Just bored.

Agent Menta: Hmm-hmm.

Dr. Medina: But, well. I suppose you're asking me if I've had any more symptoms, aren't you?

(Agent Menta nods.)
Dr. Medina: Ummm… The spasms are stronger and more frequent.

Agent Menta: Anything else?

Dr. Medina: Tingling sensations are more frequent as well.

Agente Menta: Mmmm. I asked Gonzy about the possible side effects of the neurotoxins and we reviewed the other cases. Unfortunately, we could not get information about it because of the Primavolta Protocol, so we do not know if it is a side effect or something else.

Dr. Medina: I'm beginning to think the Protocol wasn't such a good idea after all.

Agente Menta: Who knows.


<End Log>

15:00, 19/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room.)

Dr. Medina: Hello. Looks like you made it on time, three o'clock.

Agent Menta: So I did. How do you feel about the straightjacket3?

Dr. Medina: A little uncomfortable, but I'm getting used to it.

Agent Menta: Anything relevant you want to tell me about the… incident two days ago?

Dr. Medina: Yeah. It all happened really fast. I went from being bored and sitting around to banging on the walls and not being able to control myself in a second.

Agent Menta: Anything remarkable you've felt or experienced?

Dr. Medina: I got scared and—

Agent Menta: Anything relevant to SCP-ES-200-1?

Dr. Medina: At first the movements were involuntary but I could try to counteract them with… opposing movements? I don't know how to put it into words. But… but eventually, it got harder and harder until I collapsed and that's when the guards came, right?

Agent Menta: That's right. Anything else?

Dr. Medina: N-no, I think not. At least for now.

Agent Menta: Well. I'm afraid your situation is getting worse.

Dr. Medina: Oh no, what a shocker.

Agente Menta: Excuse me?

Dr. Medina: I don't mean to sound rude, but you always come in here, ask me questions, tell me something I already know, and leave. Why? Why tell me I'm getting worse when it's obvious I'm getting worse?

Agent Menta: Look, Doctor, if it's something you already know, I'm not interested. I come here, I do what I'm asked to do, period. Did I complain when you asked me to execute the Primavolta Protocol? They were human lives, Doctor, who probably felt the same as you, and I had to end them. I didn't want to, and I had every reason to refuse, but that wasn't my job. My job was to obey your orders. Now my job is to come in, ask you a few questions, tell you things that you already know and that I know you already know but I can't take for granted, and leave.

Dr. Medina: Oh, what a character. Well, I'm getting worse, what else?

Agente Menta: Well, if your situation continues at the current pace, we should be able to perform the Primavolta Protocol with you in about five or four days. Any questions?

Dr. Medina: What?!

Agente Menta: It's for security reasons that you set it up yourself, Doctor. Your infection is reaching the point where it becomes irretrievably dangerous. I'm very sorry about that, Doctor.

Dr. Medina: E-eh. I think that… I just didn't think it would come up that fast. But… uh… I guess it's… it's okay or something.

Agente Menta: Okay. I'll see you again in a few days.

<End Log>

15:04, 23/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room.)

Agent Menta: Doctor.

(Dr. Medina does not respond.)

Agent Menta: Doctor?

(El Dr. Medina remains silent.)

Agent Menta: Are you well, doctor?

Dr. Medina: No… no.

Agent Menta: Anything you consider important to tell me?

Dr. Medina: All I want to do is talk to someone.

Agente Menta: I'm sorry, but all I'm allowed to do is ask a certain number of questions and then leave. Foundation protocols.

Dr. Medina: I don't want to be alone.

Agent Menta: (Agent Menta sighs) Doctor, we've talked about this.

Dr. Medina: It is difficult. I've been feeling different lately. I… I don't want to die. Especially not alone. I don't…

Agent Menta: I really am very sorry for your situation, Doctor, and I don't think anyone would like to see you in that state, but it's the right thing to do. We can't let you just be locked up with people around you because at any moment the security measures could fail and, God forbid, you could end up attacking or killing someone. It happened to me and I was lucky, but what if that same situation arises when I am in the company of someone weaker or less prepared?

(Dr. Medina sobs silently.)

Agent Menta: L-look, I know I shouldn't, but… I'll see if I can convince Gonzy to… to stay just a little longer with you. Maybe there's more to be done or something, but if they approve your request you're not going to… a… stay alone. Okay?

(Dr. Medina does not respond.)

Agent Menta: I'll take that as a yes. Well, I still have to ask you a few questions. Please answer them.

Dr. Medina: Fine.

Agent Menta: (Sighs in relief) Okay. Uh… how's your… condition? Have there been any unusual symptoms that you feel you should report?

Dr. Medina: No. It's business as usual. The spasms continue and the involuntary movements haven't changed.

Agent Menta: There have been no changes in your sensory, visual or auditory perception?

Dr. Medina: No.

Agent Menta: I see. Anything else you want to tell me?

Dr. Medina: Will you be here tomorrow?

Agent Menta: I have to, Doctor.

Dr. Medina: Good. Take care.

Agent Menta: Don't worry. I will.

<End Log>

15:07, 24/12/2005

Interviewer: Menta Millán Midy, Field Agent

Subject: Juárez Medina Américo, Doctor and lead SCP-ES-200 researcher

<Begin Log>

(Agent Menta enters the room)

Agent Menta: Doctor! Merry Christmas!

Dr. Medina: Christmas is tomorrow. It's Christmas Eve.

Agent Menta: Ehh… Oh, right! Guess what?

Dr. Medina: What?

Agent Menta: Gonzy gave me the day off, which means that, in addition to asking you the usual questions, I'll be able to spend some time with you.

Dr. Medina: R-really? She's usually not like this.

Agent Menta: She told me that… that it was about the date and I had to do something good.

Dr. Medina: Would you look at that.

Agent Menta: Yes… Well, I guess now you can tell me about something, anything.

Dr. Medina: Really?

Agent Menta: Sure! That's what I'm supposed to get the day for.


Agent Menta: I want to show you something… It's a picture.

Dr. Medina: Who is it of?

Agent Menta: Of… of Julio. Your son, Doctor.

Dr. Medina: Who?! I thought that… that he didn't want anything to do with me since '98 and… I… uh… can I see it?

(Agent Menta takes out a photo from her pocket and hands it to Dr. Medina)

Agent Menta: (Closing her eyes) What do you think?

(Dr. Medina does not respond.)

Agent Menta: (Sobbing) I think that… I think it's done. (Opening her eyes) Oh, my goodness. I'm gonna apply for a job transfer or something.

<End Log>


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